16-Sen, 2020
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  • That’s a big load for that flatbed lol

    KatiePitre2502KatiePitre250215 kun oldin
  • time to get some walkie talkyes

    Patick HallenbeckPatick Hallenbeck28 kun oldin
  • chris n fern are hilarious bro

    Marshal FosdickMarshal FosdickOy oldin
  • I've been driving a tow truck off and on for 30 years and I never had a customer know more about hooking up their vehicles than I do, he should know what he needs to do and get it done!

    James HutchersonJames HutchersonOy oldin
  • Mine was the hydro booster

    Random RandomRandom RandomOy oldin
  • Why didn't you guys just pull the truck with ferns truck?

    WeN33dJusticeWeN33dJusticeOy oldin
  • You don't want to smell a Mexican far BTW I M LATINO YES IN CASE YOU start calling me racists

  • If it was a Chevy it wouldn’t just been a pulley/belt issue it woulda been a trans with 4 neutrals and an ebrake for a rear diff😂

    Ant MAnt MOy oldin
  • As soon as you said no power steering i knew no belt.

    Hunter SchierlingHunter SchierlingOy oldin
  • Why don't you guys have radios? Here is a recommendation if you need one This one comes with a larger battery than stock. You can program direct frequencies and even listen to the firefighters and police. Just don't broadcast on those frequencies unless it's an emergency.

    VerdigoVerdigoOy oldin
  • The clown laughing sound is a mountain lion\panther

    VerdigoVerdigoOy oldin
  • you guys need gmrs radios bad

    stuff and thingsstuff and thingsOy oldin
  • Get a q tac skid unit on the back of your truck it’s a fire suppression unit. You can get one just search up q-tac Fire skids could help save your property

    PaulPaulOy oldin
  • That happened to my 2009 f150. But the belt completely shredded

    Jan de WitJan de WitOy oldin
  • Dam it would be your ford that breaks down typical

    MacLife 805MacLife 805Oy oldin
  • be careful guys out there time just call a repo man will crab it and go

    Shawn ThompsonShawn ThompsonOy oldin
  • where is ur ranch at

    Gene ShabinawGene ShabinawOy oldin
  • On the power steering pump to

    cwn Newmancwn NewmanOy oldin
  • Same thing happened to my dad’s truck like a week ago

    cwn Newmancwn NewmanOy oldin
  • Your problem was circled for you my man

    Jerred LessardJerred LessardOy oldin
  • Im sure youre seen these, but check out the Qtac fire skids. You can run a big one in the back of your truck, or smaller skids on a Polaris or tractor. They are great for spot fires and a must for living on big property. They seem to hook up youtuber's as well.

    Garrett MoonGarrett MoonOy oldin
  • Work for it? I’ve never seen him actually do any real work

    Sean WalshSean WalshOy oldin
    • Not new, just not blind

      Sean WalshSean WalshOy oldin
    • You’re new I assume?

      Nate GrayNate GrayOy oldin
  • Just replace the power steering pump and call it a day

    shroom903shroom903Oy oldin
  • Is this guy really 19 ? Only seen the fire video. Came up in recommended ... better then wistleing desial lol ?

    J.whiteyeJ.whiteyeOy oldin
  • If You Want Anything In Life You Got To Be Able To Work For It! 🛠 just waiting for the workforit small decals to come in gold like Chris truck

    Austin BookerAustin BookerOy oldin
  • What is the blue like in the back seat?

    Gabriel VivasGabriel VivasOy oldin
    • There is a light in the Sub box built into the center console.

  • Yes you should of bought a chevy

    Kevin McGeeKevin McGeeOy oldin
  • That outro has never been more fitting for any of your videos lol

    Boosted And BaggedBoosted And BaggedOy oldin
  • Dude if your friends are saying to buy a Ford then you may need to reevaluate your friendships. 😂😂😂😂🤘🏼🤘🏼

    Cory BrownCory BrownOy oldin
  • Never seen a spotted donkey until I watch these videos

    Floodythesweat SwitchFloodythesweat SwitchOy oldin
  • Don’t get me wrong I love your videos but just gotta day. Fuckin city boys😂😂😂😂

    Robert WhittakerRobert WhittakerOy oldin
  • Post all diesel content. Admits he dosent k ow how to put a belt back on, or have any clue what he’s talking about.

    Ethan ToneyEthan ToneyOy oldin
  • This is one of the reasons Cal Fire shuts traffic down sometimes during wildfires. You know, the thing you were complaining about in a previous video.

    Bryan JacksonBryan JacksonOy oldin
  • Is your oil filter all smashed in??

    HOBrian2003HOBrian2003Oy oldin
  • need a new truck

    Emiliano ZepedaEmiliano ZepedaOy oldin
  • I time is to buy meat and BBQ for food no?

    Peter SypienPeter SypienOy oldin
  • Any residue in those tanks at all bro and those animals will die...hand sanitizer is very harmful to drink.

