23-Mar, 2020
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  • Always working, strong work

    BrentBrent6 oy oldin
  • Yes Dave 👊🏻 I know I'm a little late but I have been working much the past week so I'm trying to catch up now 👍🏻

    ants8515ants85156 oy oldin
  • When is wes getting deployed?

    Blake SilvermanBlake Silverman6 oy oldin

    WeN33dJusticeWeN33dJustice6 oy oldin
  • What dose wes do in the military??? But i love you guys.

    Mickey ChavezMickey Chavez7 oy oldin
  • Snap On guys hate when randos just step On the truck lol

    Dieseldog 1988 GarageDieseldog 1988 Garage7 oy oldin
  • DAVE!!! Show more Dave!

    Urbano PartidaUrbano Partida7 oy oldin
  • Dave !!!

    DopeSkateGearDopeSkateGear7 oy oldin
  • Man Wes really needs to start wearing proper headgear because if ya know you know that hat isn’t in regulation for duty uniform. The man needs to find his pc.

    Damian GessnerDamian Gessner7 oy oldin
    • Since you know soooo much www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=83982

      socal_6.2 aka Wes spinnersocal_6.2 aka Wes spinner7 oy oldin
    • You have no clue what you are talking about. Command issued ball caps are approved.

      socal_6.2 aka Wes spinnersocal_6.2 aka Wes spinner7 oy oldin
  • DAVE!!!

    Stev_o cStev_o c7 oy oldin
  • I dropped my brand new air compressor and ruind it

    Sawyer HoyleSawyer Hoyle7 oy oldin
  • How much do those snap on stickers go for? 😂

    Raymond RiosRaymond Rios7 oy oldin
    • Those are magnets

      socal_6.2 aka Wes spinnersocal_6.2 aka Wes spinner7 oy oldin
  • It’s DAVE 😃 it’s always good to see him. Til nxt time Dave.

    Oakley17Oakley177 oy oldin
  • Daveeeeeee

    Juan VallesJuan Valles7 oy oldin
  • Dave is the greatest

    Thomas FallsThomas Falls7 oy oldin
  • DAVE, 😃 I missed you dave, why isn't dave on the channel as much anymore, we all miss dave. Yes, dave, dave, dave dave, dave, got my dave fix today. Lol

    Tyson CurrieTyson Currie7 oy oldin
  • DAVEEEEE!!!!

    JohnnyKVlogsJohnnyKVlogs7 oy oldin
  • Who knows what happened to Josh the detailer?

    Dylan GalmanDylan Galman7 oy oldin
    • Dylan Galman he’s been busy with his boat clients.

      DMAXRYNODMAXRYNO7 oy oldin
  • DAVE!!!!

    Alec GarciaAlec Garcia7 oy oldin
  • Really stoked to see his truck with the red

    Byron BrodeurByron Brodeur7 oy oldin
  • Dave? Is that you? We all missed Dave!!!

    Jake LansnerJake Lansner7 oy oldin
  • My girlfriend hates DMAXRYNO. (Edit) my ex girlfriend

    Mark JacksonMark Jackson7 oy oldin
  • I thought cali was under lockdown?

    follow thelordfollow thelord7 oy oldin
  • it’s cool how you are rocking the workforit mexican decal an not just for pictures an to sell

    lilmario1994lilmario19947 oy oldin
  • I threw up in my mouth alittle when Dave mentioned that bitches name

    Barrett GrangerBarrett Granger7 oy oldin
  • Ryno should give Dave the LLY truck !!

    Mark RodriguezMark Rodriguez7 oy oldin
  • Finally dave!!!!!!!!😁😁😁

    HD42 GamingHD42 Gaming7 oy oldin
  • We still need more gunner of the vlog bro, he the man oh sorry the pup of the vlog

    SmllSlvrBck88SmllSlvrBck887 oy oldin
  • Another great video brother

  • Damn I never new Wes was in the military. Thanks for your service Wes. 🇺🇸🙌

    john doejohn doe7 oy oldin
  • Dave!

