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  • I’m so glad you’re okay and your ranch 💕 I started with the fire video and I’ve binged watch. God bless 💕💕💕

    Kayia GauldenKayia Gaulden11 soat oldin
  • LS motors are tough as they come

    Brian ProffittBrian Proffitt12 kun oldin
  • I think I saw this truck flipped over in lakeside on olde highway 80!!

    Frank LuaFrank Lua14 kun oldin
  • He could put a lake on his land incase of another wild fire so the FD has more water to fight the fire and the helicopters could pick up water. I only said this because when he showed how far the front fence was.

  • your neighbor is the man

    Cody JCody J15 kun oldin
  • I drive with two feet but I have three pedals #savethemanuals #aintthief

    MATT QUEENMATT QUEEN15 kun oldin
  • Not hating but never heard of someone that uses 2 feet to drive a normal vehicle.

    HeatedStreamHeatedStream15 kun oldin
  • ECM TCM down there

    RidefastorgetpassedRidefastorgetpassed16 kun oldin
  • Get a John Deere gator those are so good for this stuff like going around

    AJbb 884AJbb 88416 kun oldin
  • Is it just me or is it every time I see Ryan’s hair tied up does he have a secret Fabio hiding there? Maybe it’s another blog channel... 🤣 Only joking love the content and keep up the good / hard work.

    C StandeferC Standefer16 kun oldin

    MAY DAYMAY DAY16 kun oldin
  • I love heavy equipment. I've always wanted a massive loader and an even larger excavator, like a John Deere 870G LC, it has a 30ft digging depth. Can you imagine having an excavator that can dig a hole 30ft deep straight down?? I'd have my property all kinds of screwed up. lol.

    Calvin H.Calvin H.16 kun oldin
  • Would you guys sell me the actual stakes to the stakebed? My flatbed didn’t come with any. I’m in SoCal.

    saken4saken417 kun oldin
  • 10:49 🤘😎👍 Only way to go fast 😏

    Aaron BAaron B17 kun oldin
  • I want a JoBuilt aka Peterbilt

    Trey haleTrey hale17 kun oldin
  • brother, found your channel through my recommended videos, it was the one where your ranch almost burned down, i have no interest in ranching, but i love watching these just cause you're a real one and i can tell you love your animals, and idk glad you're living your dream. keep it up brother, peace and love.

    HunterG_YTHunterG_YT18 kun oldin
  • just binge watched everything from the "watching my ranch burn down" vid to here. so happy everything worked out for you guys. I can tell yall mean it when you say you gotta work it for, yall don't just say it you do it

    ChrisChris18 kun oldin
    • Same... he hit the algorithm so he needs to slap 3-4 more ads on each video & put a donate link in all the videos for those of us who don’t have to worry/deal with this.

      Hugh Mad BroHugh Mad Bro16 kun oldin
  • At 6:40 is that fire retardant on the hill in the background

    Bradley BrockervilleBradley Brockerville18 kun oldin
  • Love seeing the animals bro, thanks for the cool videos

    Skinny Water Charters Key WestSkinny Water Charters Key West18 kun oldin
  • How much for the bed? Saying hey from middle of kansas

  • 8:23 from this point on all I can hear is BEEP!!BEEP!!BEEP lmao rip ear drums. Jk great content

    Duumee FowooneeDuumee Fowoonee18 kun oldin
  • Dedick needs his own channel.

    jeeperzr2jeeperzr218 kun oldin
  • I drive that exact model loader 12 hours a day at work and he said he's only had his for 6ish months which means he has run into this problem yet. The articulating joints will bleed out grease. He needs to stay on top of it. Its also not too big of a deal but he need to check the fuel water separator every now and than some times it will start to leak. Other than that its a great machine. We have 2 at work one with over 11000 hours and another with 7000 hours on it. We havent had a thing go wrong with them. I know its pointless to make this comment but its rare to see those machines in videos. Oh and work hack for that machine. Toss a bottle of water on the defrost vents when you have the AC running and have the other vents pointing up and slightly closed. This will 1. get that bottle colder than a vending machine and 2. make the cab the perfect temp. The Ac in those things run super cold.

