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  • Cool! Glad to see y'all getting the ranch back together.

    Ryan CRyan CKun oldin
  • For lighting I would look at some T8 fixtures, really simple and cheap and they put off lot of light. LED are nice too but a bit more expensive and the light tends to be more directional. Though you can get T8 retrofit LED bulbs that look just like the real thing now. Or a super simple approach is a bunch of regular light sockets with some LED bulbs.

    Red SquirrelRed Squirrel9 kun oldin
  • I watch a few of your videos but can't figure out what your purpose for the channel? I did see when you had run from your ranch because of the fire that was awful with all your animals. I was wondering have you heard of Deborah Tavares with "Stop the Crimes.net" she explains about all the intensional fires they are doing to run people out of California. You went back and build another wooden fence that takes guts with all the NWO demon plans good for you!!! Stay Safe can place underground tanks and save tons of water clean!!!

    Amron AaronAmron Aaron9 kun oldin
  • Next plant some grass tg

    Katherine Weston-RosendaleKatherine Weston-Rosendale11 kun oldin
  • @Dmaxryno i know you were emotional but plase stay strong it special in these times.

    FarmerFarmer12 kun oldin
  • was it called the valley fire by chance?

    Absolute_colaAbsolute_cola12 kun oldin
  • So the animals are safe from the fire ?

    Luca Delli QuadriLuca Delli Quadri13 kun oldin
  • It's gonna look cool in a couple of months when the new green starts growing again

    ReM[i]XReM[i]X14 kun oldin
  • Why not out of steel?

    BjarneBjarne14 kun oldin
  • Sorry what happened to your property. I am so glad everyone of you was ok. I love the fact,, you let all of your animals run free.

    Out Of TimeOut Of Time14 kun oldin
  • damn i love your ranch and all the animals, i cant wait to buy me some land and get some rescues too. bit expensive here in New Zealand at the moment though

    Cody JCody J14 kun oldin
  • I have a question, have you thought about putting lights along the whole fence? Every 12 yards? I think that would look dope and it would be good if you needed to scout the perimeter of the property!

    Buffalo TitanBuffalo Titan14 kun oldin
    • Having electricity around the full perimeter would present a lot of good opportunities too for things you may need to do in the future.

      Buffalo TitanBuffalo Titan14 kun oldin
  • Spray it with used motor oil.... it will save you years... and give it a nice stained look!

    Lee MLee M15 kun oldin

    wrangler Davewrangler Dave15 kun oldin
  • Lamp post around the ranch would be good

    crazycrazy15 kun oldin
  • I love the ranch vids man!

    Jonathan KrotzJonathan Krotz15 kun oldin
  • My God sir you must be a billionaire to afford all that California land🤯

    Blahblah1734Blahblah173415 kun oldin
    • If you're from Cali, especially the coast, some of the ranches are cheap compared to just renting. 700k for avg city house in SoCal, that buys crazy nice land in the bush. He sold his city home and got 20x for same 👍 but this will end soon. I envy him lol, I'm not all that far from him but stuck on coast. Land is where it's at!

      Dusty PleasuresDusty Pleasures15 kun oldin
  • It’s supposed to be dark for animals at night so wouldn’t it make sense to only have lights on when you’re there or if needed

    Lucky WLucky W16 kun oldin
  • If I lived anywhere near I’d be there for a helping hand for free

    zac demaerzac demaer16 kun oldin
  • You should enclose that work stall

    Chad MardickChad Mardick16 kun oldin
  • I just came for the music. Yew.

    Chad HarrisChad Harris16 kun oldin
  • Making it looking pretty and uniform way to go. Three across is a good look.

    Nathan WrightNathan Wright16 kun oldin
  • You’re amazing

    André PereiraAndré Pereira16 kun oldin
  • You are one hard worker I swear

    John DoeJohn Doe17 kun oldin
  • Probably my favorite video of yours so far! Awesome to see all the animals HAPPY!

    karnut74karnut7417 kun oldin
  • Great video like always! Love the merch too when will you guys be stocking up on the stickers that are sold out on the website?

    aldair104aldair10417 kun oldin
  • You are so stupid haha, you should ved saved your money. You dont have that many animals

    JAy BondJAy Bond17 kun oldin
  • Wood is not expensive because of covid, your wood is expensive because Trump put tariffs on Canadian lumber 🤣

