7-Sen, 2020
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  • sorry dude

    THEMaNIsWOrTHitTHEMaNIsWOrTHit2 soat oldin
  • i hope u can survive without all that

    JAMES BORNJAMES BORN5 soat oldin
  • Put your camera down and get your animals OUT!! I can’t watch this.

    Lulu FuneLulu Fune6 soat oldin
    • Ok I just watched your other video. Phew 😅 I’m so glad they all survived... RIP Rooster 🐓 . At the least tho... grab your dogs. But I’m so happy they’re there.

      Lulu FuneLulu Fune5 soat oldin
  • Put your camera down and get your animals OUT!! I can’t watch this.

    Lulu FuneLulu Fune6 soat oldin
  • Dew.

    King TinKing Tin11 soat oldin

    ringhunter 100ringhunter 10012 soat oldin
  • Sorry to hear that the animals will run. Praying for them. That’s horrible

    J VIPWTPNN EdensCrystalStreamsJ VIPWTPNN EdensCrystalStreams19 soat oldin
  • Calexit

    Chicken PermissionChicken Permission20 soat oldin
  • Every California dream ends like this.

    No NameNo NameKun oldin
  • mans said i dont care for the house i care for the animals real one

    is that TRAEis that TRAEKun oldin
  • Im sorry you lost your place and pray everyone is ok. I need to say this though All that money and no cheap dozer to build a fire brake? Come on man.... 12k would have saved your place and all the animals.

    Brian RBrian RKun oldin
  • This is heartbreaking. I hope everyone subs and helps by watching y'alls content at least

    HK BobaHK BobaKun oldin
  • Just subbed, thought u could use some extra support. Sorry for your losses.

    Sanalex GamingTRSanalex GamingTRKun oldin
  • I am so sorry 😞 that hard work!

    Atlantis ReturningAtlantis ReturningKun oldin
  • heartbreaking

    ReiwasReiwasKun oldin
  • This was recommended out of nowhere but it made me cry. Hoping for the best outcome in your rebuild.

    Michelle GarryMichelle GarryKun oldin
  • Imagine buying land in California... Like why would you even? What a shite state.

    Magi GooterMagi GooterKun oldin
  • Fires are actually natural and good for nature. So don't be disappointed, acknowledge the way of life.

    Max GunMax GunKun oldin
    • Youre gay

      Chase BlackstoneChase Blackstone4 soat oldin
  • That's horrible....

    Digital OverloadDigital OverloadKun oldin
  • Bless you and yours bro. Seek Christ. Much love. 🙏🏼

    9 179 17Kun oldin
  • NEWSFLASH...... THE Technology to make it rain has existed for DECADES. Don’t investigate. Don’t look into it. For the one person wanting to investigate..... go to nytimes dot com. Search for WEATHER CONTROL TECHNOLOGY. Oh hey, look at that! Seymore Hersch wrote an article in 1973 in which he contacted civilian and military personnel whom stated that they had been making it rain on the Ho Chi Minh trail in Vietnam. Someone smart once said, my people suffer for a lack of knowledge.

    Rick SchumacherRick Schumacher2 kun oldin
  • Idk if comment get youtubers more money but here’s a comment. Sorry about the ranch.

    TrevflopTrevflop2 kun oldin
  • F

    camden wilzcamden wilz2 kun oldin
  • I thought this was jhofffilms because of the thumbnail

    Dean The BeanDean The Bean2 kun oldin
  • You are unlucky ! This reminded of my life, filled with misfortune. I wish you good luck next time ! I hope you had insurance.

    Aika PapaAika Papa2 kun oldin
  • Sounds like an insurance claim and an opportunity to plant something new.

    eroe16eroe162 kun oldin
  • This just breaks my heart poor animals they get so confused where to run God help them , so sorry for everyone

    Renee ReneeRenee Renee2 kun oldin
  • Rip farm...

    Caleb ReeceCaleb Reece2 kun oldin
  • Praying things have calmed down and worked out for you stranger. Don’t give up now, hopefully a fat insurance check and better fortunes ahead for you.

    GONZOFOOT OfficialGONZOFOOT Official2 kun oldin
  • Is this the Creek fire???

    River EquestrianRiver Equestrian2 kun oldin
  • BLM

    Tadas J.Tadas J.3 kun oldin
  • I just don't see any positive to living in Cali. Everything is so expensive. Taxes are insane and fires swallow everything.

