1-Sen, 2020
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  • Lmao.

    Nash BeardenNash Bearden21 kun oldin
  • It was a honors sir to get to see your truck today. I seen it at the pilot truck stop in las vegas. Parked right next to it. I have a 2014 duramax in texas. I appreciate your truck

    James pollockJames pollock29 kun oldin
  • Badass on how good he treats his animals koolshit.

    TilejbiTilejbiOy oldin
  • What are the perfect tires for a 24 x 14 wheels

    Junnay VlogsJunnay VlogsOy oldin
  • Did you see you and Chris are in Banks video, look at 5:45..

    mirlin12mirlin12Oy oldin
  • Arkons are BITCHWHEELS😪 that’s why y’all don’t really install yo own mods and aftermarkets bc you can just pay someone💳 so why would you do it yourself 🥴

    StreetDomainStreetDomainOy oldin
  • Make some Willie Merch holmes!!

  • MRC stands for Maintenance Requirement Card..... saying MRC card is unnecessarily redundant (maintenance requirement card card 🤦‍♂️).

    Jacob LaMereJacob LaMereOy oldin
  • Jesus, why do noobs never counter sink the screws? Lol 😂

    RayRayOy oldin
  • You know what man thanks for not having a huge head so many youtube guys ive followed i have since stopped because they get this big head and start going nuts ok buying so much different cars and then make videos and just become spoiled in my eyes and unappreciative of the things they have that most don't thanks man ill continue to watch and enjoy your vids one contractor to another if you WORK FOR IT you appreciate it more.

    OBS NationOBS NationOy oldin
  • Those wheels are ugly ass **** 🤢😭

    Eric Z71Eric Z71Oy oldin
  • Do the ring in white for the rims it would look sick

    Justin LastJustin LastOy oldin
  • Lol that drywall job tho priceless, Always loved watching people do drywall some get it some do not.

    YouCoolBroYouCoolBroOy oldin
  • Awesome Arkon is Wisconsin based. Wisconsin proud

    Tony DransfieldTony DransfieldOy oldin
  • Be nice to see more Willy and the rest of the animals

    donaldcoryell2004donaldcoryell2004Oy oldin
  • Why don’t you like fuel wheels? You have said in several different videos that you don’t care for them.

    M PerkinsM PerkinsOy oldin
    • DMAXRYNO thank you. I will go watch them now.

      M PerkinsM PerkinsOy oldin
    • Start with this video: Then watch this one:

  • Reveal or wait? Reveal or no? Ad. 😂 😂 😂

    Cody DunnCody DunnOy oldin
  • Those new wheels are gonna look sick when there down

    BlingBlingOy oldin
  • Lol, you picked your friends Ryan, nobody else. 🤣 overall they look to be good guys, but some just don't use what's between their ears sometimes or forget to hit the common sense switch to ON. I would be doing what Ryan is doing and giving him crap as he attempts to repair his F-up, just what guys do.

    Tyson CurrieTyson CurrieOy oldin
  • So uhh can I buy the double cab obs off you

    Andrew harris -Andrew harris -Oy oldin
  • By any chance what kind of machine do you have to make the decals??

    Hunter52Hunter52Oy oldin
    • Graphtec

  • Willy is so rad! I know you envisioned owning a ranch someday, but did you think you’d have a mini zoo too?! Super awesome man 👍🏼

    James EstradaJames EstradaOy oldin
  • Akron wheels are Dope, and this set looks a lil like Chris wheels...if I remember your going for a pre runner look, 👍🏾best looking pre runner type wheels

    DMD LTZDMD LTZOy oldin
  • 5:20 the OfferUp money sound happened at perfect time when he was talking about spending money lmao

    DrewStillPlaysDrewStillPlaysOy oldin
  • WILLY !!

    Brendan BarthiBrendan BarthiOy oldin
  • Nobody is running those because they look LIKE MANHOLE COVERS.🕳️🕳️👷💯🤣

    Julian EstradaJulian EstradaOy oldin
  • Good lookin wheels

    Ricky MitchellRicky MitchellOy oldin
  • I’m so glad you are changing the color on the wheels because when you opened the box I was not about it. 😂

    John HenryJohn HenryOy oldin
  • like this comment if u want daily vlogs i can’t wait 3 days for you to upload😭😭😭😭

    JDav IIIJDav IIIOy oldin
  • Do you still do construction Ryan?

    FreeCreatorsMusicGroupFreeCreatorsMusicGroupOy oldin
  • Dmax saved that wall💪🏻

    Hector_408 SJHector_408 SJOy oldin
  • What happen to the other obs???

