9-Sen, 2020
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  • May the roo Rest In Peace, he was a brave warrior who tried to fight the flame and unfortunately, lost the fight. Glad your dream didn’t get destroyed.

    emajinkitiemajinkiti40 daqiqa oldin
  • We went though this recently here in Australia we saved the house lost a few cows but the major were safe we got to the point we were using shovels to cover the fire with dirt we had minimal water my grandfather got third degree burns from his hips down lots of other people lost everything it was absolutely devastating I feel for you but glade your safe and your animals and good to see how much you love them Take care from Australia we know how you feel

    Lizzy BizzyLizzy Bizzy3 soat oldin
  • Oh you so crappy alcho neighbour burnt my life life down to the ground..i lost everything..our fire station is like five minutes away and they didn't turn up for four hours...cops did nothing

    little mamalittle mama7 soat oldin
  • didn't skip the ads on this video, everyone should help like that, even if they can't be there personally to help they can still not skip the ads

    The Penguin GamerThe Penguin Gamer12 soat oldin
  • F in chat for the rooster man. I'm happy you didn't lose too much to the fire.

    Sanalex GamingTRSanalex GamingTR12 soat oldin
  • That's a miracle

    Digital OverloadDigital OverloadKun oldin
  • RIP Rooster

    Just Some Old Lady with Internet Access AccessJust Some Old Lady with Internet Access AccessKun oldin
  • This is truly gods miracle man

    Booty Slayer69Booty Slayer69Kun oldin
  • That's a moment to scream Hallelujah!

    Jose VillagomezJose VillagomezKun oldin
  • I think it's hip and edgy that everybody sounds like a black guy from Detroit. Good to hear.

    Frank BearFrank BearKun oldin
  • So glad so many of the animals made it.

    Paul EvansPaul EvansKun oldin
  • The rooster deserves a funeral. R.I.P hero !

    Aika PapaAika PapaKun oldin
  • when the white guy said “fire dept on scene...ya’ll niggas stop hatin on them” 🤣

    Zach BrownZach Brown2 kun oldin
  • Those fires set by Democrats paid she-poles

    Tadas J.Tadas J.2 kun oldin
  • P.S don't forget vote for President Trump 🇦🇺💜🇺🇸

    Diane SmithDiane Smith2 kun oldin
  • Hi from Australia ,I know all about fire's we've had some monsters down here so happy your animals and house survived I was praying for you and your animals say hi to your amazing friends and Neighbours they were terrific good luck with your new venture 💜

    Diane SmithDiane Smith2 kun oldin
  • New subrciber man just watched your ranch fire video man im heartbroken started watchin this video to see what happens. Im a big fan of off the ranch and i feel like im going to like your channel just sucks i found you through a sad video. *update* im a grown ass ex military man and i teared up when it was revealed the animals are fine r.i.p lil feather dude

    Da4k Fo7estDa4k Fo7est2 kun oldin
  • can we get a F for that 1 rooster?

    buildmaster2009buildmaster20093 kun oldin
  • Thank you, God! So happy to see all the animals survived , and you are surrounded by so much love! R.I.P. Mr. Rooster:-)

    Michelle HooverMichelle Hoover3 kun oldin
  • Watching your videos from Cornwall in the SW of the United Kingdom on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. You're a lovely good man you are. It's great that you've got such a good support community around you. I'm half tempted to fly over and give you a hand to help you rebuild.

    Mark AndrewsMark Andrews3 kun oldin
  • Yay BBQ is okay :D

    OG Chillz_Studio OGOG Chillz_Studio OG3 kun oldin
  • DMAXRYNO, since you're likely gonna face this act of nature again and if you didn't already know, turn your HVAC blower on, close all your windows/doors, and open the attic hatch if you ever get fire evacuated again. The blower creates positive pressure in the attic and helps keep drifting embers from getting in through weep holes and roof vents. Don't take my word for it though, since I'm just a diesel mechanic. Glad to see you did alright though 👍🏻

    David SwensonDavid Swenson4 kun oldin
  • Dude praise the lord

    Tyler ParrTyler Parr4 kun oldin
  • God definitely gave you a helping hand. I’m very happy no mayor damage and I thanks God for helping you guys out and those animals.

