21-May, 2020
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  • Nothing wrong with red and blue interiors. Everything is gray and boring now. Black truck with red interior looks best in my opinion.

    Eddy BowserEddy Bowser4 oy oldin
  • By the way the “F250HD or Heavy duty” shares the same 3” brake shoes and the same suspension as a srw F350. So this truck is basically an F350 and just as capable.

    Mr. SmithMr. Smith4 oy oldin
  • Damn bro I really need to stop jumping on every deal I see. Smh! I trying to save for a truck like you man!

    ChastBlindChastBlind5 oy oldin
  • Make all the panels the same colour.

    Michael ChristopherMichael Christopher5 oy oldin
  • pulled up to a pretty well know truck spot here in utah two days ago, and there sat a truck that looked just like wes's and i said "lol bet its not super charged" i took off and he blew past me super charger whinning at about 100mhp and i about shit myself lol

    Jordan FieldingJordan Fielding5 oy oldin
  • We have lost a "chevy man"... but I guess if he wants to keep making videos he cant do much fixing to a chevy like a ford ....

    SantanaSantana5 oy oldin
  • Do a WORKFORIT wrap on the new work truck..

    Ryan LinkRyan Link5 oy oldin
  • I have that same exact vape

    MXNATION99MXNATION995 oy oldin
  • Glad to know I'm not the only one rocking drywall screws in my door panel.

    nlh719nlh7195 oy oldin
  • Why does he want the small mirrors the A-frame mirrors that are on that truck are the way to go

    Meanwhile at The shopMeanwhile at The shop5 oy oldin
  • Please leave that new obs just how it is

    maxracingteam23maxracingteam235 oy oldin
  • I’m still waiting on my work for it sticker bro! Lol

    Isaiah RubioIsaiah Rubio5 oy oldin
  • I think that that truck is too rust free and clean for it to be beat on as a work truck.

    Will DevineWill Devine5 oy oldin
  • Your other truck is a long bed

    William ClontzWilliam Clontz5 oy oldin
  • If any obs has over 300k you have no idea how many miles it actually has. Once you roll over 399,999 it goes back to 300k. Says 312k but might have over a million

    Kingdom Of MogKingdom Of Mog5 oy oldin
  • 37 inch tires with a flat bed

    Robert HughesRobert Hughes5 oy oldin
  • That hood looks kinda wack

    matthew blymatthew bly5 oy oldin
  • Do a flat bed

    Jeffrey parkhurstJeffrey parkhurst5 oy oldin
  • www.skysoffroaddesign.com/blogs/news/97-ford-tow-vehicle IT’s A FLATBED!!

    Robert BairdRobert Baird5 oy oldin
  • I own one & its over built. Sky shackle reversal kit! The front shackle works against bumps at low speed as the suspension cycles. . www.skysoffroaddesign.com/collections/92-97-f-250-350-front-suspension

    Robert BairdRobert Baird5 oy oldin
  • Still need an rear bumper for the obs 350

    Nicholas GibbonsNicholas Gibbons5 oy oldin
  • Get that thing painted like the old rough riders race trucks. Would look rad af.

    Matthew NewtonMatthew Newton5 oy oldin
  • It has a Dana what?

    Chris NewmanChris Newman5 oy oldin
  • Flat bed on 40s

    Brayden FrenchBrayden French5 oy oldin
  • What's with all this Ford crap .🤔🤔

    J MacJ Mac5 oy oldin
  • Prerunner build 🤔

    Gage LayneGage Layne5 oy oldin
  • Leave the bed on it, put in a back rack, toolbox, 37’s, then figure out the paint code and make a series attempting to paint those blue panels yourself. Perfect work truck/off road set up

    Ryan KajasteRyan Kajaste5 oy oldin
  • Those are not factory alcoas

    PJTVPJTV5 oy oldin
  • Lunkertv on youtube is selling his 97 obs 2500 crew

    Michael BassMichael Bass5 oy oldin
  • Idea: convert your F350 to 4wd. Then lower the F250?

    Jesse SmithJesse Smith5 oy oldin
  • Dana 360?

    Dillon KelleyDillon Kelley5 oy oldin
  • So, when should we expect the restoration? 🤣🤪

    PlayerOnePlayerOne5 oy oldin
  • needs some 37 inch Toyo MT's and 17 inch black Method wheels

    Joe MeierJoe Meier5 oy oldin
  • Ryan: wanna unload some tires Wes: my shit's melting, I ain't got time for that😂😂😂

    Joe MeierJoe Meier5 oy oldin
  • Flat bed Duly

    JJ5 oy oldin
  • That OBS...🤤! Wonder how much he would sale as is? 🤔

    M SilveyraM Silveyra5 oy oldin
  • I like ur washer. Got the same one

    Derek IshamDerek Isham5 oy oldin
  • Gotta fix that paint!!!....Paint job and the some minor things and it's done good looking truck keep it clean looking

    Kyle HereygersKyle Hereygers5 oy oldin
  • You should do a flat bed

    86chevyman aka Hayden gupton86chevyman aka Hayden gupton5 oy oldin
  • Regular cab obs look the best

    Clay011Clay0115 oy oldin
  • Let me know if you want any more information on that truck I was the previous owner. I love to see her go to a good home.