    Jacks PlaceJacks Place18 kun oldin
  • If you get a UTV, then you should get a Polaris, or a John Deere gator.

    Allan FloresAllan Flores18 kun oldin
  • DmaxDedix Sell me the center bench seat from the donor truck?

    Angel MarquezAngel Marquez18 kun oldin
    • hit him up on Instagram @squarebody_tig

      DMAXRYNODMAXRYNO18 kun oldin
  • Just curious have you ever thought about getting switchback door handles for your Denali?

    Kevin ChuppKevin Chupp19 kun oldin
  • Yeah I would definitely do a resto mod frame up while u got access to the tools to do it

    George ShannisGeorge Shannis19 kun oldin
  • I’ve seen 1998 to 2005 dash swaps on a k20 truck

  • #content truck

    FLoat SamFLoat Sam19 kun oldin
  • Hehe. I run 992k's. It's cool to see someone so excited to run equipment. 😁

    Fungus 357Fungus 35719 kun oldin
  • Swap specialty sells a standalone harness. 100% new no need to remove and send old harness. And its the same price! Just ordered my harness for lb7 $677 said and done.

    I Watch Random VideosI Watch Random Videos19 kun oldin
  • dude JAMES works for it ! awesome

    Brendan MaruyamaBrendan Maruyama19 kun oldin
  • I drive with two feet with all construction equipment no problem with that

    Kenneth RepscherKenneth Repscher19 kun oldin
  • You should get rzr next for the ranch

    Arian BenavidezArian Benavidez19 kun oldin
  • Pros drive with two feet because you can brake for the corner faster and immediately go back on the throttle saving time.

    Lhotse44Lhotse4419 kun oldin
  • That black box that you think is security is actually the TCM

    Thomas ArmstrongThomas Armstrong19 kun oldin
  • There is only one use for 2 foot driving & that’s driving in NYC

    Billy SmithBilly Smith19 kun oldin
  • should have edited out that damn backup alarm. music man

    25nathan25nathan2525nathan25nathan2519 kun oldin
  • Idk why but that rattlesnake freaked me out lol 🤣

    Koyah _Koyah _19 kun oldin
  • He is your money maker he needs his own Chanel!!!!

    Nathan HouseNathan House19 kun oldin
    • Who

      socal_6.2 aka Wes spinnersocal_6.2 aka Wes spinner19 kun oldin
  • Lunch and Dmaxryno 👍🏻

    ants8515ants851519 kun oldin
  • Think you’re looking at the body control module. You can bypass the Pass iii system and truck might start. There’s a key relearn that is a number of key turns and 10 minute cycle that takes about 30 minutes. Maybe it’ll help maybe it won’t. Later!!!

    Jon HallJon Hall19 kun oldin
  • Petition for dedek to start his own channel cause he’s underestimating himself he’s actually lit with the camera😂👍👍

    Ace InternationalAce International19 kun oldin
    • @mushy lol im not dedek LMAO

      Ace InternationalAce International15 kun oldin
    • Shut up Dedek. We know that's you

      mushymushy15 kun oldin
  • If you get rid of trees you will regret it & so will the animals.

    Peter EverestPeter Everest19 kun oldin
  • Driving with 2 foots is weird lol. Tried it and didn’t like it

    Ricky 5.3Ricky 5.319 kun oldin
  • Lol ohhh whistle bite ..

    RoushedStang DFWRoushedStang DFW19 kun oldin
  • He better make a living off of these UZworld videos for the amount of ads I watch hahaha

    Real Tough GuysReal Tough Guys19 kun oldin
  • I had a St. Bernard that would sit on our porch chairs

    Ivan NoriegaIvan Noriega19 kun oldin
  • Well don't you know the yellow can designates diesel fuel,,And blue is kerosene

    noblshtnoblsht19 kun oldin
  • Workforit 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

    Juan NavajasJuan Navajas19 kun oldin
  • Puto the motor in the c10 with the flat bed on it

    Guillermo LopezGuillermo Lopez19 kun oldin
  • Time to run some fiber to the ranch!

    DASHing DwarfVenturesDASHing DwarfVentures19 kun oldin
  • Love this channel. Glad to see yall recovering so much after all the fire stuff. Making San Diego proud!

    u6okiiu6okii19 kun oldin
  • I see endless collaboration in the future!