    Luke OliverLuke OliverOy oldin
  • Need to get some held hands cb when your in a pack to talk to one an other

    James HeraldJames HeraldOy oldin
  • Make sure to spray paint those tanks with quite a few coats of black paint otherwise it will grow algae and get really nasty you got to make sure light cannot get in

    fractalfractalOy oldin
  • New sub here. I respect and love the hard work grind. Here in nyc we actually have been seeing the smoke from out your way.

    Ryan ARyan AOy oldin
  • Lol there’s a trailer light out :)

    Robert MayesRobert MayesOy oldin
  • I know you have had it rough these last few weeks and I want to say I love your attitude by staying happy and positive. Being on the side of the road should you remind you to have something to protect yourself brother. Just like you having water on standby at your new house. Your in California and we know that being there you are more acceptable to dangers like fire, mud slides criminals, animal attacks etc.. you the man. All love from me

    Cody SutterfieldCody SutterfieldOy oldin
  • Ryno... just sayin but SD County sheriff has a good program for getting your CCW. Your justification can be wild life and protecting your farm. Just saying... its better to have it and not need it; than rather need it and not have it.

    Allan SabillonAllan SabillonOy oldin
  • typical fords

    Ali GhausAli GhausOy oldin
  • Your 7.3 has a belt drive vacuum pump and that’s was gives ur brake booster the vacuum. That’s y u have no brakes

    Rian VoightRian VoightOy oldin
  • This tow truck driver had no clue what he's doing.

    Aidan MaKAidan MaKOy oldin
  • Dislike the all the political ads

    chevyrida72chevyrida72Oy oldin
  • It’s alright Ryan my caliper exploded last night at 3:00 am. Luckily I was a minute away from my house but I feel. The struggle has been real

    Steven KincaidSteven KincaidOy oldin
  • This is exactly why you always need to be armed lol

    Jeremiah DorseyJeremiah DorseyOy oldin
  • Think the obs needs a new tensioner pulley

    mike hawksmike hawksOy oldin
  • No breaks for you.. Damn. One thing after another..

    Hector PerezHector PerezOy oldin
  • Just found this channel and can honestly say I have NEVER seen friends SOOOOOO CLUTCH! They ALWAYS come thru for their boy

    J AhumadaJ AhumadaOy oldin
  • Laughing clowns and talking cats😂😂 yeah sure😂😂

    justin smithjustin smithOy oldin
  • Ryan plz get a CCW incase that happens againt is an animal decides to eat yall you can kill it

    that_one_hoosierthat_one_hoosierOy oldin
  • What is this guy do for employment how does he make his money?

    tlpoutdoorsmantlpoutdoorsmanOy oldin
    • He’s a construction contractor

      Luis GodinezLuis GodinezOy oldin
  • Ok you are going to have to step it up a Notch when it comes to being able to be self-reliant . living out there in the sticks you need to wash off your city stink my man you can do it👍

    Carl TranoCarl TranoOy oldin
  • Great video bro keep up that hard work after all you been through , God bless you.

    andy hernandezandy hernandezOy oldin
  • Tough break with the truck hope it’s a easy fix, Was a laugh seeing you guys hate the dark, don’t ya carry in the USA?

    Steve KSteve KOy oldin
    • Not in Cali

      Nate GrayNate GrayOy oldin
  • bro you should do an episode where you go on a ghost tour or tell real ghost stories out in your back yard with everyone , probably can't light up a campfire for obvious reasons but you got flashlights or do it in your house.

    ricardo hernandezricardo hernandezOy oldin
  • In a moment of urgency you do not Take the ford.

    Gino CordovaGino CordovaOy oldin
  • Sad just sad

    Ryan FriedrichRyan FriedrichOy oldin
  • That tow truck driver is a toe truck driver I tell ya 😂

    JR 81JR 81Oy oldin
  • If you are going to coast mine ad we’ll crank it up and ease home duh 🤦‍♂️ 😂

    JR 81JR 81Oy oldin
  • Props for having the Sweet Baby rays BBQ Sauce in the pantry bro!!!

    Don ClairDon ClairOy oldin
  • Hey Ryan. The scary things (people) is in the city... Out in the country it's safe to be 🤠

    ants8515ants8515Oy oldin
  • That hook was scary to watch. He had no idea what he was doing.

    Rebel RobRebel RobOy oldin
  • 😂😂😂 you’ve had some bad mojo since you had the truck repainted x

    Tracy McClung 31Tracy McClung 31Oy oldin
  • chris is the biggest staple on this channel i love that dude lmfao , hold my hips god dammit !!!

    Brendan MaruyamaBrendan MaruyamaOy oldin
  • That’s why I won’t go out at night time lol either a tweaker will get you or a mountain lion lol. Prayers for you guys and everyone suffering during these terrible fires.