    Bon LuciBon Luci7 oy oldin
  • You can tell Wes isn’t a truck driver. Dude Super Singles suck bro and that’s cause I’ve known drivers that has issues with them. That Western Star is nice but my Kenworth W900L looks waaaay more clean. I got a 300inch wheel base and I pull a Great Dane 48ft Spread Axle.

    Thomas SapinoThomas Sapino7 oy oldin
  • Very close to the color of mine

    Chase ™Chase ™7 oy oldin
  • There goes Wes touching everything in the Snap On Truck.

    Jim MendozaJim Mendoza7 oy oldin
  • The moment you guys been waiting for 12:32

    Fast AFFast AF7 oy oldin
  • i Hope you guys know you never reuse u bolts! i hope those are not being powder coated and being re used.

    Arthur CarvalhoArthur Carvalho7 oy oldin
    • Stfu

      socal_6.2 aka Wes spinnersocal_6.2 aka Wes spinner7 oy oldin
  • Dave - Dave - Dave is that you.......

    Bigdoug ssBigdoug ss7 oy oldin
  • Bro! Repping that WorkForIt🇲🇽 on the LLY! I love it man! LOL 😂

    Chris TrujilloChris Trujillo7 oy oldin
  • All comfortable and shit bussin out the cap Morgan on manz product lol

    Gspadez toorealGspadez tooreal7 oy oldin
  • Damn wanted that shirt but it sold out

    JGULRR !!JGULRR !!7 oy oldin
  • Dave looks like SteveO

    ETERNAL -11-ETERNAL -11-7 oy oldin
  • Black & red and black & blue are sweet color combinations. Can't wait to see Wes' truck finished

    Justin ArmstrongJustin Armstrong7 oy oldin
  • Apparently Wes has never drove a big rig on super singles. I drive truck for a living and it is the worst ride ever on super singles

    dakillerklowndakillerklown7 oy oldin
    • @Daniel Shook super singles will shake the fillings out of your teeth. That is a really shitty ride. Not enough side wall to them. They have too much side wall flex with a heavy load. They hydroplane like crazy. $1000 a piece for just the tire. If you blow one you gotta buy a rim too. But if you wanna waste the money go for it. To each their own.

      dakillerklowndakillerklown7 oy oldin
    • @dakillerklown what's this ride quality you speak off

      Daniel ShookDaniel Shook7 oy oldin
    • @DMAXRYNO just personal opinion but I don't even think they look cool on a semi. Just my two cents but hey everyone likes what they like.

      dakillerklowndakillerklown7 oy oldin
    • dakillerklown I think we’ve all accepted losing ride quality to look cool haha

      DMAXRYNODMAXRYNO7 oy oldin

  • Zinc is stronger than powder coat. Who needs to go to school and you can learn everything on UZworld! Awesome video man!

  • DAVE!! I miss Fucking DAVE!😂👍

    John ArangioJohn Arangio7 oy oldin
  • Put some rtv

    Marcus ZiegerMarcus Zieger7 oy oldin
  • What happened to zachariah?? 😂

    Bryce CotroneoBryce Cotroneo7 oy oldin

    William RehbergWilliam Rehberg7 oy oldin
  • Looks like ur dog was scared or cold asf

    Rolando MartinezRolando Martinez7 oy oldin
  • Wes wifey Lacey B. Didn't powder coat your suspension parts?? Shame on you bro would have totally been worth the trip to Utah!!

    greaseymikeygreaseymikey7 oy oldin
  • Hey its dave!

    smokey joesmokey joe7 oy oldin
  • Hey I’m “daddy hicks” btw😂

    Tyler HicksTyler Hicks7 oy oldin
  • Dave!!!

    07 F150harley07 F150harley7 oy oldin
  • Nothing is free on the the snappy truck

    Mark ButerbuaghMark Buterbuagh7 oy oldin
  • Dave makes the quarantine worth it

    TheAftermathKingTheAftermathKing7 oy oldin
  • Good choice on the powder coati like what i consider brand colors . Green on moper, a blue works good on them fiirds, and reds fit right with the chevy and Gm brands . Cant wait for the craziness to end to hit up a Fiesta Island event . Good times chief 🏁

    Craig WatsonCraig Watson7 oy oldin
  • I found Dave's van in Google Street View.