    DannyZ71DannyZ71Oy oldin
  • The Jesus sandals 😂😂 12:05

    Hector_408 SJHector_408 SJOy oldin
  • Not that it really matters but it was a work package from a tech manual, and not an MRC card. Completely useless info, even for navy people.

    Colter HarbinColter HarbinOy oldin
    • FWP’s look WAY different now. It was formatted just like a MRC but the navy didn’t have 3m back then.

      Matthew DetigMatthew DetigOy oldin
  • I can’t wait to see the finished product of those wheels🔥

    Hector_408 SJHector_408 SJOy oldin
  • Love watching the incredible motivation.

    Robert KeenRobert KeenOy oldin
  • You should start saying this video is sponsored by work for it apparel

    Tony MontanaTony MontanaOy oldin
  • Why are you dirt bikes still at the warehouse lol

    Matt B44Matt B44Oy oldin
  • Yanno, it took me so long to not say anything. When I am a patch man. That’s all I do... but I laughed my absolute butt off. Idk just Kringy when you watch someone do your trade and it’s there first time 😂 tried soooo hard to not say anything hahahahhaha

    Bryce FairbanksBryce FairbanksOy oldin
  • Good friends roast each other whenever they can , people that get mad about to need to get a hobby.

    Barrett GrangerBarrett GrangerOy oldin
    • DMAXRYNO true story lol

      Barrett GrangerBarrett GrangerOy oldin
    • If your friends disappear after a small incident like that, you DEFINITELY need new friends.

    • ?????

      Fishing with EliFishing with EliOy oldin
    • Nah they kept giving him shit for trying to fix his own mistake most friends would never even show up after and accident like that

      ChastBlindChastBlindOy oldin
  • Btw.. what size wheel did u end up going with?.. found some similar wheels ( black rhino centurion ) and check out the brand name😉 plus the milled lettering on both sides looks so much better! Thought the construction guy in u would've liked it symmetrical 🤔

    Guess WhoGuess WhoOy oldin
  • So basically you flippin that ranch for a mill or two

    Four TurnsFour TurnsOy oldin
  • Ryno the country boy haha

    WhitetailfrenzyWhitetailfrenzyOy oldin
  • As a retired Marine I appreciate all your efforts to be patriotic!

    Dougsat4 LifeDougsat4 LifeOy oldin
  • That’s a dwarf car race car frame! Badass little cars!

    Brian BondBrian BondOy oldin
  • You had me rolling in laughter in this video!! I don’t have any friends so I consider Jo my friend until I find some. I’ve been watching your videos for a long long time. They always uplift me most the time except for when you told your story about your accident which I’m sure you don’t want to be reminded about. I do like your positive attitude and all around good nature.! You are an inspiration!!!

    Dougsat4 LifeDougsat4 LifeOy oldin
  • I heard the name Kyle just moved up a few levels last week.

    D BAIRDD BAIRDOy oldin
  • Am I the only one that can’t believe ryno left the bbb in there the whole time😂 plz update on the damage to his square body between the wall and the oil pan he’s whislin jr

    Cheatham TvCheatham TvOy oldin
  • Where is your 4 door obs

    Hector BribiescaHector BribiescaOy oldin
  • I’m a electrician. Riverside but I’m down

    Tony MontanaTony MontanaOy oldin
  • As a drywall guy that’s exactly how I work on Monday mornings 😂

    alex perronalex perronOy oldin
    • Facts

      Jonathan TerrellJonathan TerrellOy oldin
  • love the ranch by the way and chris is a real one

    Humberto JacquezHumberto JacquezOy oldin
  • Build a shop on your land

    Manuel CarmonaManuel CarmonaOy oldin
  • Red wheels are going to be 🔥🔥🔥

    smcox1991smcox1991Oy oldin
  • Shame arkon wheels are trash

    AppalachianHustleAppalachianHustleOy oldin
  • Are you gonna build a garage at your new house

    Diese1_ KingDiese1_ KingOy oldin
  • I do dry wall for a living and this is so hard to watch😂

    David AlvarezDavid AlvarezOy oldin
  • Good shit man arkon wheels is the truth good choice

    Double JDouble JOy oldin
  • Directional doesnt work when you rotate your tires

    Mcauley man8Mcauley man8Oy oldin
  • “Don’t buy fuel forged wheels by the way” I love it 🤣🤣

    Joey OstromJoey OstromOy oldin
  • Lol, hilarious with the repairs. Lol, if they complain about how you guys are joking around , they may not want to go to a jobsite or join the military. We are a different breed, no snowflake types.

    Joshua brownJoshua brownOy oldin
  • can we get a WorkForIt medical theme emblem, possibly for doctors/nurses???

