21-Sen, 2020
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  • I hope you are grateful for all this work . I know you went through hard times but help is still help regardless No one owes you anything . I'm just happy for the animals.

    Zoe InkermanZoe Inkerman7 kun oldin
  • I hope Dave got lunch

    Zoe InkermanZoe Inkerman7 kun oldin
  • Watching Fern on that scooter was funny as hell😂😂😂

    Joe MeierJoe Meier11 kun oldin
  • I heard your name is lil metemo

    ValleyRiverBossValleyRiverBoss12 kun oldin
  • Use to do professional custom fences so feeling yalls pain for sure.

    unrated patriotunrated patriot12 kun oldin
  • The editing in this is my favorite man!! Hella good job man.

    KinGTeraTinoKinGTeraTino14 kun oldin
  • man, youtube recommended the video about the fire to me. And I started watching. I'm feeling for you man. Hope everything will start to brighten up in your future!

    Gaming with LeverGaming with Lever14 kun oldin
  • Shoutout to Dave, for having good campfire stories. Lol

    Buffalo TitanBuffalo Titan14 kun oldin
  • Beautiful how neighbors and friends help when needed. I cried watching all of these videos. Glad you were able to come home to the house and animals! Love DAVE!!!

    Sherri Dover-ElliasmineSherri Dover-Elliasmine15 kun oldin
  • you have had 181k views or 50% of you subs and muddy has only had less than 4k subs even after you asking for people to help for his channel after he helped you. still has less than 2% of those that have viewed this video have subbed to his i wonder is this a case of falling on deaf ears or people just think dilligaf

    Ray JohnsonRay Johnson15 kun oldin
  • Your videos are so awe-inspiring and so entertaining I like how you interact with the animals can the people around you it's just so interesting to watch a video of I love it

    Dianna HartenstienDianna Hartenstien16 kun oldin
  • "I can't build a fence, but I can cook" fucking legend.

    FrostedJrFrostedJr16 kun oldin
  • They make pre mixed bags for this sort of thing but it is $5 a bag

    Bash BossBash Boss16 kun oldin
  • You are a blessed man. Friends and family are amazing!!!!

    Sharon SimsSharon Sims17 kun oldin
  • I feel like I just watched a playthrough of John Marston building the ranch at Beecher's Hope.

    AlecAlec17 kun oldin
  • Dave!!! He seems so fun! Killin it! Such wonderful people.

    MtthymanMtthyman17 kun oldin
  • Give this the support he really needs it

    zooozoo buttzooozoo butt18 kun oldin
  • Lol Dave sounds like Mr Beast

    Gd333Gd33318 kun oldin
  • you need to make sure you get all the stuff your neighbors have...like that trailer with the tank or a fire truck like cleetus would be perfect, and you need to have a shit ton of more water and storage. like 10000 gallons atleast

    Austin NorfletAustin Norflet18 kun oldin
  • 👊💪💪👊 that’s a bunch awesome friends

    pieter hermanspieter hermans18 kun oldin
  • Please put on your mask when in public indoor spaces. I'm suprised you consider yourself a germaphobe but don't do such a simple thing during a pandemic. I thought we had learned from the Spanish Flu...

    rathernotrathernot19 kun oldin
  • sorry about your old ranch I hope ur doing good

    Zer0 the goatZer0 the goat19 kun oldin
  • Why not metal fence? Seems like y’all always fires 😭

    Kylie PearyKylie Peary19 kun oldin
  • what does it mean, make america blue again (sorry i am not american)

    swagoSaurusRäxswagoSaurusRäx19 kun oldin
    • ah i got it anti trump right?

      swagoSaurusRäxswagoSaurusRäx19 kun oldin
  • Dave is a great example of being high on life, what an awesome dude!

    Oliver BonaOliver Bona19 kun oldin
  • Cowboy cerrone ranch

    hard knockshard knocks19 kun oldin
  • yooo that B roll for the intro is fireeeeee

    Daniel GonzalezDaniel Gonzalez19 kun oldin
  • Run a water line and wire to the tank from pumphouse and install a float switch so the pumphouse automatically refills the tank on demand

    Stariff963Stariff96319 kun oldin
  • The roof of the animal enclosure is perfect for solar and a concrete or adobe pump house would be perfect to put lithium batteries and all of the controls.

    Christian WolfChristian Wolf20 kun oldin
  • amazing man! those guys are family!

    Webxtek Josh TrindadeWebxtek Josh Trindade21 kun oldin
  • Demolition Ranch Collab Vid? 👀

    Marko PoloMarko Polo23 kun oldin
  • Why do people keep saying that this is so American? Well it is America isn’t it!

