3-Mar, 2020
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  • Yo Ryno, I'm from in Fl. but just wondering. Back in the day they use to give trucks that had tires a whole lot wider than the body fender bull shit tickets. You had to get fender / wheel well extensions. Is that not the case now? They don't hassle anyone now? just wondering. No problems with that now?

    JohnnyohnessJohnnyohnessOy oldin
  • How it would be like to WORK with a show truck like this I mean fill the bed with trimmers and cut grass everywhere, or help people in a huricane or any work you dont see these trucks doing normally

    Gabriel JordanGabriel Jordan3 oy oldin
  • Who’s is the owner of the truck and how can I reach him? I have questions about the setup.

    Randy RuskRandy Rusk3 oy oldin
  • I was waiting for "oh Chris sits on big poles" hahaha!!!!

    5cent275cent275 oy oldin
  • Adding a 6" lift on to your trailer keep in mind your bridge height just saying your trailer is maybe from factory 13,2 to 13,6 just watch those bridges

    MartinMartin5 oy oldin
  • I am front Louisiana

    Kyle MitchellKyle Mitchell6 oy oldin
  • Do you clear bridges on the interstate? Getting my lifted ram fitted for a 40’ fifth wheel.

    Larry MitchellLarry Mitchell6 oy oldin
  • Ryno, been watching your channel. Finally Stationed in SD, love to stop by and buy a shirt!!

    Ryan IlaganRyan Ilagan6 oy oldin
  • Got you on the tool box and

    Dan McIntoshDan McIntosh6 oy oldin
  • You don't have any obs wheels you need to get rid of do you? I need new wheels for my '97 f250

    CaptainNico350CaptainNico3506 oy oldin
  • Yeah and your gonna go mudding looks like a shinny boy truck

    John EvansJohn Evans6 oy oldin
  • 👌🤘🏽

    Captain AmericaCaptain America6 oy oldin

    Chase CChase C6 oy oldin
  • Thought I hit the "Post Malone" channel :D

    Mikael KuitunenMikael Kuitunen6 oy oldin
  • Only commenting because of how ridiculous that truck is.

    dodgeguyzdodgeguyz6 oy oldin
  • Napoleon complex at its finest

    Brian GriffinBrian Griffin6 oy oldin
  • I used to weld for Full Throttle Suspension,. Fresno CA. All day everyday, awesome spot, but had to leave for a state job. Nice rigs

    Urban StyleUrban Style6 oy oldin
  • Good luck with that.

    John BJohn B6 oy oldin
  • EGTS harder than the surface of the sun!

    zune911zune9116 oy oldin
  • I did a 8” sub frame lift on my fifth wheel years ago with an ‘04 lifted Cummins 3500. Look up Johnnygix lifted 5th wheel

    • Dumb.

      jet052673jet0526736 oy oldin
  • Sounds like you guys are local! I.E.

    Jimmy BonezJimmy Bonez6 oy oldin
  • That trailer looks like it should have 3 sets of tires on it

    Mad MudderMad Mudder6 oy oldin
  • Eh, this showed up in my recommendations... Lifted trucked with lifted 5er...both w higher CGs...sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

    HalfShellHalfShell6 oy oldin
    • height restricted to 14' 6" too

      Adymn SaniAdymn Sani6 oy oldin
  • I had to throw away my pedal commander my l5p didn't like it at all

    Jesse BaylonJesse Baylon6 oy oldin
  • Super beautiful !!! I cant afford im just being a fan !

    Karl FreedomKarl Freedom6 oy oldin
  • 👍

    Nando GNando G6 oy oldin
  • CHRIS-I won’t stop being a bLooD 🩸

    Arturo Pesqueira RTI TRANSPORTArturo Pesqueira RTI TRANSPORT6 oy oldin
  • Do you still have the stock Tahoe tires ?

    joe ybarrajoe ybarra6 oy oldin
  • I've never seen anything this typical american before.

    nopotanopota6 oy oldin
  • I want to know how he makes it under all the overpasses

    MrGlock858MrGlock8586 oy oldin
    • I have the same kind of lift on my momentum 5th wheel, except I used a 4”. My trailer is at 13’9”. Legal is 14’. I freak out on low clearances. Can only imagine his predicaments

      CaliryderCaliryder6 oy oldin
  • Those tires are illegal in my state, you can't have the tires extend past the wheel well. In that truck the whole tire is outside of the wheel well.

    SheepDogSheepDog6 oy oldin
  • What are you coming to Louisiana for

    super picklesuper pickle6 oy oldin
  • Its awesome wud definitely do I wud hus put slightly bigger n wider wheels on the trailer but dats jus my preference great fab work

    Justin Daniel .Justin Daniel .6 oy oldin
  • Great video. Your buddy a lineman? I travel to for the IBEW. Mainly for the South West area.