    PaintedWOLFPaintedWOLF3 kun oldin
  • God bless. Hope you can rebuild.

    PaintedWOLFPaintedWOLF3 kun oldin
  • Jesus is coming back man these are the signs turn to jesus before it's too late

    Fernando ParraFernando Parra3 kun oldin
  • Hey im sorry all this is happening to you

    cybercyber3 kun oldin
  • They should let the whole state burn and start over.

    BrutalJuiceBrutalJuice3 kun oldin
  • How could you have a nice truck like that and not a trailer :-(

    Snowy OwlsSnowy Owls3 kun oldin
  • I know the feeling dude when there was bush fires in Australia the came within 30metres of my house but got pushed away by a southerly

    Daniel WilliamsonDaniel Williamson3 kun oldin
  • I recently lost my house and a few pets to a house fire, I’m sorry for what you have gone through. I understand how it feels to a certain extent. I’m sorry for your loss✊

    Zobo ProducesZobo Produces3 kun oldin
  • I am so sorry for you... the f*cking clima change is destroying everything

    Pro Schocker hdPro Schocker hd4 kun oldin
    • Well, Climate Change is making it harder to quench these flames, but this was on the fault of other people...

      Rose and ThornsRose and Thorns3 kun oldin
  • At least someone knows the gender of their child...

    Peter UhlenbergPeter Uhlenberg4 kun oldin
  • I bet you have a smart meter hooked up though huh

    Frater SolFrater Sol4 kun oldin
  • Best wishes for your future

    Seth CulmoreSeth Culmore4 kun oldin
  • is this in colorado

    zachary youngzachary young4 kun oldin
  • I'm sorry for saying this, but I don't care about your house at all, I only care abiut you guys and all of your animals.

    Gaming AllieGaming Allie4 kun oldin
  • You have all these animals in fire country and no means of getting them out?? And you were told to pack up but you’re making a video?? WTF?? Can someone really be that stupid? Yea, I wanna buy your glasses. NOT.

    1catmac1catmac4 kun oldin
    • Oh, you're one of those *delightful* people who have no fucking clue of how anything works. Oh well, keep living in lala land I suppose

      Max ZMax Z3 kun oldin
  • idk who the hell you are but i feel sorry for a dude who lost his dream ranch

    Hakman TimHakman Tim5 kun oldin
  • Controlled Burns.

    Kabob BrewsterKabob Brewster5 kun oldin
  • thank the masons

    Tight 2020Tight 20205 kun oldin
  • Yeah at I dont know you but I subbed when you said you dont care if the property burn you just want the animal's out

    Among UsAmong Us5 kun oldin
  • Omg this is is sad!!! I'm so sorry 🥺

    Al GonzalezAl Gonzalez5 kun oldin
  • Idk why but when I saw that longhorn walking infront of the truck I lold 😂 such smart animals except for the goats.

    Joseph DavisJoseph Davis5 kun oldin
  • I'm so sorry man :(

    Lil DrizLil Driz5 kun oldin
  • So sad

    Christina StephensChristina Stephens5 kun oldin
  • There is a hand behind every single thing that happen

    HymtacHymtac6 kun oldin
  • that climate change for you... vote trump and lose your house

    john singerjohn singer6 kun oldin
  • Hey just wanna let you know your governor and mayor did that to cali and Pg&e. So you should be kicking there ass outa the country... o yea first give them the bill. Those fires would have been manageable if they never stopped clearing and back burns...????

    EvilDiesels JSKEvilDiesels JSK6 kun oldin
  • almost started crying...

    sesheseshe6 kun oldin
  • Mismanaged forests, thank your officials.

    BubblePuppyBubblePuppy6 kun oldin
  • You are really did not take that fire seriously. You should have gotten those animals out when you had the chance. You, like everyone else, don't take the danger seriously. Well. I hope you recover and learn and become wiser and teach others.

    Mike ShoultsMike Shoults6 kun oldin
  • Where is this wildfire at?

    Skullgar2Skullgar26 kun oldin
  • RIP, hope you are ok.

    jacky Boyjacky Boy6 kun oldin
  • Interstellar vibes

    TutorialOfComedyTutorialOfComedy6 kun oldin
  • Dang, all your dreams and shit just went up in flames

    black shuterblack shuter6 kun oldin
  • You are such a fucking child! What business do you have buying animals with no sense of how to protect them!

    NoctudeitNoctudeit6 kun oldin
    • ... stupid comment from a stupid person.