    Ichigo 1234Ichigo 12344 kun oldin
  • Yeah God was watching over you in my opinion. Your genuine concern for those animals above all else you feared to lose could not go unnoticed...

    Tetsu ShatariiTetsu Shatarii4 kun oldin
  • So happy to hear your house is okay after seeing the last video.

    Sandwich DeltaSandwich Delta4 kun oldin
  • You have awesome friends! 🙏

    Al GonzalezAl Gonzalez4 kun oldin
  • Rooster saved then hens, guarantee it.

    ArtofAngelsArtofAngels4 kun oldin
  • I’m so happy all is well

    Deborah JanedaDeborah Janeda4 kun oldin
  • I'm so happy that all took a turn, so great that the animals are doing good, amazing but terrible event.

    DeclanDeclan4 kun oldin
  • rooster got roasted

    ro roro ro4 kun oldin
  • the reason your house didnt go up... is because they dropped a load on it with a plane... they do that everytime.. that the firefighter way when doing wild land firefighting also reason why the trees didnt go up around that one building

    john singerjohn singer5 kun oldin
  • You need somewhackers

    Jay HJay H5 kun oldin
  • God is looking out for you for sure

    William valeriusWilliam valerius6 kun oldin
  • "It stopped just before hitting your house" y'all want proof of god that's proof that's literal evidence

    AnimeEpicAdventureAnimeEpicAdventure6 kun oldin
    • @Rock Heiland I don't know man, the wood on the fence around that guest house was completely charred. Kind of a miracle that it didn't catch fire right? I mean dirt doesn't burn but dry wood definitely does.

      Tetsu ShatariiTetsu Shatarii4 kun oldin
    • No, that's evidence that dirt does not burn and cleaning your property from dry bushes and grass can save everything you own from going up in flames

      Rock HeilandRock Heiland5 kun oldin
  • We need a rooster memorial RIP Rooster

    KitarpKitarp6 kun oldin
  • RIP

    Ferd is the BirdFerd is the Bird6 kun oldin
  • these trees are no longer trees, they are charcoal which means you can make barbecues or even sell them for some cash accidently. Ngl I dont like people to suffer but that Line of burning looked cool as if it was art.

    Hi ChampionHi Champion6 kun oldin
  • Wow! Very happy for you and your animals. Sorry about your rooster

    Libiz TardoLibiz Tardo6 kun oldin
  • So happy for you bro, deserved blessing

    Parker AntoineParker Antoine6 kun oldin
  • Good to see the community spirit

    Ad OAd O6 kun oldin
  • God heard your prayer about the animals..

    MattedManxMattedManx6 kun oldin
  • After watching that fire approaching your ranch, I am so happy to see that your house survived! I am so happy that your animals survived! Perhaps you had a little help from Angels above?

    B KnappB Knapp6 kun oldin
  • Damn. So glad to see that this place didn't burn up. Dude seemed so torn up that he thought he was gonna lose his animals and house.

    Joe BoshwagJoe Boshwag6 kun oldin
  • I've been in a similar situation but with flood water, its heartbreaking when you can't help the animals.

    Chantel BarcombChantel Barcomb6 kun oldin
  • I hate roosters anyway.

    The New NKVDThe New NKVD6 kun oldin
  • Really happy that this, didn't escalated to worse

    ᗴᗪᑌᗩᖇᗪO ᑭᗩᐯOᑎᗴᗪᑌᗩᖇᗪO ᑭᗩᐯOᑎ6 kun oldin
  • Love your attitude to animals! Very kind.

    helloamygarnerhelloamygarner7 kun oldin
  • Name of song at 3:30 ?

    ebkilla Mafiaebkilla Mafia7 kun oldin
  • I miss California I miss how people work with each other there...

    Painter joshPainter josh7 kun oldin
  • Good to see it wasn't a total loss.