    Robert BurtonRobert Burton5 oy oldin
  • I had no clue Wes was in the military

    Nicolas CNicolas C5 oy oldin
  • Love the obs's currently have a 93 idi 5sp flatbed sw

    K- FordK- Ford5 oy oldin
  • I got a forrest green 4 door 350 with tan and rainbow love it

    Taylor CarsonTaylor Carson5 oy oldin
  • Do you wanna bring lots of new eyes to your channel? You should buy a first Gen Cummins first GEN community there’s like no other and there’s not too many channels on first gens. And they’re way more iconic then a 7.3

    Myles SobryMyles Sobry5 oy oldin
  • How much for the Alcoa’s? Want to drop my truck back down and slap the stocks on it

    HolguinDakotaHolguinDakota5 oy oldin
  • Give it a Rhino Liner paint job so it can take some abuse and send it

    Steven FerreiraSteven Ferreira5 oy oldin
  • Trust me uzworld.info/player/video/fJupjdeqdNq4Z2c

    Dang RightDang Right5 oy oldin
  • Yo....peep this OBS uzworld.info/player/video/fJupjdeqdNq4Z2c

    Dang RightDang Right5 oy oldin
  • I would enjoy a obs Chevrolet some time soon?.

    Killian lennonKillian lennon5 oy oldin
    • If I can find the right deal I'll get one!

      DMAXRYNODMAXRYNO5 oy oldin
  • I wanna see the rims you got for sale, as of all of them

    yeetgawdyeetgawd5 oy oldin
  • My husband sold it because we were about to leave and our orders got cancelled. He almost cried watching this lol. 😭😂

    B BB B5 oy oldin
  • Make it a prerunner

    connor tuneconnor tune5 oy oldin
  • The classic 3 tone😂

    Cole RayCole Ray5 oy oldin
  • Can you even register those old trucks in CA? I thought next year 2007 and older diesels are a no go in Commiefornia 🤔

    Zack ZanderZack Zander5 oy oldin
    • That law only applies to trucks with a gvrw od 14,001 pounds or more. Diesel Pickups 1997 and older are smog exempt. I'm sure they'll try to change that one day but for now, we're good.

      DMAXRYNODMAXRYNO5 oy oldin
  • I just realized this is the first solid axle truck on the channel

    Ethan DiemerEthan Diemer5 oy oldin
    • DMAXRYNO have you guys decided which way you would like to go for wheels, tires and suspension on the F-450

      Ethan DiemerEthan Diemer5 oy oldin
    • DMAXRYNO oh yeah I forgot about those

      Ethan DiemerEthan Diemer5 oy oldin
    • The kodiak was solid axle! The f450 is!

      DMAXRYNODMAXRYNO5 oy oldin
  • Put led swap headlights new paint job leather seat conversion

    Fordguy1774 2Fordguy1774 25 oy oldin
  • Ac/heat works??🤔

    Harsh FilmzHarsh Filmz5 oy oldin
  • Hey if you want to sell it I would buy that

    Chris GruberChris Gruber5 oy oldin
  • Definitely flat bed it

    porter_115porter_1155 oy oldin
  • Dude: It comes with a free vape!? Subaru drivers: really? “Starts looking at OBS’s on Facebook Marketplace”

    Adam LemusAdam Lemus5 oy oldin
    • hahaha

      DMAXRYNODMAXRYNO5 oy oldin
  • Recovery truck would be awsome

    Zeus HZeus H5 oy oldin
  • Ryno bring cool Fords 🥰🥰

    Stephen ContrerasStephen Contreras5 oy oldin
  • Full exocaged trail truck

    Nathen HopkinsNathen Hopkins5 oy oldin
  • 312k is just the break in. My 97 has 394k still drive it everyday. Still stock just put guages on it and took the ash trey out and mounted a switch panel for bumper lights. Swapped all the taillight and headlight lenses to clear and everything is LED. Performance wise its completely stock

    Kaden SKaden S5 oy oldin
    • Put another 6k on it and you’ll be back to 300k

      Kingdom Of MogKingdom Of Mog5 oy oldin
  • man I think I need to start looking in Cali for a OBS all the onw up north are rotted out

    DarkynKnightDarkynKnight5 oy oldin
  • Don’t flat bed it come on

    Joe HowellJoe Howell5 oy oldin
  • Paint the whole thing that two tone blue . It’s sharp

    Adam CostaAdam Costa5 oy oldin
  • Man could of sold you my obs lol

    slanty 12slanty 125 oy oldin
  • Get a Bradford Built Bed. I have one on 04 hd2500. With 4wd and 8.1 Allison combo. Love the transformation. Love your videos no drama just good friends and support system. 👍

    Richard HarveyRichard Harvey5 oy oldin
  • Paint it the Ford twilight blue metallic.