      Max ZMax Z3 kun oldin
  • where was this??

    Ria RoseRia Rose6 kun oldin
  • Lol imagine

    KexterKexter6 kun oldin
  • Did the animals survive

    AnimeEpicAdventureAnimeEpicAdventure6 kun oldin
  • My house was 100' from the CZU Fire and they local fire department stopped it. sorry for your loss! I recommend building a fire proof house if you are going to rebuild. also get a tractor and a tiller to create a fire break and a more defensible space.

    Brandon LBrandon L6 kun oldin
  • Only thing you could have done is put a control burn around the perimeter of your farm so it doesn't speed to your farm idk how you could have done that yourself tho

    L I L V C I F X RL I L V C I F X R6 kun oldin
  • This sucks but man i love the crisis camaraderie. People always helping out and knowing what's up in times like this.

    Oh its MikeOh its Mike6 kun oldin
  • I cried for you and those animals.. so sorry! Stay strong and rebuild.

    kissthechef86kissthechef867 kun oldin
  • Oh good god man, I am so sorry to see that happened to you.

    Propaganda JamboreePropaganda Jamboree7 kun oldin
  • RIP

    Ferd is the BirdFerd is the Bird7 kun oldin
  • Don't know who you are but sorry for your losses hopefully the animals got somewhere. I've been stuck in some bad situations with wildfires. Some of my most scary situations.

    Libiz TardoLibiz Tardo7 kun oldin
  • Somebody should set up a GoFundMe for this man ! We can see he definitely needs help with this ! Loven you brother hope all works out for you

    Nomad MykeNomad Myke7 kun oldin
  • you should probably cut a fireline aroundd your house.

    TylerTyler7 kun oldin
  • Calfire doesn’t do shit

    Dakota PDakota P7 kun oldin
  • The house is surrounded by sand, since when is that flammable, no offence

    Ad OAd O7 kun oldin
  • I’m so sorry for you. Scared to ask, did your house survive at all?

    B KnappB Knapp7 kun oldin
  • Should've Bought in TX way better

    V360 ClanV360 Clan7 kun oldin
  • Brave man, you tried your best sorry to see what happened

    HXLHXL7 kun oldin
  • Praying for you and the family. Im so sorry you are going through this. It truly is heartbreaking.

    Hannah KingHannah King7 kun oldin
  • America should build huge water canals to stop those fires without have to do anything. Instead they build a wall that stops nothing.

    ForTN0XForTN0X7 kun oldin
  • Man, I give my sorry about what happened to you.

    ᗴᗪᑌᗩᖇᗪO ᑭᗩᐯOᑎᗴᗪᑌᗩᖇᗪO ᑭᗩᐯOᑎ7 kun oldin
  • Wow! So sorry! This was hard to watch as well.

    The Financial MinuteThe Financial Minute7 kun oldin
  • Damn bro. Sorry to hear about your loss. That shits insanity.

    unknownunknown8 kun oldin
  • God bless you, your house, and your animals.

    DektdoDektdo8 kun oldin
  • So sorry ,man , i don´t think i would had handled it with your cool .

    Mathias PerssonMathias Persson8 kun oldin
  • On the bright side, the soil gets much more fertile after a burnt. Big farmers do this a lot in their farms in my country, but it’s illegal.

    Cara LaCara La8 kun oldin

    Andrew MilneAndrew Milne8 kun oldin
  • Damn I'm so sorry man. I saw you in my recommended and I can feel your pain. Respect bro for caring more then the animals then the house❤🙏

    KevinKevin8 kun oldin
  • Blame antifa

    King FirstKing First8 kun oldin
  • Fires started here in my town same days... PLEASE give us an update. I PRAY you all made it!!

    Research BearResearch Bear8 kun oldin
  • Man lets collect some donations for this dude...

    MauriceMaurice8 kun oldin
  • Sorry for your loss man. I am so sorry for you as a human being

    Aliyan SohailAliyan Sohail8 kun oldin
  • Sorry man. If this is CA u can thank Gavin for this.

    KING BLiZZYKING BLiZZY8 kun oldin
  • I’d have the hose going

    KING BLiZZYKING BLiZZY8 kun oldin
  • So you just left the animals

    BlankBlank8 kun oldin
  • I'm sure they have insurance,no one would build inside a matchbox without it.

    MrMelgibsteinMrMelgibstein8 kun oldin