    Mike HonchoMike Honcho7 oy oldin
  • Dave needs a good 8’ x 20’ trailer Drill holes and run pins to hold the handle Cool box! Do a video on it when done! Pink is my favorite color!😜👍

    Ogre DadOgre Dad7 oy oldin
  • DAVE IS THAT YOU??? Never gets old!! Another great video today!! 👍👍

    KostasKostas7 oy oldin
  • Did wes forget him rock lights on looked like in the video

    Curtis GyorfiCurtis Gyorfi7 oy oldin
    • @socal_6.2 aka Wes spinner excuse my friend he's a little slow

      Daniel ShookDaniel Shook7 oy oldin
    • @socal_6.2 aka Wes spinner what the hell I had to watch it again I missed about 3 mins of the visit haha

      Curtis GyorfiCurtis Gyorfi7 oy oldin
    • Did you even watch the video

      socal_6.2 aka Wes spinnersocal_6.2 aka Wes spinner7 oy oldin
  • "Oh, man, censor that!" *Covers face instead of nipples* 😂😂😂

    Chad BosticChad Bostic7 oy oldin
  • Dave is awesome!! I can't stand Nancy P. Also.

    DXFXmcDXFXmc7 oy oldin
  • do the same paint on your chevy that is on your ford

    Anna SheehanAnna Sheehan7 oy oldin
  • His reaction at 1:39 😂😂😂😂

    Dominique MathewsDominique Mathews7 oy oldin
  • What part of KY Dave from? I live across the river in WV

    Derek GraceDerek Grace7 oy oldin
  • U might be able too get that part for the compressor at homedepot or hardware store should be just pipe thread about 5 in long just regular pipe with threads take it as smaple and match up threads and length

    GARCIA67hGARCIA67h7 oy oldin
  • Hey Ryno been following you for a long time now couple years and all I gotta say bro is thank god I have you to watch on my tv with the UZworld app. No sports. No news. Nothing of value on tv it’s a break from Disney channel while I got all the kids at home 😂

    MacKenzie ClymerMacKenzie Clymer7 oy oldin
  • DAVE!!!!!!

    Jay JamesJay James7 oy oldin
  • My man devi

    brayan moralesbrayan morales7 oy oldin
  • It looks like you got a mullet

    Kenneth DuncanKenneth Duncan7 oy oldin
    • Nm I forgot he lives in California, they banned it

      Daniel ShookDaniel Shook7 oy oldin
    • He has to get one more dog, 2 more guns, and a tan trailer before he can level up enough for the mullet

      Daniel ShookDaniel Shook7 oy oldin
    • I wish

      DMAXRYNODMAXRYNO7 oy oldin
  • Dave still rocking the shmedium size shirts

    Czr187Czr1877 oy oldin
  • There is Dave

    Daniel MoralezDaniel Moralez7 oy oldin
    • 1 for 1 keep it up

      Daniel ShookDaniel Shook7 oy oldin
  • talking about a roof rack I saw some dude with drywall on top of one,. lets say they hit a dip on the road and it caved in.. lmfao

    Danny BuildingDanny Building7 oy oldin
  • I love your videos

    Jeffrey BasileJeffrey Basile7 oy oldin
  • Something free out of the snap on truck! Damn it’s the impact from the coronavirus

    Daniel CarlinDaniel Carlin7 oy oldin
  • Does anyone watch Sendit Steve?

    bustin yanutzbustin yanutz7 oy oldin
    • @Daniel Shook Wrong Steve, The guy with the F450 that hangs out with Streetspeed717.

      Mike HonchoMike Honcho7 oy oldin
    • He only has a channel because of Streetspeed717 otherwise I bet he would only have 500 Subscribers.