    C BC B19 kun oldin
  • Not gonna lie I think I actually need the headlight switch/ dash dimmer for my truck

    Dalson LeeDalson Lee19 kun oldin
    • Bought one off amazon. Also many other pieces as they were cheap. Door seals, slip yoke and seal. Even headlights and taillights. Only issue i had was the 3rd brake light seal. Most amazon truck youll ever see.

      Brandon CaldwellBrandon Caldwell19 kun oldin
  • Yo Ryno check out the hiatachi WA80 it’s a micro wheel loader that will work perfect on your property. Inclosed cab, AC/Heat, air seat, radio. They are like $65k new

    Project RamRunnerProject RamRunner19 kun oldin
  • Need a radio

    Offi_ KadenYTOffi_ KadenYT19 kun oldin
  • Get a polaris

    DeerHunter30-06DeerHunter30-0619 kun oldin
  • I think it’s so cute how he meets everyone on the channel at the front door #willyforprez

    Kevin Parra-VaughanKevin Parra-Vaughan19 kun oldin
  • ❤❤🙏🙏🤩👍

    Love my DandyLionLove my DandyLion19 kun oldin
  • Peep peep peep peep lol

    Nash BeardenNash Bearden19 kun oldin
  • You play fetch or you wesler with them? Or is the animals just there for confort

    R MR M19 kun oldin
  • Another great video. Loving the Ryno Ranch stuff. 🤘🤘

    Joshua StohlJoshua Stohl19 kun oldin
  • There’s a flatbed for the reg cab Obs farm truck

    Joshua DurhamJoshua Durham19 kun oldin
  • Dedic look like chavo del ocho

    Miguel RosmundoMiguel Rosmundo19 kun oldin
  • Read the title hoping for escalator install.

    Red Dirt DieselRed Dirt Diesel19 kun oldin
  • Lmao fuck 2 feet is the only way to drive

    HunterHunter19 kun oldin
  • On his 14th truck! LMAO

    Juan GaonaJuan Gaona19 kun oldin
  • Not first this time had no service in dem oilfields

    clave nuevaclave nueva19 kun oldin
  • Me and some friends last year put diesel in a 2010 Polaris four wheeler and it smoked for a while but we put some gas in it and if ran perfect afterwards

    Jett TeagueJett Teague19 kun oldin
    • Brandon Caldwell That is why you don’t let your city slicker wife drive your truck

      Jett TeagueJett Teague19 kun oldin
    • Just dont try that in a new diesel. Goodbye fuel system... Knew someone who did that. He loaned his truck to his wife to drive for the day. Made it into the driveway and had to be towed to the dealer. $3000 later it was on the road again. 3 months later, it was traded in.

      Brandon CaldwellBrandon Caldwell19 kun oldin
  • A little different from the Doosan loader but I can see my self using it 👏🏾

    SageRSageR20 kun oldin
  • I drive CAT 938 all day long with 15’ forks moving vehicles around.

    SanDiego RootzSanDiego Rootz20 kun oldin
  • Hey Ryno like your shows. Just wanted remind you to remember to take care of willies hooves and his friends. Pluse bubbles and his friends. Hey wachers back me up want to keep them healthy. Keep working for it ☺

    RJ DanielsRJ Daniels20 kun oldin
  • Another comical video. 😆😂🤣 Darn Great Stuff.

    Jose RJose R20 kun oldin
  • You drive with two feet

    Devon HenryDevon Henry20 kun oldin
  • That 926m is the shit, I operate one for work everyday, the AC and Bluetooth make it feel like I’m driving a new car all day, a car that can crush cars.

    marco jacomemarco jacome20 kun oldin
  • This channel is quickly turning into Whistlindiesel lol not sure how I feel about that yet

    Joe Garofalo IIJoe Garofalo II20 kun oldin
  • I don't know if you guys are aware but that cable spool, depending on how much length is still on it, it's probably worth a LOT. There should be a number in feet printed on the side to let you know how many feet are left on the spool.

    dStructdStruct20 kun oldin
  • Who’s the cutie sitting there when they was figuring out the diesel or gas?