    Ashley & FamAshley & FamOy oldin
  • Why are your backup lights blinking?

    Nathaniel ClarkNathaniel ClarkOy oldin
    • Because he has strobes In the taillights

      CoolenCoolenOy oldin
  • Dam bro ... just sell that ford ... that shit is always in the shop that shit is always broke or gettin scratched or dented ...

    ENBarberENBarberOy oldin
  • Just put it in first gear and slowly drive.

    Nathaniel ClarkNathaniel ClarkOy oldin
  • Easy, just use a long item to loosen the tensioner and slide the guy back over the pulleys.

    Nathaniel ClarkNathaniel ClarkOy oldin
  • Been thinking about starting a UZworld channel. My trucks break down all the time lol

    Junior RodriguezJunior RodriguezOy oldin
  • It’s a Ford 😂😂😂

    Toko 40Toko 40Oy oldin
  • Check out Wranglerstsr on UZworld if you hadn't. He might be able to point you in the right direction for some homestead preps

    Travis FiteTravis FiteOy oldin
  • A Ford truck with a power steering problem???? First I’ve heard of anything like this...

    Ross ZollingerRoss ZollingerOy oldin
  • Tremores graboide country.

    Chris HatfieldChris HatfieldOy oldin
  • ur gunna have a graboide come swallow ur generater.

    Chris HatfieldChris HatfieldOy oldin
  • That’s a situation for a satellite phone and a shot gun to guard the truck and call a tow truck for help

    Taylor AsherTaylor AsherOy oldin
  • You got 3% stickers, no protection in that 350?

    Wesley CarlsonWesley CarlsonOy oldin
  • the fire in the tree was called a widow maker but they can go for days sometimes weeks on end if the tree is big enough

  • You think that's bad? About 2 years ago coming home from work in West Virginia I made a wrong turn on a road the GPS told me to go down that was not a road. We're talking goat path threw the woods in the middle of no where at 3:30 AM all by myself and i got a flat on the service truck. Now I carry but I still sat there in that truck for at least 10 minutes before I had enough guts to get out and change it. I don't really get afraid but man that was actually terrifying and I do not want to ever do it again. Had it been my truck and not a company truck i would have kept on trucking. screw that wheel I'll get a new one and throw the spare on when I get somewhere that isn't here.

    scaryygarryyscaryygarryyOy oldin
  • Ford stands for fix it again Tony

    Mark RodriguezMark RodriguezOy oldin
  • Had the bracket you need for your truck and would gladly have let you have it for free if you wanted it. I will have to dig and see if i still have it. Came off a 95 f150 with a 5.0. Cant remember for sure what engine your truck has.

    Jeffrey MurdockJeffrey MurdockOy oldin
  • Hey brotha where’s your Ranch located...! What part of Cali

    Damien GarciaDamien GarciaOy oldin
  • ford, built tough

    tyler accardotyler accardoOy oldin
  • Glad to see you back to your normal happy self again despite this situation. Hoping for the best to you and God bless you and keep you safe.

    Grand ViceroyGrand ViceroyOy oldin
  • good stuff fellas! do what Cleetus did and buy a fire truck :D

    D1SKNTD1SKNTOy oldin
  • Let the man do his job, it’s not his fault your truck broke down...

    Louie PerezLouie PerezOy oldin
    • I understand the frustration with the fires and all. God bless!

      Louie PerezLouie PerezOy oldin
    • We tried to let him do his job... That ended in a 1 hour wild goose chase of him begging us to come to him, then having to hook up my truck for him because he didn't think it would work... I would've loved a tow truck driver that just showed up on time and "did his job" but at 3 in the morning when things aren't going right, I'll step in.

  • 2020

    Junior ContrerasJunior ContrerasOy oldin
  • Cause its a ford

    Ronibaloney KramerRonibaloney KramerOy oldin
  • It broke down because it is a ford Na im Kideing I love those old 7.3

    Kelby HolbeinKelby HolbeinOy oldin
  • Damn Ford's will leave you stranded Everytime 🤣

    1874whiteboy1874whiteboyOy oldin
  • Jesus they sent you an idiot lmao 🤣

    Daniel CoronaDaniel CoronaOy oldin
  • Damn trucks lol

    ScatterbraindadScatterbraindadOy oldin
  • How come you’re 7.3 got dropped off at what looks like you’re old house?

    Justin TownsendJustin TownsendOy oldin
  • You should cover your water tanks so algae can't grow in it

    DonnieChapmanDonnieChapmanOy oldin
  • Sorry about the truck. Glad everything is getting a little a better for you. My husband and I watch all your videos. Please follow powerstroke73 and he’ll teach you some mechanic! 👌🏼

    GirlyJessieGirlyJessieOy oldin
  • Kept thinking Pennywise the clown was going to pop out and ask Ryno if he wanted a balloon when the clown music started.

    KitsunedarkfireKitsunedarkfireOy oldin