    Toby and James GoldsmithToby and James Goldsmith24 kun oldin
  • 1.20 tighten that chain before you kill your self brother 😱

    Michael WilkinMichael Wilkin25 kun oldin
  • “Who’s the guy who didn’t bring any tools”? “I am a tool” 😂😂😂

    SVU CarsSVU Cars27 kun oldin
  • Seeing a community come together like this is so damn nice to see. Rural areas is where you'll find the nicest people who will give the shirt of their back for a stranger and that's the way it should be everywhere. Im glad to see the animals made it through safe and the house is still standing.

    NimrelillNimrelill28 kun oldin
  • That's a very kind, gifted, productive team of good heart individuals...Unity excels, that's the essence of long live USA!

    Trust Your GutTrust Your Gut29 kun oldin
  • One of the best shot vids so far! Awesome!

    MichaelMichael29 kun oldin
  • I would love to have Dave as a mentor! #1 on the channel!

    La SoberbiaLa Soberbia29 kun oldin
  • If it was pressure treated it might not have caught from a 1-2" grass fire, your outdoor furniture set was probably that.

    Putin KillsPutin Kills29 kun oldin
  • You guys are the definition of friends and family and brothers.

    Justin ArmstrongJustin ArmstrongOy oldin
  • As a amazon driver.. had to deliver to Yucaipa because amazon had like 2 week old parcels that couldn't get delivered .and holy shit! Being out in the fire zone has a whole different feeling. Glad your doing good brotha

    DannyDannyOy oldin
  • I hope to meet y’all one day big boss man

    Matt CMatt COy oldin
  • Homeboy out here filtering donkey water :)

    Tyler DickeyTyler DickeyOy oldin
  • Awesome brother. Glad all worked out for you and the animals. Been dealing with the Santa Cruz fires up here

    bbchevy4xbbchevy4xOy oldin
  • Flat bed the single cab obs?

    Emiliano ZepedaEmiliano ZepedaOy oldin
  • Your ford pickup truck needs new tires

    Tristan AdcockTristan AdcockOy oldin
  • TRUMP 2020!

    1 71 7Oy oldin
  • Supposed to tamp the dirt around the post, and if you still have dirt left over on each hole, you didn’t tamp it enough. But I guess you don’t have cows.. so might work.

    TRD_SR5TRD_SR5Oy oldin
  • I loved everything about this video. Keep it up brother. God bless

    Mike'l MorrisonMike'l MorrisonOy oldin
  • Is your homeowners insurance going to cover a good bit of the expenses or do you have to pay all out of pocket? Just didn’t know how Cali varied from Ky

    Mallory ViceMallory ViceOy oldin
  • Ryan, This video speaks volumes of the people you associate with. These guys are life long friends in the making.

    dieselfan1dieselfan1Oy oldin
  • absolutely amazing friends you have.

    Rick ToombsRick ToombsOy oldin
  • You need a skidsteer fence post driver!

    Jacob BellJacob BellOy oldin
  • Bro I own a painting company in Dallas Texas I’ll have a few painters in Cali doing some projects for custos if you need any painting done brother I would love to help.

    Humberto RodriguezHumberto RodriguezOy oldin
  • Hey brother I saw this video and thought about you having to put up all those fence post and thought this might help you out uzworld.info/player/video/kJrHpt2Xns-ze5Y

    BamaflashlightBamaflashlightOy oldin
  • It's so ironic to buy more lumber to build more wooden fences after thousands of trees have just burned up. Metal fences?

    JamesJamesOy oldin
    • I would have considered barbed wire, but I have done thousands of feet of barbed wire and thousands of feet of wood fencing like that, each an hour from where he is at. The Navy uses barbed wire for cattle on their property and the forest service uses wood fencing for the campgrounds.

      CGT80CGT80Oy oldin
  • We used to dump dry quick-crete in our post holes on the back-fill. If you pack it a little bit, it will become perfectly passable after a decent rain.

  • Are you going to build a shed-barn to park your truck in

    Reece EricksonReece EricksonOy oldin
  • Subscribed to James’s channel

    Zak 4HesseZak 4HesseOy oldin
  • Those animals wouldn't have cared about a little sediment but kudos on making sure they were taken care of.

    Timothy PadillaTimothy PadillaOy oldin
  • song in the neggining was pretty dope, link to it? or what the actual song/beat was called

    bjmxdbjmxdOy oldin
  • Dave is the best! Also heard someone say what's the part number

    VWnerdsVWnerdsOy oldin
  • Solid group of homies you got there man you’re blessed.