    Matt McDermottMatt McDermott7 oy oldin
  • That truck is sick with the trailer

    Manuel Campos jrManuel Campos jr7 oy oldin
  • 💀 sticker needs to restock omg

    SosaGamerSosaGamer7 oy oldin
  • That truck and RV is sick would love to build something like that with my 03 duramax

    thomas andersonthomas anderson7 oy oldin
  • Nice video , keep pushing and building we look forward to more content

    Cre8tiveGarageCre8tiveGarage7 oy oldin
  • Tht bike needs the wider style tire. I think it'd look so much better cooler.

    Brackon corbridgeBrackon corbridge7 oy oldin
  • Bad ass but come to the Oregon dunes that set up in every camp ground

    Bartfdeubcv BuuexvioBartfdeubcv Buuexvio7 oy oldin
  • It’s not crazy to use a truck like a truck...just sayin

    BareBackBearBareBackBear7 oy oldin
  • What's up with the pubic hobo beard?

    Dan VizcarDan Vizcar7 oy oldin
  • Hope to see that beast of a truck in the state. What does he do in the oilfield?

    Justin DomengeauxJustin Domengeaux7 oy oldin
  • So tell me how many tow mirrors ha e you smashed out with no fender flares or mudflaps ? How's your paint holding up ?

    Taylor HEALEYTaylor HEALEY7 oy oldin
  • Didn’t even watch it. I assume a truck towed a trailer. Never been done before until now

    Shelby SimpsonShelby Simpson7 oy oldin
  • Where yall located?

    Matthew FloresMatthew Flores7 oy oldin
  • It’s a sin to throw away pallets!! They make for good fires! if nothing else Sometimes it’ll actually take a while for the computer to REALLY clear the code, even if it APPEARS cleared That’s why I only honk if I see an issue the driver seems to have missed Airbags are the bomb!!👍 It’s definitely better to have the truck and trailer towing flat

    Ogre DadOgre Dad7 oy oldin
  • This dude has de SMALLLEST pp

    G AlG Al7 oy oldin
  • I wish u guys would come to Iowa sometime that would be really cool

    Gage HerbertGage Herbert7 oy oldin
  • Louisiana gonna be better if I see him

    Kenny SmithKenny Smith7 oy oldin
  • When you gonna get an under hood decal?

    Mckane WagnerMckane Wagner7 oy oldin
  • "The island" good ole infested isle HAHAHAHAHAHA

    SK FacilitiesSK Facilities7 oy oldin
  • This was great! I wish josh would start a channel! (Not Just truck content but oil field too... always wondered what that was like).

    Tatted AT4Tatted AT47 oy oldin
  • Not smart

    The Three Wheeler CowboyThe Three Wheeler Cowboy7 oy oldin
  • Wish I had friends like Chris and Wes😂

    Israel RamirezIsrael Ramirez7 oy oldin
  • What's crazy about the truck and trailer is just how tall everything looks. It's like a Navy ship coming through.

    HispanicCausinPanicHispanicCausinPanic7 oy oldin
  • Jesus i would worry so much bought it catching wind driving down interstates thru certain states..

    mitchell blissmitchell bliss7 oy oldin
    • mitchell bliss It can be sketchy sometimes

      Ogre DadOgre Dad7 oy oldin
  • The most BA denali right there!

    Enthusiast2024Enthusiast20247 oy oldin
  • Wassup man I’m interested in buying a lifted truck from the dealer, but I’ve never owned one and I’m wondering whats the pro’s and cons of owning a lifted truck also how do you maintain a lifted truck, please please respond or even make a video

    1299 Dre1299 Dre7 oy oldin
  • Stock Tahoe tires price?

    gersoncastillo12gersoncastillo127 oy oldin
  • Where in Louisiana?

    Alpha Pack Off-roadAlpha Pack Off-road7 oy oldin
  • I thought the trailer looked lifted....

    Charles PinsonCharles Pinson7 oy oldin
  • Pedal Commander did the same thing to me! Had to get rid of the old pedal Commander!

  • havent you already did this video...not sure what you trying to accomplish

    codsaccodsac7 oy oldin
  • I think Wes wants you to start a tire shop🤣 Ryno’s Wheels and Tires

    Notorious GibsNotorious Gibs7 oy oldin
  • As a driver of a semi and have been blown over by the wind it does not matter the height of his 5th wheel or his truck. If the wind does not want you in it's way you will lose and only thing you can do is hold on it's going to be a wild ride. That is sweet ride

    gerald clemensgerald clemens7 oy oldin
  • How much for the stock Tahoe wheels

    Justin OxendineJustin Oxendine7 oy oldin
  • As always great content

    Don ClairDon Clair7 oy oldin
  • Awsome setup... I wasn't going to lift my kr f350 wanting a 5th wheel. Now i am

    Working mans restorationsWorking mans restorations7 oy oldin
  • Always wondered what “BBB” stands for big bad b*txh? Build?