    Ftw NilFtw Nil7 kun oldin
  • You had a firenado outside your front door, yet your property and livestock were spared. Seems like your prayer worked and God listened.

    Evil Science LabEvil Science Lab7 kun oldin
  • Definitely wasn't Lucy that stopped that fire from decimating ur whole property

    Cornel ACornel A7 kun oldin
  • Who the fuck would dislike this

    Zoe InkermanZoe Inkerman7 kun oldin
  • I AM SO HAPPY YOUR ANIMALS SURVIVED I sound crazy ... but when I watched the first video to this I prayed to whatever higher perspective is in power for your babies and property... I'm so happy it wasnt worse

    Zoe InkermanZoe Inkerman7 kun oldin
  • It’s all fun and games till you find out big Willy was fire fighting and protecting your house

    SirPrizeMotherFackaSirPrizeMotherFacka7 kun oldin
  • I'm so happy you have your family of animals

    Pearl of YAHUAHPearl of YAHUAH8 kun oldin
  • praise the lord man!!!....a true miracle

    jon levesque srjon levesque sr8 kun oldin
  • Bro GOD blessed you

    Arizona bikersArizona bikers8 kun oldin
  • Heartbreaking and heart pounding story. Delighted it had a happy ending. God Bless everyone involved.

    Excuse MeExcuse Me8 kun oldin
  • What’s the name of the song that starts playing at 03:30 ? It’s just so beautiful that I cried...

    Silenc3Silenc39 kun oldin
    • @ebkilla Mafia no bro

      Silenc3Silenc36 kun oldin
    • Did you find the name ?

      ebkilla Mafiaebkilla Mafia7 kun oldin
    • ??

      ebkilla Mafiaebkilla Mafia7 kun oldin
  • This is such a relief to know that everything is ok (minus the rooster) this is truly a win

    ZoinksZoinks9 kun oldin
  • 1:43 that's probably the size of a whole lane on a British road 😅

    The Blue Eyed DevilThe Blue Eyed Devil9 kun oldin
  • now call me crazy but would Artillery rounds filled with water and proxy fuse so it explodes 100m or 200m above ground and Sprinkel all the water in a wide area By effective and lets say 2h Artillery barrage on the moving Fire or everything infront of it ?

    rayo toxirayo toxi9 kun oldin
  • god listened to u.

    Fht.10Fht.109 kun oldin
  • i don't know you or your channel and i have no idea how i got here , but i am glad you did not lose your ranch

    Pele schPele sch9 kun oldin
  • Im glad that your animals and your house are ok. Unfortunately my area in southern Oregon got burned. Lost my grandmothers house and can't find our 3 cats. May god bless us all🙏

    Juan BombsJuan Bombs9 kun oldin
  • Sorry man my heart goes out to you. I like that you care about the animals. Subbing because you are a good dude

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  • I'm glad ur animals are ok man I was panicking I can't imagine what that must of felt like.

    Connor McIntoshConnor McIntosh10 kun oldin
  • Who hating on firefighters

    xpizzaplace100xpizzaplace10010 kun oldin
  • I'm so happy for this guy. God protected him

    SteveSteve10 kun oldin
  • What a relief man. I'd like to have animals too. I'm glad they are all okay (minus the rooster).

    Samuel MartinSamuel Martin10 kun oldin

    Detail ItDetail It10 kun oldin
  • @DMAXRYNO looks like you forgot that you prayed to God for protection of your animals! Do not take that prayer for granted. Means a lot to Him that you would consider a prayer in your very difficult time!

    Ian OtooIan Otoo10 kun oldin
  • Who put this bowl of onions here... bless all yall out there.

    Trouble RyderTrouble Ryder10 kun oldin
  • I’m sorry about the fire brother. I’m SO glad those animals made it bro. That made my day. I am sorry about the rooster tho

    Frodo SagginsFrodo Saggins10 kun oldin
  • Happy for you that you did not loose too much, could have been much worse. Fire is weird like that how it can completely skip some stuff while other stuff gets completely burnt. I remember seeing some footage of Fort Mac and it was really odd how some houses were untouched while some burnt to the ground.

