Introducing All 50 of My Rescue Animals!

4-Sen, 2020
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  • “Bubbles the name was probably given to him from something lame” Bubbles: I was rescued drowning in a lake, they saw me cuz of all the BuBbLeS

    Im ShftyzIm Shftyz14 kun oldin
  • Maybe you could give the other goats TPB names so Bubbles is with his TPB buddies.

    Halo 1022Halo 102214 kun oldin
  • What's the point of a ranch with donks? I'm super into homesteads and farming, but I've never really gotten to know the point of just having donks and a bull. I suppose just the enjoyment of it? :]

    DinkyVlogsDinkyVlogs17 kun oldin
    • The previous owner ran an animal rescue off the property.

      KitsunedarkfireKitsunedarkfire14 kun oldin
  • Get a RZR!

    Turo Jr GuerreroTuro Jr Guerrero17 kun oldin
  • female mini goat looks like a Lucy to me

    Dennis AtkinsonDennis Atkinson18 kun oldin
  • Hi ya'll 50 Animals, It's a pleasure meeting you all, this looks like such a great ranch and homestead I would love it, I can see why your so excited all the time, I would be too. as someone else mentioned I would just get an ATV they have many options available, a bit pricey but would serve the ranch well. Just a thought.

    Tzolkin ManTzolkin Man19 kun oldin
  • Becoming one of my favorite UZworld channels. Nice work!

    medina619medina61920 kun oldin
  • Is copper internet available or satellite internet ?

    J DominguezJ Dominguez21 kun oldin
  • Bubbles is a really cute name!

    JMBJMB22 kun oldin
  • This is the best video! Sorry but the trucks are nothing closed to this beautiful animals!

    JMBJMB22 kun oldin
  • Beautiful bull!

    JMBJMB22 kun oldin
  • Yanmar 359. Great tractor.

    brandon burseybrandon burseyOy oldin
  • I’m sorry that you went through a fire 3 weeks after purchasing this 😭 but thank you for taking care of these animals! And I’m so glad everyone and the animals made it out safely except the one rooster 😔

    Amy HuynhAmy HuynhOy oldin
  • I'm here after the fire. New sub fo sho

    DerelictD 420DerelictD 420Oy oldin
  • Just needs the coke bottle glasses

    Steve WhippsSteve WhippsOy oldin
  • I love this kind of video's

    Mel JewelMel JewelOy oldin
  • Those animals deserve a better care taker. Those poor things.

    Deborah DobbieDeborah DobbieOy oldin
  • You can leave the donkey poop bro it helps nourish the trees

    Ray rapidoRay rapidoOy oldin
  • 😂😂😂 yo, I just seen the part where the Guinea hens running across the land! Looks like Africa man. Such a blessing to have.

    Boy GeniusBoy GeniusOy oldin
  • Just found your channel today, sad watching the two fire videos but ended on this one. Glad you're the type of guy you are man... those animals and property truly deserve a owner such as you! We see your truck videos but WE WANT THESE RANCH VIDEOS! Greetings from Atlanta btw. #SUBBED

    Boy GeniusBoy GeniusOy oldin
  • Best farm investment a Tractor and side by side ATV with a dump bed as for the Tractor i have a John Deere but they are a little pricey when it comes to the enclosed cab

    Galaxy RCGGalaxy RCGOy oldin
  • You should reach out to Yanmar tractors, they gave Cody from Wranglerstar(a fellow youtuber) a $30,000 tractor. They only thing they can say is no, but you never know until you ask.

    bobbymorgretbobbymorgretOy oldin
  • Who's the girl that's with him there that hes not showing ? And we watch every add all the way for you.

    Rachel DeakinRachel DeakinOy oldin
  • get you a enclosed side by side that should be fine for anything you would need a vehicle for ..:)

    bernhard85bernhard85Oy oldin
  • I didn't know goats can go sage mode

    Louis LeeLouis LeeOy oldin
  • What kind of fruit tres do you have?

    Cat LoverCat LoverOy oldin
  • I already love Barbecue, Willie , and Walter. And I just found this channel this morning.

    ghostdtxghostdtxOy oldin
  • Came here after the fire videos. Never knew anything about the other stuff from trucks and whatnot. But this is great content and you earned a subscriber

    ghostdtxghostdtxOy oldin
  • Name a goat 🐐 Jimbo !👍

  • For the lil goats Larry moe and curly sue. Edit: all the animals free roam🤣🤣 someone’s a gamer!! Edit#2 it’s pronounced hare row from what I’ve heard over the years.

    Matthew dowdMatthew dowdOy oldin
  • We used to put some 2 x 6 on and put something ( anything ) for weight and would bust up the dirt and we pulled it with an older 18 horse lawn tractor. So maybe some type of UTV with a cab & AC . My 2 cents worth hope it helps.

    John BirkholzJohn BirkholzOy oldin
  • God Bless in Jesus Christ Name Amen.