    Nathan JonesNathan Jones20 kun oldin
    • @Matthew Detig 😂😂😂😂. Still love ya. Hahahahaha

      Nathan JonesNathan Jones6 kun oldin
    • @Nathan Jones rude

      Matthew DetigMatthew Detig9 kun oldin
    • Dario M no way she’s with Detig. Hahahaha

      Nathan JonesNathan Jones19 kun oldin
    • Seen her couple times following detig around.looks kinda out place, at this Dude Ranch. Haha.

      Dario MDario M19 kun oldin
    • Maybe Rynos girlfriend

      zach Szach S19 kun oldin
  • Hahaha the good ol lancer ralley

    kyle trinklekyle trinkle20 kun oldin
  • FYI - If that fiber is still in good condition, it’s worth a lot of money

    fireboltjdfireboltjd20 kun oldin
  • Need gauge cluster

    Joseph YorkJoseph York20 kun oldin
  • DUDE dont be hard on your self i have been two feet driving for 45 years

    A ZAA ZA20 kun oldin
  • Might have caught a glimpse of Ryno’s gf on this video 🤔

    hgraphixhgraphix20 kun oldin
    • @Dropping gears just be cool to hear what she has to say about the ranch and her thoughts like that

      zach Szach S19 kun oldin
    • @zach S i think ryno wants that to stay private. And maybe her aswell

      Dropping gearsDropping gears19 kun oldin
    • I don't know why she wouldn't want to be on the channel

      zach Szach S19 kun oldin
    • Willy?

      Bundy WilliamsBundy Williams19 kun oldin
    • In a older video she shows off his girl gear. From what i remember

      Dropping gearsDropping gears19 kun oldin
  • Why doesnt he just turn that truck into a parts and material go getter

    Paul LizottePaul Lizotte20 kun oldin
  • No matter what I'm going thro throughout my day your videos always put me in a good mood thanks brotha

    DrewDrew20 kun oldin
  • that front end loader is bloody nice, i remeber when doing my course the one i used i thought was good but it was always annoying having the FNR and gear levers on the one side right next to eachother, still comfey toy to use but damn sometimes you'd put it in nutral when you wanted to change from low gear to high.

    AUSSIEbattler96AUSSIEbattler9620 kun oldin
  • They go about 24 25 mph they teeter i use to drive a 937k love them

    toribrownpinertoribrownpiner20 kun oldin
  • Safe Travels to Utah

    Casey MerrittCasey Merritt20 kun oldin
  • You need the bed for the farm.

    Mark LengalMark Lengal20 kun oldin
  • I drive with 2 feet and nobody understands why.

    Ted DarwinTed Darwin20 kun oldin
  • My dad drove with two feet his whole life, up until he couldn't drive anymore. Never got in any wrecks his left foot was always right there on the break.

    Rudy GarciaRudy Garcia20 kun oldin
  • yellow cans are diesel red are gas blue are methanol now if whoever filled them didn't go by the standard safety code who knows but typically that's how it goes or at least is supposed to go

    scarface mattscarface matt20 kun oldin
  • He should consider swapping the dash too

    Harlo86Harlo8620 kun oldin
  • First time seeing him not wearing overalls

    Riley CarelockRiley Carelock20 kun oldin
  • Stop click baiting, nothing escalated....

    Jake PorterJake Porter20 kun oldin
    • Stop watching.

      DMAXRYNODMAXRYNO20 kun oldin
  • Come on dedik hints the yellow container lol yellow equals diesel guy

    Chase D 707Chase D 70720 kun oldin
  • the goats will love if you lay that bog cable roll in the yard

    TheMadPatTheMadPat20 kun oldin
    • @DMAXRYNO haha yeah they will use it more then you will they are great climbers

      TheMadPatTheMadPat18 kun oldin
    • I have one here for them, they prefer the outdoor table 🤣

      DMAXRYNODMAXRYNO20 kun oldin
  • I get to drive one everyday at my job and I love it.

    David JonesDavid Jones20 kun oldin
  • From one two-foot driver to another.. We are doing it right !

    Scott WachaScott Wacha20 kun oldin