    Red SquirrelRed Squirrel10 kun oldin
  • SO Glad I looked for an update. Glad the house and animals were spared. So so happy for you.

    Big Josh GamingBig Josh Gaming11 kun oldin
  • i m not religious... but the prayer you did in the last video.. anyway glad yall okay ok. better take some heavy precautions after this scary situation.

    Ismoil ?Ismoil ?11 kun oldin
  • Glad ur animals are good bro. I think what's saved most of your land animals as the fact you have a huge desolate area around your house that doesn't have much wildlife a lot of it seems bare. It is possible for the Amber's to hit the house and other wood structures for your animals and go up but honestly I do think the fact that around your house is a huge Bare area saved it

    Bubba SmithBubba Smith11 kun oldin
  • Rest In Peace to the one rooster. 😔

    TimePlayzTimePlayz11 kun oldin
  • God is Good

    The Path Made Straight Made StraightThe Path Made Straight Made Straight11 kun oldin
  • God bless you from a fellow Veteran!

    Nora MowatNora Mowat11 kun oldin
  • Damn it was still sizzling when you pour water on them...

    alsounialsouni11 kun oldin
  • This is the kind of community I wanna be a part of. Everyone helping each other, not stopping to ask questions just doing what needs done. Go you guys.

    Jacob MaclachlanjacobJacob Maclachlanjacob11 kun oldin
  • looks like fraud

    Tyler WartzokTyler Wartzok12 kun oldin
  • Our ranch is hidden by trees around it and its so green You should grab water and dig the dirt that is burn and flip it so the bottom dirt is top and burn dirt bottom so it cools Thats what I did in my grandpa ranch when I accidentally put to much gasoline to burn the trash But idk this is to much work for a shovel

    beserkbeserk12 kun oldin
  • Awesome!!! I don't know y'all at all but I caught the first fire video & turned it off, felt terrible for you.... Then this popped up in my feed.... Incredibly good news.. Sorry about the rooster but a small price for all the other animals to survive.... Kinda nice the home survived too...

    Randy ReddigRandy Reddig12 kun oldin
  • It's crazy how nature even makes destruction and devastation look so beautiful.

    SneakyBabySneakyBaby12 kun oldin
  • Time to fall on your knees and thank God for his mercy.

    ZinniaZinnia12 kun oldin
  • Oh wow, I'm very happy for you and your animals. Before you arrived on your property I was thinking of another (YT channel ) disaster in Texas, Ima Survivor animal Sanctuary, and the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

    Barbara LambertBarbara Lambert12 kun oldin
  • praise God. Rip chicken.

    Rezzy BeansRezzy Beans12 kun oldin
  • Yaaaaay! I’m so glad that the animals are ok 🤗❤️🥳🎉

    Being BrandyBeing Brandy12 kun oldin
  • does he eat the animals that he's rearing?

    pymrhap893pymrhap89312 kun oldin
  • Had an insanely similar scenario during the Australian bushfire at the start of the year. Had a large gum tree fallen the wrong way, it would’ve destroyed my house and the fire cam to within 5 meters of my door. It’s so weird walking down the street and shit is just on fire. Mailboxes, fences and trees still burning.

    pingas joepingas joe12 kun oldin
  • God listened to you man. I’m so happy.

    TheRedSpotTheRedSpot12 kun oldin
  • So happy for you that all the animals except the rooster survived this has gotta be a massive learning experience for you, glad everything wasn't as bad as it could have been intense stuff :( these vids honestly made me feel pretty on edge

    BulbasaurUseVinewhipBulbasaurUseVinewhip12 kun oldin
  • Hey man I know it feels like I lost my house to wildfire this year to

    Demonic OpticDemonic Optic13 kun oldin
  • omg....i'm crying......I've friends and family both who've lost so much the last couple years....I'm so very happy for this outcome....bless you all

    Scot VerdinScot Verdin13 kun oldin
  • The other video just popped up on suggestions and I was not about to end my day on a sad note. I'm so happy that those animals and your house made it.

    america360ableamerica360able13 kun oldin