    Kevin PattersonKevin Patterson17 kun oldin
  • Love animals ❤ 😍 ♥ 💕 💖

    Mexicana MexicanaMexicana Mexicana18 kun oldin
  • Most two man crews do 1500' an hour.... yup

    FLoat SamFLoat Sam18 kun oldin
  • What size are you arkon wheels

    Hunter OuthouseHunter Outhouse18 kun oldin
  • New subscriber here! Just your average Connecticut girl wishing I lived on a ranch!!! I’m living vicariously through you guys

    JadaSantaTVJadaSantaTV18 kun oldin
  • Im from Germany, i came across your range fire video, im so glad your animals are alive. enjoy the fenc building :) - Sebastian

    Medical Detectives - Ganze FolgenMedical Detectives - Ganze Folgen18 kun oldin
  • You can run some orbit led flood lights In The stalls, they have 30w which are pretty dam bright or if you want to go really bright you can run the 50w ones one on each end of the stalls then two or three or even 4 In the center facing all different directions, I’ve put in the 6 30w ones In a shop and it is way brighter then the panels! There is another brand but I can not remember the name right now 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Cojax's OffroadCojax's Offroad18 kun oldin
  • Your electrician should know what kind of lights would be good for your application

    Byron BrodeurByron Brodeur19 kun oldin
  • party lights. the goats and donks NEED party lights lmao.

    A. MoonflowerA. Moonflower19 kun oldin
  • Make an instagram page for Willy the Goat!

    Tony PadillaTony Padilla19 kun oldin
  • Just put a couple of the Phoenix light bars 🤘🏼

    Erik ValleErik Valle19 kun oldin
  • 8ft LED shop style lights .

    RidefastorgetpassedRidefastorgetpassed19 kun oldin
  • Your music sucks

    left handleft hand19 kun oldin
  • Im enjoying these ranch videos so much an I just wonder every time: how does this dude male money. Repairing all of this must cost alot!

    NiliMotoNiliMoto19 kun oldin
  • 15:45 lighting suggestion: USE MOTION LIGHTS OVER FLOOD LIGHTS - light pollution is a real thing, and your skywatcher friends will love you for it! Not to mention, your utility bill will notice the difference.

    Shawn TyreeShawn Tyree19 kun oldin
  • Man this makes me so happy to see this after watching the video uploaded on sep 7th. Oh my god I was crying for you and the animals especially. To see them running around free and happy and eating.....Awe....so great!!!

    Chris CHRISPY Piceynski CRITTERChris CHRISPY Piceynski CRITTER19 kun oldin
  • 14:25 it is good to keep the vaccinations and medicines refrigerated and handy, too

    Shawn TyreeShawn Tyree19 kun oldin
  • how many acres do u have

    Lachlan PringleLachlan Pringle19 kun oldin
  • very impressive work. Take care.

    Pam kpPam kp19 kun oldin
  • Just found your channel....LOVE it! You have a new subscriber and fan. I think I was recommended to you because I subscribe to demolitionRanch. I love the way that you treat your animals with such respect. BLUE COLLAR LIVES MATTER!

    Nature GirlNature Girl19 kun oldin
  • does greg a know yall have a socal greg a?

    Carlos TorresCarlos Torres19 kun oldin
    • DMAXRYNO thats awesome man. Hope you see you and Greg A in a video one day. Two of the best channels out there.

      Carlos TorresCarlos Torres19 kun oldin
    • Yes he does. Sent him a pic the first time I met so cal greg a.

      DMAXRYNODMAXRYNO19 kun oldin
  • Look at Heartland led

    RIZE_stryker 5RIZE_stryker 519 kun oldin
  • Sooo likee can I kind of just a little COPY THE GREY COLOR ON THE OBS please best regards me and I love the videos man

    Frank RomeroFrank Romero20 kun oldin
  • Use yellow/orange light since it will help with your eyes adjust to the dark

    Doomstay982Doomstay98220 kun oldin
  • A year+ using or working around CAT skitzters I’ve never seen a drill on them 👀 only buckets, breakers & grinders 👀

    SageRSageR20 kun oldin
  • Do a forehead reveal

    Anthony LopezAnthony Lopez20 kun oldin
  • Love the content man. I’ve went from trade school electrical lineman to some more school to electrical engineer. Just wanted to point out to everyone that just because someone has a desk job doesn’t mean they didn’t fuckin work for it. Keep up the ranch content, you’re living my dream.