      Mike HonchoMike Honcho7 oy oldin
    • I only watch his channel to read the comments. People are always making fun of him.

      Bongo YongoBongo Yongo7 oy oldin
    • He's bolting a 3rd axle to his truck to make it look like a 6x6 but the axle has no drivetrain to it he's a strange guy.😂😂

      Livingroom TvLivingroom Tv7 oy oldin
    • Steve is a hack.

      Black IceBlack Ice7 oy oldin
  • Yeah i was thinking about doing mine in Battleship grey

    falconnole11falconnole117 oy oldin
  • Dave been sparking wood all day

    5cent275cent277 oy oldin
  • Great to see Daaaaaave again. I think that color Wes chose is really going to pop on his dark truck, thanks for another great video.

    Les SzaboLes Szabo7 oy oldin
  • What’s the name of your construction company? And where’s Zack we haven’t seen him lol

    Alberto CazaresAlberto Cazares7 oy oldin
  • I believe in Jesus.

    Homosexuality Is a Sin Praise the LordHomosexuality Is a Sin Praise the Lord7 oy oldin
  • I cant watt

    jacob bishopjacob bishop7 oy oldin
  • Nooooo way it’s Dave!!!! Dave!!?? Ryno??!! Dave???!? Ryno?!!??? Lmfao gets me every fucking time

    gersoncastillo12gersoncastillo127 oy oldin
  • I drive for a big knowed garbage company push that down or we going to charge you extra!! My guy and anything that falls out when dumping!a get out of truck fee a take off sit belt fee and the list go on!! Fyi!!😏

    Brad DownesBrad Downes7 oy oldin
  • Good to see Dave again!! Can't wait to see Wes's suspension powder coated! Keep up the good work, it's appreciated 💯👊🏻

    Cory TryonCory Tryon7 oy oldin
  • I bet you Dave has the cure for the china virus

    Aj RodriguezAj Rodriguez7 oy oldin
  • Love seeing Dave x

    Susan CreeSusan Cree7 oy oldin
  • Oh man......more dave and wes!!!!! .....click like if wes should drive!!!!! Feel bad cause his truck is down....😢😎

    Tad HeathTad Heath7 oy oldin
  • Idk how much that weighs but I got the same van with a roof rack and throw probably 600lbs on it never had a problem

    Dy Co 3Dy Co 37 oy oldin
  • Snap on sockets are worth the money

    josh shelbyjosh shelby7 oy oldin
  • Wow, Wes was smiley and not complaining!!!!! What’s wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!

    XX XXX X7 oy oldin
    • Can we see @socal_6.2 aka Wes spinner reacting to WhistlinDiesel videos please and thank you

      Daniel ShookDaniel Shook7 oy oldin
    • He hooked up with Lacey last night.

      Homosexuality Is a Sin Praise the LordHomosexuality Is a Sin Praise the Lord7 oy oldin
    • Oh just wait

      socal_6.2 aka Wes spinnersocal_6.2 aka Wes spinner7 oy oldin
  • A Dave sighting was just what the doctor ordered!

    Chase PetersenChase Petersen7 oy oldin
  • Ryno I’m thinking a nice ball valve would be perfect for the plasma table

    Mike PreddyMike Preddy7 oy oldin
  • Ford uses a tinted clear coat on the red that looks like ruby red. I checked my window sticker the one that came with my truck and its says “Red w/ tinted clear coat” and it looks red in shade, night or just gloomy weather. But when the sunlight hits the truck it just looks amazing

    Jaylockz 85Jaylockz 857 oy oldin
  • Brilliant silver is the color of my truck

    Zac CalhounZac Calhoun7 oy oldin
  • Dave?

    BlingBling7 oy oldin
  • Damn wes ! Big changes coming .. love the red !

    Scott WachaScott Wacha7 oy oldin
  • I want another great dane 🥺

    jonathan Ehlermannjonathan Ehlermann7 oy oldin
  • “Daaavve?!?” Never gets old! Lol

    Eric AEric A7 oy oldin