    Todd HeferTodd HeferOy oldin
  • I know with the fire and stuff but bobcat has a enclosed trackor/side by side that you can get plows, front end bucket, and other attachments for it and with the fire it could help with clean up and fence work.... also it has heat and ac and its 4x4

    exploring pecoexploring pecoOy oldin
  • Little mar goats should be Larry, Moe, and Curly.

    Eric LockEric LockOy oldin
  • I’m a city boy so I know nothing and I’m only asking this question because I don’t know. Wouldn’t dragging the donkey poop around so it breaks up in the dirt and all be bad ? Bad meaning it would fertilize the ground for vegetation to grow and you don’t want anything growing on the growns because that’s part of your fire brake and that’s why it’s all dirt now. Could someone explain that if I’m wrong

    James MeehanJames MeehanOy oldin
  • Tractor with PTO, augers capable that'll run pumps gen. on red diesel, and higher octane. 4x4 climate controlled Polaris ranger, dump bed. Maybe off road 6x6 water truck . Retired geo survey or construction. Cheap in LA. Fugitive dust control at bbqs. ( any dust going over fence) . 3/4 permeable works for now. Look around for highway or county, private road overlay and hit em up for grinding without fabric. Ranchers and farms ( smart ones) do it all the time if uts a shorter haul for company, they might provide knockdown grading machine and operator. I did. Stuff is best for covering the snot that'll form on those hard pan roads. That mud flies off all over ranch and in road too. I'd stay away from permeable. Sticks in tires and breaks glass and mirrors. Recycle is cheaper . Stock well. When ya' finish house fab shop.

    Christopher PalmerChristopher PalmerOy oldin
  • Goats are the "Arborists" Notice all the tree canopies uniform off the ground.

    Christopher PalmerChristopher PalmerOy oldin
  • I lkkevyour animals

    gddjc de y fr fhdt uh de h h9ogddjc de y fr fhdt uh de h h9oOy oldin
  • Cats rule!!!

    Pablo CruisePablo CruiseOy oldin
  • time for a small tractor..

    A KA KOy oldin
  • you got a ranch now, buy a tractor

    Robert KowalkerRobert KowalkerOy oldin
  • one of the animals should be named Sam Elliot!!

    Ian NewmanIan NewmanOy oldin
  • LOVE this property and content change up!! Prayers go out to you and your animals

    theGREEK7887theGREEK7887Oy oldin
  • Name a goat durrrtymax jack

    Kevin BridgesKevin BridgesOy oldin
  • OMG!! He is so excited about all this and then the fire... This is so heartbreaking to watch...

    Donna ManningDonna ManningOy oldin
  • Super sad to watch this now.

    KermitKermitOy oldin
  • If you put some Weights on the drag or even a couple of concrete blocks it will work better

    E EllerE EllerOy oldin
  • Nice shirt.

    Cody DunnCody DunnOy oldin
  • just watched your most recent video! hope all animals are okay!

  • so sad to watch this now after seeing the terrible fire situation, I hope everything works out

  • You need a shirt that says ryno ranch on it. And have a picture of Willy and Walter on it.

    Darin RichardsDarin RichardsOy oldin
  • Hope those animals are ok .. Prayers for all you guys from Texas !!

    Noe SalgadoNoe SalgadoOy oldin
  • Damn Rhyno, if it weren't for bad I am praying that the house, the animals, etc are going to be safe! I feel your pain down in the pit of my stomach-best wishes!!

    Ron HazlettRon HazlettOy oldin
  • Get a john deer 6m or get a can am side by side with an in closed cab

    Dustin Clark-DennisDustin Clark-DennisOy oldin
  • could get a utv or sports utility quad.

    the unforgiventhe unforgivenOy oldin
  • Get a utv with a cab

    Owen GilesOwen GilesOy oldin
  • Not trying to spread rumors but the fire that almost burned down ryno ranch was started from a gender reveal

    Tracey McconnellTracey McconnellOy oldin
    • The fire that started from a gender reveal is a diffrent fire in San Bernardino

      junior Moralesjunior MoralesOy oldin
  • Those guinea hens are snake killers too. They will dang near clean your property of rattlesnakes

    Expedition RCExpedition RCOy oldin
  • That grey donkey looks like eyor and you peacocks will take care of any rattlesnakes that come around. If you want some big chickens and they’re very heat and cold tolerant get some light brahma’s. That’s what my wife and I have and the males can get up to 2 feet tall.

    Buckinchuteranch 1Buckinchuteranch 1Oy oldin
  • Anyone know if the ranch made it thru the fire? Or if the animals survived ? I know the fire is still rageing in the area.

    mozilla63mozilla63Oy oldin
  • Time to buy a compact tractor. Love the videos of the ranch.

    Rob SheredyRob SheredyOy oldin
  • Hey man do you still have your construction company?

    Schofield lawn care youtubeSchofield lawn care youtubeOy oldin
  • Ryno just watching all your vids and seeing The Horse , I actually went out yesterday and bought a black Great Dane female puppy . I fell in love with how big and massive The Horse was I had to have one .