    solem22solem2220 kun oldin
  • are coyotes a threat for those tiny donkeys or goats? They killed 3 sheep at my uncles farm in the past month

    Pootin PlaysPootin Plays20 kun oldin

    MAY DAYMAY DAY20 kun oldin
  • 🤠👍☕🍻💪💪💪✌🖐🖐🖐

    cowboy rides 2cowboy rides 220 kun oldin
  • Glad the animals were able to get out

    Heather BergstadHeather Bergstad20 kun oldin
  • I guess he didn't do the math on the fencing. 1700/3 days is 566.6 feet of fencing per day put up. I would consider that quite a bit of work. You guys did that in a short time and glad to see everyone came together and it turned out great. Glad the animals are able to be back out

    3D Drew3D Drew20 kun oldin
  • Check out some of the satco corn bulbs. They make one that is a 120 watt and it would light up a lot in your barn. They are normally used for large area lights

    Cory HCory H20 kun oldin
  • Are you gonna build a trailer for your animals so in the case there is another fire you can get them all out and they don’t suffer.

    Curran JohnsonCurran Johnson20 kun oldin
  • Ryno you just had to hit us with the dubstep at the beginning

    lil Slade 69lil Slade 6920 kun oldin
  • Love these ranch videos gives me vision of what I’m working for

    SpookycraneSpookycrane20 kun oldin
  • It's a bloody desert

    linoleum Bonypartlinoleum Bonypart20 kun oldin
  • Those Animals were so happy to be set free

    BlingBling20 kun oldin
  • How many acres u actually have

    robert fitzgeraldrobert fitzgerald20 kun oldin
  • @DMAXRYNO You should get a John Deere gaitor they are so fun and useful for getting around. And you can rip it if u need to get places. Also it can hitch a lot of weight 👍🏼

    Jak SwainJak Swain20 kun oldin
  • You should put led light bars

    Angel CanalesAngel Canales20 kun oldin
  • Would you plow or turn the burned ground?

    Ram PooniRam Pooni20 kun oldin
  • I've used these www.amazon.com/LZHOME-Deformable-Adjustable-Lighting-Activated/dp/B07VRDS785/ although they are ment for a retrofit (they use an edison socket), they are 9000 lumens and you can direct the light wherever. Plus, putting in sockets will give you options.

    ck mck m20 kun oldin

    M Town MonstaM Town Monsta20 kun oldin
  • Who ever said the high bay lighting was correct. i have on in my garage with 9' ceilings. It does not perform very well. I say go 4' shop lights with led lights. I replaced the high bay with about 8 of the shop lights with LED lamps and you almost need sunglasses in the garage lol 3.5 car garage for space reference.

    Tony DalessioTony Dalessio20 kun oldin
  • You should do solar lighting bro ?

    moreno1760moreno176020 kun oldin
  • Another great ranch video. I hate to tell you that your goats and birds are sitting targets for Mountain Lions and Coyotes at night! You have to get ranch dogs to protect everything. Three Great Pyrenees and rescue mutts is what we use in N. Alabama. They guard 150 acres and dozens and dozens of animals.

    Christian WolfChristian Wolf20 kun oldin
  • Nice work. It coming along together little by little but it’s getting there. Love the videos.

    Young QuizYoung Quiz20 kun oldin
  • Man that property is perfect for solar panels

    TRD_AJTRD_AJ20 kun oldin
  • This makes me want to own a ranch

    Reid FritzReid Fritz20 kun oldin
  • Okay this is so great to see you have been through so much the last few weeks. Ryno you have such great friends who were right there with you when it needed to be done. I know you all WORK FOR IT, but maybe an opportunity for a collection on the side? Not sure what it would called but DO THE RIGHT THING or something to that effect.

    Jeremy MaslovitzJeremy Maslovitz20 kun oldin
  • I have a question so if you were pull a race car trailer to the drag strip or hotring would you use a gas or diesel my truck can only a max of 2700 pounds which is a light duty truck would you recommend a diesel for pulling a race car trailer?

    Tachanka ReznovTachanka Reznov20 kun oldin
  • What a dream ranch man. Congratulations dude! #WORKFORIT!