    Callies FinestCallies FinestOy oldin
  • When I saw Dave with the broken shovel all I could think of is the movie holes , “smaller shovel, smaller hole”

    Thomas SyracusaThomas SyracusaOy oldin

    Adolph TerrazasAdolph TerrazasOy oldin
  • Dave is a freakin hoot

    Drew LDrew LOy oldin
  • 50/50 diesel fuel and used motor oil works great to treat wood.

    Brandon CBrandon COy oldin
  • please restock the workforit american flag stickers

    Chevylover vlogsChevylover vlogsOy oldin
  • That's a bad ass intro. Like if you agree.

    Kyle B BKyle B BOy oldin
  • Very glad to see you rebuilding so soon, love your glass-half-full outlook and your video editing is nuts!

    Colten LColten LOy oldin
  • Milwaukee FTW!

    dieselmechanic95dieselmechanic95Oy oldin
  • The first 20secs freaked me out, thought id clicked on a ram ranch video lol

    Dr MobiusDr MobiusOy oldin

    RayRayOy oldin
  • Sickest intro!

    Mountain Dew baby!Mountain Dew baby!Oy oldin
  • dave always a hard workin dude

    red eyered eyeOy oldin
  • i dont use pt ever soruce lasts longer

    red eyered eyeOy oldin
  • Sadly a good chance of those trees dying if you hit the bigger roots on them. Otherwise rock on man.

    BourbonBeardBourbonBeardOy oldin
  • Glad to see you re building brother! Way to keep a positive attitude in such a tragic situation! You’re very inspirational man can’t wait to see the ranch when it’s all finished up. Just don’t do the crazy heads in the kitchen on this house🤣

    Jesse MimsJesse MimsOy oldin
  • I've started to do more work to my house because of the WORKFORIT movement.

    B CramerB CramerOy oldin
  • There was a reason Jesus came down as God on earth and hung out with the people and not the politicians or kings. This is a perfect example of why. Good luck brother. I'm glad to see you have so many people willing to help, no matter how big or small their role. I couldn't imagine if this happened to my place in Virginia. But I guarantee you, we'd be building back just the same, with the same attitude. God bless you, your friends, and America.

    Bob MalarkeyBob MalarkeyOy oldin
  • Make Blue Collar Great Again? Dude makes a living working for a billion dollar tech company...

    Junior PolancoJunior PolancoOy oldin
  • Dave looked liked... man I don’t even have words 😂😂

    Brant SchenkBrant SchenkOy oldin
  • The ranch next door I know it and my grandpa lives there I know earl the neighbor

    Cory RobertCory RobertOy oldin
  • Trump ain’t making shit “blue collar again”

    Travis RandolphTravis RandolphOy oldin
  • this video made my day you have such great friends Ryno, they all came together to help you out and this what friends are for, there for you in good times and bad and if that is how you have you are a very lucky guy

    Jeremy MaslovitzJeremy MaslovitzOy oldin
  • What kind of Pornhub intro is this ..

    IbeSykeIbeSykeOy oldin
  • You got a solid group there Ryan.

    Ryan GRyan GOy oldin
  • i #

    RicardoRicardoOy oldin
  • Pressure treated? It will probably burn before it rots.

    Dave SmithDave SmithOy oldin
  • Hey man love your channel. Glad to see your animals and house is okay, came across this thought you might need one for the property check it out. sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/hvo/d/morgan-hill-6x6-water-tender-stainless/7196958597.html

    Anthony’s Auto DetailAnthony’s Auto DetailOy oldin
  • Give me some advice on blogging I’m new to it ?

    Cee vlogsCee vlogsOy oldin
  • David welcome back buddy!!!!!! Hypotenuse lmao always a good video when he is present.ryno that’s how it’s done America that’s how it’s done one hand washes the other.

    patrick crawfordpatrick crawfordOy oldin
  • Dam bro this actually made me happy that y’all are safe.

    Bryan OBryan OOy oldin
  • What an amazing group of friends!

    Joe KokindaJoe KokindaOy oldin
  • You should stagger your 2x4 for the fence it will be much stronger

    Legendary_LivingLegendary_LivingOy oldin
  • Dave can always make me laugh 😆 🤣

    Justin OxendineJustin OxendineOy oldin
  • Dave can always make me laugh 😆 🤣

    Justin OxendineJustin OxendineOy oldin
  • All I can say is inspiring. Love to see your crew coming together and helping you out in this difficult time. A whole new respect for you and the guys! ✊

    T93T93Oy oldin

    Kinetic Technology ProjectsKinetic Technology ProjectsOy oldin
  • Dave “just slap it together” with the hand motions 😂

    Jj McLaughlinJj McLaughlinOy oldin