    Bryan BruceBryan Bruce7 oy oldin
  • How does he refuel !?!?

    Adam CostaAdam Costa7 oy oldin
    • @Adam Costa no sir. If semi truck trailers fit. I will as well

      dmaxjosh aka JJdmaxjosh aka JJ7 oy oldin
    • dmaxjosh aka JJ do you disconnect the 5th wheel?

      Adam CostaAdam Costa7 oy oldin
    • I stop at truck stops with high bays

      dmaxjosh aka JJdmaxjosh aka JJ7 oy oldin
  • Was the problem with the pedal commander? I was looking at getting one, but was also looking at the sprint booster. Just dont want a headache with limp mode.

    hardazz912hardazz9127 oy oldin
  • Such a sick setup

    Vinny KrusadeVinny Krusade7 oy oldin
  • I’m going to school to be a lineman soon

    T&S AUTO GarageT&S AUTO Garage7 oy oldin
    • Just sold a boat to a guy who is a lineman makes about $8k a week or more during storms as well. Great choice but make sure to be safe 100% of the time had two of his foreman buddies pass away from it too.

      Nick ThomsonNick ThomsonOy oldin
  • 15:40 EVERYONE is outside watching at the house in the background

    John HenryJohn Henry7 oy oldin
    • yep, nothing like knuckleheads in loud trucks performing burnouts in the neighborhood. Brings neighbors together...

      HalfShellHalfShell6 oy oldin
  • When will you have new hard hat sticker packs back in stock?

    Daniel The Dirtbike BoyDaniel The Dirtbike Boy7 oy oldin
  • Ive been wanting to go work the oil fields here in tx. Just sucks you leave for 3-5 months at a time

    Boosted GsrBoosted Gsr7 oy oldin
  • wonder what part of louisiana he’s heading to

    🥶🥶7 oy oldin
  • Where is he going in Louisiana I’m from Louisiana

    Blake SimonBlake Simon7 oy oldin
    • Bad ass

      Blake SimonBlake Simon7 oy oldin
    • just saw the truck on the east side of houma, hes down the bayou

      Dawson LDawson L7 oy oldin
  • That trailer is insane lmao

    Andrew HicksAndrew Hicks7 oy oldin
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 that is the definition of workforit josh love the truck an 5th wheel camper man

    patrick crawfordpatrick crawford7 oy oldin
  • Waiting for workforit sunglasses 👀

  • I’m from Louisiana. Where is he going in the boot?

    Parker McKowenParker McKowen7 oy oldin
  • Those dropstars would’ve looked good on the cateye

    Brittany MatthewsBrittany Matthews7 oy oldin
    • Ahh, was curious about that. Was a good thought anyway. You all have some sweet rides and I love the videos!

      Brittany MatthewsBrittany Matthews7 oy oldin
    • Brittany Matthews wrong bolt pattern

      DMAXRYNODMAXRYNO7 oy oldin
  • Is josh going to Lake Charles or Cameron Louisiana?

    Travis BettsTravis Betts7 oy oldin
  • Someone took the lamp

  • Trust fund?

    John StarkJohn Stark7 oy oldin
  • Or a Carhartt calibration with workforit

    Lil jimmy 02Lil jimmy 027 oy oldin
  • Like a Saturdays are for the boys flag but workforit

    Lil jimmy 02Lil jimmy 027 oy oldin
  • Workforit flag

    Lil jimmy 02Lil jimmy 027 oy oldin
  • I want a workforit flag to fly outside the house

    Lil jimmy 02Lil jimmy 027 oy oldin
  • Badass rig right there.

    CEFloorCareCEFloorCare7 oy oldin
  • I like doing stupid things

    HH fishermanHH fisherman7 oy oldin
  • I love me some McCoffee.

    drunkNundrunkNun7 oy oldin
    • drunkNun some mcCocky

      Hans LandaHans Landa7 oy oldin
  • Pedal commander is trash man did the same thing to me on my Chevy I grabbed it an threw it on the ground ... went on limp mode

    Anthony LopezAnthony Lopez7 oy oldin
  • You should watch plaza towing’s video. A brand new lifted Ford flipped towing a fifth wheel just like that. Crazy lol

    Luxiian🔥Luxiian🔥7 oy oldin
  • As always a class act brother. Keep it going

    jose villasenorjose villasenor7 oy oldin
  • Your Chevy has way more problems then a Ford bud!

    Gabriel JassoGabriel Jasso7 oy oldin
  • Toot toot playing the douche flute! Haha

    Terry Del RioTerry Del Rio7 oy oldin
  • My 2017 Chevy Silverado crewcab Z71 did the exact same thing when I had the the Pedal Command on . I was on the freeway also, once I took it off everything was ok and the check engine light went off later that day.

    Rudy GarciaRudy Garcia7 oy oldin