    Jeremy McMahenJeremy McMahen20 kun oldin
  • That made the video seeing the animals walk back out for the first time, then the goats running around playing like that. People kill me saying animals don’t have feelings or emotions.

    Brian ProffittBrian Proffitt20 kun oldin
  • The 2x2 High Bays you want will let dirt and dust in. Go with the JEBL I mentioned or get you some Lithonia Lighting FEM L48 fixtures.

    Justin DennisJustin Dennis20 kun oldin
  • Buy Lithonia Lighting JEBL lights for the center of the animal barn! You won't regret it.

    Justin DennisJustin Dennis20 kun oldin
  • Awsome content^^ i,m from sweden and love to watch things like this ^^ stay safe guys^^

    Clabbe 65Clabbe 6520 kun oldin
  • Lol y don’t u just put a steal barbwire fence that what we do here in Texas and for number 2 it is not gonna burn down

    greg richtergreg richter20 kun oldin
  • Lol y don’t u just put a steal barbwire fence that what we do here in Texas and for number 2 it is not gonna burn down

    greg richtergreg richter20 kun oldin
  • Been watching your channel for a long time. came for the truck content but I LOVE the ranch content!! Now I want my own ranch!! THANK YOU!!!

    Randall YoungRandall Young20 kun oldin
  • Ryno, try Superior Lighting. www.superiorlighting.com . We used them for our shop bay lighting. Prices couldnt be beat and their customer service will help you get the right light for your project.

    Jason HoffmannJason Hoffmann20 kun oldin
  • I would do the fluorescent style led shop lights. I use them in areas of my shop that has a lower ceiling and they have a great range of light

    Austin FraliexAustin Fraliex20 kun oldin
  • Anyone know the song name used in the intro?

    Tyler ElliottTyler Elliott20 kun oldin
  • Nice video im happy to see everything going back to normal.

    andy hernandezandy hernandez20 kun oldin
  • I would probably put workshop style led lights, probably a few of the ~3’ 5000 lumen lights. cheap, bright, linkable,

    Daniel HerweyerDaniel Herweyer20 kun oldin

    Dopingz zDopingz z20 kun oldin
  • I heard Wood is usually like $300 for 100 foot now it’s $900 per 100 foot. Just crazy, not sure if those are 100% though. Great video man! To keep that wood fence safe you could always cut a fire break and keep it maintained!

    dirtshower250dirtshower25020 kun oldin
  • Ryan check out GreenLightDepot.com I have several led lights from them around my property and they are crazy bright. I run 3 15,000 lumen parking lot lights out back of my house, several 6,000 lumen garage lights in my barn and a 6,000 lumen forward throw on the side of the barn. They have upgraded their leds over the years so the lights are more powerful now than what I have, but still those 3 15k light up about an 3 acres. Mine have been working well for over 3 years and it’s endless daytime when you want it.

    John ListerJohn Lister20 kun oldin
  • Do a deformable led lights.

    Austin WieslerAustin Wiesler20 kun oldin
  • Saw a truck with a work for it decal up here in Manitoba, Canada. Pretty cool to see!

    Jay KeoJay Keo20 kun oldin
  • The guys told you correct on the 2x2 high bay, you can look at 2x2 low bay LED with (wide distribution). Check out the Lithonia FEM L48 model (or similar), 4' LED strip. I recently completed the engineering on a State Zoo barn, ran the photometrics with those lights mounted at 12' above finished grade. Spacing center to center approx 12', calcs average 60 foot candles at 30" AFF using the 5000k medium distribution fixtures with 12000 lumen output. That specific fixture was Lithonia FEM L48 12000LM LPACL MD MVOLT 50K 80CRI img.acuitybrands.com/public-assets/catalog/147039/fem_led.pdf?abl_version=10%2f05%2f2020+15:36:33&DOC_Type=SPEC_SHEET They offer a 8' version also, but the 4' model worked well with spacing above stalls

    Chris MChris M20 kun oldin
  • President Trump should hire you guys to build the wall. All they would need to do is bring Willy with them. They would be done already and AOC would be fascinated with how much she has in common with Willy. Both have the same smile he was born an ass and she made herself an ass. Main difference is he is smarter and far more qualified to be in public office.

    D Max LifeD Max Life20 kun oldin
  • Here I am, on a truck channel, watching farm content. Never in a million years...

    areacode08areacode0820 kun oldin