    Sua TuliSua TuliOy oldin
  • Bruuuh idk why i busted out laughing when you said “ we are gonna light this place up like its a state penitentiary” shit had me rollin 😂😂

    UkblindUkblindOy oldin
  • Much easier if you take the piece your gonna use as a patch and trace it on the wall. Then you cut out the piece and you have a perfect fit. Much love for the effort tho.

  • Omg lol he said first break aka union break

    Justin OxendineJustin OxendineOy oldin
  • Nice wheels

    100% American100% AmericanOy oldin
  • Dedick you suck at drywall work

    James WrightJames WrightOy oldin
  • Ryan I know you really love California always check the carcinogenic tags

    Danny BuildingDanny BuildingOy oldin
  • Dam them is sick

    Justin OxendineJustin OxendineOy oldin
  • Great job for your first time.

    follow thelordfollow thelordOy oldin
  • No!!! You bought the man hole covers lol

    Matt MarcumMatt MarcumOy oldin
  • Plz keep doing ranch videos

    1_wide_5.41_wide_5.4Oy oldin
  • Need to get a big ol revolver to carry when you're out on the ranch for them mountain lions and rattlesnakes, just in case

    Boba DeLargeBoba DeLargeOy oldin
    • It’s comifornia they can’t own guns

      Parker McKowenParker McKowenOy oldin
    • Texas > California

      Ragnar LodbrokRagnar LodbrokOy oldin
  • Do you have mountain lion protection

    James VlogsJames VlogsOy oldin
  • A guy that slow needs 24 hour mud.

    Andy J Can’tAndy J Can’tOy oldin
  • I’m an electrician! HMU I’ll run some conduit!!

    Bryce BiarnesenBryce BiarnesenOy oldin
    • DM me on instagram

  • I love me some drywall!!!

    Kyle BKyle BOy oldin
  • what happen to the outro

    serrano rosarioserrano rosarioOy oldin
  • I think I’m enjoying your new property more than u. Can’t wait for your vids nowadays

    Shalph RaheenShalph RaheenOy oldin
  • I think he's been sniffing the Elmer's glue lmao 🤣

    buttonmasher 94buttonmasher 94Oy oldin
  • "Dang, you were a Kyle." 😂😂

    Nate B.Nate B.Oy oldin
  • My face during the Reveal. 😀 ☺️ 😐 😕 😪

    Paul RebelPaul RebelOy oldin
  • California patch? Or is that a myth, lol

    AlWheelinAlWheelinOy oldin
  • lmfao when he said grandmas chocolate in spanish

    Isnael HernandezIsnael HernandezOy oldin
  • My gf could do better drywall work ahaha Cheeers!!

    ChrisBFishingChrisBFishingOy oldin
  • Nice dude that’s my favorite Akron wheel!

    Grae OliverGrae OliverOy oldin
  • “Ohh, It’s looking cleanish in here” 😂

    Jacob HillJacob HillOy oldin
  • You could do just the spokes in red

    ryanpatrick16ryanpatrick16Oy oldin
  • Be careful with the donkeys if they get mad they bite

    Juan VillasanaJuan VillasanaOy oldin
  • Arkon in same boat as fuel atleast for me powered coating was a good move.

    josh shelbyjosh shelbyOy oldin
  • Honestly didnt do to bad hahahaha and def need a work for it shirt with willie on it and agree with someone else in the comments say I work my ass off

    Kevin johnsonKevin johnsonOy oldin
  • I got Arkons too... 😫

    JW MontoyaJW MontoyaOy oldin
  • Iv never dry walled a day in my life, THAT BEING SAID, his job was HORRIBLE. NA I'm lying. Lmao

  • I still want you to put some subs behind the seat of the lly

    ryanpatrick16ryanpatrick16Oy oldin
  • Not sure how i feel about that wheel choice. Surely it'll be sick when they're powdered

    Chaz FullmerChaz FullmerOy oldin
  • Haha This is a positive comment for Dadek. You did the best job repairing that wall.

    Mark CliMark CliOy oldin
  • That donkey is super cool I’ve never seen one that is that social

    ryanpatrick16ryanpatrick16Oy oldin
  • How far is this new property from the shop?

    Tony McStevenTony McStevenOy oldin
  • Thousandth like😎

    Owen TvOwen TvOy oldin
  • 😂 “I put a lot of holes in things” “so you were a Kyle” ouch!!!!🤣😂😅

    HogieHogieOy oldin
    • 😂👍🏻

      Kyle BKyle BOy oldin
    • 😂😂

      Nate B.Nate B.Oy oldin