    Shannon LambertShannon LambertOy oldin
  • Just buy a atv

    Hunter GreenfieldHunter GreenfieldOy oldin
  • this video didn’t age well...

    Μαριος Ζ.Μαριος Ζ.Oy oldin
  • You need a yamaha rhino 700 fuel injection not the carburetor great ranch sxs

    Steve LanierSteve LanierOy oldin
  • How many acres😳

    Isaiah AldacoIsaiah AldacoOy oldin
  • Po

    Parker ChaseParker ChaseOy oldin
    • Porkchop

      Parker ChaseParker ChaseOy oldin
    • Porkchop

      Parker ChaseParker ChaseOy oldin
  • Prayers for Ryno and family and his animals and everyone affected by the fires. May God be with you all🙏

    Joe MJoe MOy oldin
  • I hope u and your ranch are ok! Saw the IG post, stay safe, hoping for the best for you

    BrentBrentOy oldin
  • Hope you are not evacuated from the fires.

    Mort HomerMort HomerOy oldin
  • There was a fire involving the animals and ranch pray for them. look on his Instagram page. No updates recently.

    Richard HarveyRichard HarveyOy oldin
  • We have a small John Deere 4066r the is perfect for small jobs

    Prairie Creek FarmPrairie Creek FarmOy oldin
  • Sending positive vibes your way man! Hoping everything stays safe from the fires 🙏

    Andrew GuzmanAndrew GuzmanOy oldin
  • Beautiful ranch!

    Cedric BroussardCedric BroussardOy oldin
  • Praying for you and everyone who helped 🙏🏼

    508 DYNA508 DYNAOy oldin
  • Prayers 🙏

    David AcevesDavid AcevesOy oldin
  • Are u ok dymax i saw the post c4 offroad did on ur ranch burning

    Alexis CoronadoAlexis CoronadoOy oldin
  • Looks like you bought a ranch with out a garage

    Jay ChukaJay ChukaOy oldin
  • Bro I hope all the animals are ok. Please update us

    Wheeler3011Wheeler3011Oy oldin
  • Finding the baby was probably the most funniest part of this video 😂

    Gonzalo ResendizGonzalo ResendizOy oldin
  • Man I'm praying for you right now, hopefully the fire didn't engulf your ranch man.

    Asher OAsher OOy oldin
  • YOU have a nice FARM there man i like any animal i was raise on a farm

    john bernierjohn bernierOy oldin
  • Name the mini goat Wes and the female mini goat Lacey

    Ragnar LodbrokRagnar LodbrokOy oldin
  • You can feed the pig chicken eggs and it’s like a treat and she’ll spit out the shell it’s kinda funny and cool!

    Hunter MorrowHunter MorrowOy oldin
  • Hopefully everyone will be ok after the fire!

    Pat55Pat55Oy oldin
  • Ginny Hens help with snakes we have then at our house that has land and they help out lot

    Alex OcampoAlex OcampoOy oldin
  • I work at tractor supply, let me know what you need and i help you !

    logan naramorelogan naramoreOy oldin
  • If you continue to keep the animals in your videos along with tuck builds this channel is gonna explode with subscribers. Im a big animal person and car/truck guys and the animals are awsome and thanks for sharing with us.

    RodgeRodgeOy oldin
  • Came here from his insta story hopefully not much damage has been done to his property and let’s pray the animals all got out safely

    Oscar VictorioOscar VictorioOy oldin
    • @Musty Vidz well if you didn't see his insta, there was a huge ass fire rolling right through his ranch pretty much.

      Asher OAsher OOy oldin
    • I saw that too, very scary.

      Graham KrivanekGraham KrivanekOy oldin
    • What do you think happened?

      Musty VidzMusty VidzOy oldin
  • Shit I want one

    ShortymanfulShortymanfulOy oldin
  • John Deere may be a little pricey but it pays off

    Nolan NillesNolan NillesOy oldin
  • Make some bacon with that pig

    Justin OxendineJustin OxendineOy oldin
  • Definitely a John Deere, we farm alot of acres in Iowa and John Deere does really good. If I were u I would get a small diesel John Deere tractor with a bucket

    Nolan NillesNolan NillesOy oldin
  • Praying for you guys🙏🏼

    Ryan RodriguezRyan RodriguezOy oldin
  • I’ve had good luck with my Kubota Tractor

    dan ndan nOy oldin
  • Polaris ranger 👍

    Matthew StachuraMatthew StachuraOy oldin
  • Awesome, You seem to really like all the animals and great you are taking them all in as your own.

    Jen TictacJen TictacOy oldin
  • Attach some cinder blocks on the top of that drag to weigh it down

    tyler combstyler combsOy oldin
  • I was wondering when your gonna get more stickers and more merchandise in stock also more shirts for big guys 3 xl lol I love your channel keep up the work bro!

    Dakota VelazquezDakota VelazquezOy oldin