    Gino GambinoGino Gambino5 oy oldin
  • Cant go wrong with more OBS's 👏🏻

    Lacey BlairLacey Blair5 oy oldin
  • Man I just love obs fords

    DaveDave5 oy oldin
  • Truck screams America!!!! Love it !!! Be a great trail rig for mountains . No flat bed lol.. but I know your pops had a flat bed on kodiak. So I understand

    Deon BakerDeon Baker5 oy oldin
  • Seen all the service member folks in warehouse thank you all for your service God bless America!!!!

    Deon BakerDeon Baker5 oy oldin
  • Great video as always great obs I would of baught it as well !!!

    Deon BakerDeon Baker5 oy oldin
  • Build the motor make it a race truck

    ItsREDNECKItsREDNECK5 oy oldin
  • Flatbed!!

    Ryan Rodrigues-MalinaRyan Rodrigues-Malina5 oy oldin
  • You know damn well you're gonna paint that truck. Lol

    D SouthD South5 oy oldin
  • Great video dude! I would personally put the bigger tires on, keep the lift, maybe put a light bar in the grill.

    Jake HopkinsJake Hopkins5 oy oldin
  • I have the same washer and MATCHING dryer. Flawless for 5 years thus far. Hated leaving them when I sold my house but it was a deal maker for new buyers! Good stuff and love the Ford. I want one!

    Justin NievesJustin Nieves5 oy oldin
  • You're really making me want to buy a 97 7.3 OBS

    Joe Garofalo IIJoe Garofalo II5 oy oldin
  • Don’t ruin that truck with a flatbed them trucks are beautiful with the beds on

    Perry SmithPerry Smith5 oy oldin
  • I would buy that

    844 SUEUNOW844 SUEUNOW5 oy oldin
  • Nice instruction manual on top of the washer and dryer🤣😂

    BlUeMaN bAdBlUeMaN bAd5 oy oldin
  • Ill give you 3 months before the multicolored paint drives you crazy. That being said, dark grey flat. The headliner looks like it’s a 70 mph freeway drive away from being sucked out the window...

    Scott GScott G5 oy oldin
  • What is an obs

    Will GilliamWill Gilliam5 oy oldin
    • What does it mean

      Will GilliamWill Gilliam5 oy oldin
  • Get a rap just to make it more complete

    MMAMMA5 oy oldin
  • Yes the truck content we need

    George SpicedaddyGeorge Spicedaddy5 oy oldin
  • Samsung appliances are garbage! just saying... lol

    Randall YoungRandall Young5 oy oldin
    • ehh mine have all worked fine for years

      DMAXRYNODMAXRYNO5 oy oldin
  • Nice to see some Mud Grapplers, even if they aren’t on the truck. Factory wheels and Mud Graps would be my first move.

  • welds and bagawzs on the single cab

    Elliott RyanElliott Ryan5 oy oldin
  • Get her painted a pure factory white 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

    Brant SchenkBrant Schenk5 oy oldin
  • Flatbed it

    Hunt_Mafia _Hunt_Mafia _5 oy oldin
  • So is Wes' truck really for sale? I'm interested

    ScottScott5 oy oldin
    • @DMAXRYNO I got rid of insta last year. How much does he want for it?

      ScottScott5 oy oldin
    • Yes it is. Hit him up on Instagram @socal_6.2

      DMAXRYNODMAXRYNO5 oy oldin
  • Well that trucks two colors so you’re deff painting it

    The Burnt Taco 12The Burnt Taco 125 oy oldin
  • At this rate 6 months from now Wes is going to be driving a train horn

    Eric KempfEric Kempf5 oy oldin
    • 🤣🤣🤣

      DMAXRYNODMAXRYNO5 oy oldin
  • im losing my RAM 1500 due to covid19 . this makes me miss my truck

    On The Rise VlogsOn The Rise Vlogs5 oy oldin
  • Love obs trucks(my name kinda shows that) I have a 94 GMC 3500 obviously an OBS. It's a dually diesel the 1 thing I absolutely hate about my truck is the maroon interior. It's so ugly

    JMW OBSJMW OBS5 oy oldin
  • Coil over and 4 link the front end and vinyl wrap it so it’s all one color, then some 17s with 38s or 40s!

    Box_KevBox_Kev5 oy oldin