13-Okt, 2020
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  • Best stick to Unimog I think -

    Mark AndrewsMark Andrews3 kun oldin
  • Ya the mud flap law is bullshit, you would think we would have better things to do then worry about MUD FLAPS!!!!!!!

    Bob LewisBob Lewis10 kun oldin
  • Wow I'm actually hearing the band Europe in the background... The final countdown Is a classic.....

    1 is To many Ads1 is To many Ads11 kun oldin
  • You should really bring that shirt back tho

    Action JacksonAction Jackson11 kun oldin
  • making aftermarket forged bumpers look better than stock priceless 👌

    MethodsMethods11 kun oldin
  • You need

    Nathan HouseNathan House11 kun oldin
  • Do you need more black and white hats

    Nathan HouseNathan House11 kun oldin
  • Flog fest looked awesome! I need to get out to some more events

    Mike MeyerMike Meyer12 kun oldin
  • UHP always roasts people for tire width, mudflaps and tint... ask me how I know lol. Hope to see ya back in UT soon brotha!

    ChanceChance12 kun oldin
  • Does flog make custom 2003 f150 bumpers?

    Hunter IsomHunter Isom12 kun oldin
  • Bruh even if the states covid cases are low doesn’t mean mask shouldn’t be worn because people from all over are there. Like thanks for possibly spreading the virus 🦠🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    hector5690hector569012 kun oldin
    • @DMAXRYNO my boy I’m not saying to not go out because of course that’s essential but just wear a mask because it’s easy and I’m just saying because my sister has been in the hospital for 2 months now and developed blood clots in her Brain and it all came from this COVID-19 virus. And I’d hate to have more people go through this painful stuff. Ya know

      hector5690hector569012 kun oldin
    • You’re welcome for not buying into the media’s scare tactics and falsified numbers that are coming to light daily. It’s been well over 14 days since I was at flog fest with people from around the country. Spent 4 days in Utah going to restaurants, the mall and other places with no masks and myself and everyone with me feels just fine. It was a relief to be in a state that believes in personal freedom. If you’re scared, don’t leave your house. Businesses need to stay open and the world needs to get back to normal. Don’t believe the crap they’re feeding you.

      DMAXRYNODMAXRYNO12 kun oldin
  • Holy hell Lacey is fine

    Jeremy MorganJeremy Morgan13 kun oldin
  • Hey brother i know this is kinda stupid but i recently started watching you and i noticed your place almost got burnt down. do you think setting a barrier of dirt or concrete can save you from having to worry about that in the future? I’m not a professional in stuff like that, but i just wanted to ask. I love your videos btw!💪🏻

    Anthony BoiiiAnthony Boiii13 kun oldin
  • The new shirt design is hilarious

    Brennan Landaker 2Brennan Landaker 213 kun oldin
  • We all need that shirt.

    Michael PriceMichael Price13 kun oldin
  • I just read a article about the endurance pickup trk.the company plans to use the slogan workforit.thought that was interesting 🤔

    Jeremy DennyJeremy Denny13 kun oldin
  • I literally bought the shirt soon as you showed it 🏆🏆

    LB7 AMONEYLB7 AMONEY13 kun oldin
  • 8:44 awkward 😬

    mrZ71mrZ7113 kun oldin
  • We need some more truck review videos

    D_The LetterD_The Letter13 kun oldin
  • Roman candle fight=one hell of a party!

    Greg M.Greg M.13 kun oldin
  • Drove to Spanish Fork Utah on interstate 15 n got pulled over for using my blinker but using it improperly. He gave me a warning convinced it was my Cali plates haha

    MedusaMedusa13 kun oldin
  • fuck that dude who stole the bow tie

    tyler accardotyler accardo13 kun oldin
  • damn that was a damn good vlog

    tyler accardotyler accardo13 kun oldin
  • not one MASK

    Marino SullivanMarino Sullivan13 kun oldin
  • Apparently the stereotypes you think you’ll see at a truck show are 100% correct. Lol

    RegularGuyReactsRegularGuyReacts13 kun oldin
    • @DMAXRYNO super glad you took this as the joke it was. Love the channel man

      RegularGuyReactsRegularGuyReacts13 kun oldin
    • 🤣🤣🤣

      DMAXRYNODMAXRYNO13 kun oldin
  • What kinda koolaid ya drinking? 0😷😷😷😬😬

    Art MontArt Mont13 kun oldin
  • 14:24 almost takes someone out with fireworks 😂

    Garrett SheehanGarrett Sheehan13 kun oldin
  • Hahahahaha now we know why west been missing...

    1DjScarface1DjScarface13 kun oldin
  • Damn I wish i was closer!! looks like a blast!!!

    Randall YoungRandall Young13 kun oldin
  • go to cuba you democrat

    MAY DAYMAY DAY13 kun oldin
  • Where is Wes?

    shay whiteleyshay whiteley13 kun oldin
  • They finally getting bumpers for the 1500s hell yes finally

    mike davismike davis13 kun oldin
  • is anyone using any level lift ?

    Ray JohnsonRay Johnson13 kun oldin
  • Chris cracks me up

    02Gorillaz9402Gorillaz9413 kun oldin
  • Anyone spot the Kings on Cris’ truck 🤔

    DuneratzDuneratz13 kun oldin
  • Was that Billy Bob truck with little Billy driving it

    Erick BernalErick Bernal13 kun oldin
  • beautiful landscape all around and then you have douchebags throwing black smoke

    Junior PolancoJunior Polanco13 kun oldin
  • That’s why I luv ur video and flog

    Steven SpeharSteven Spehar13 kun oldin
  • Where was the forced fan for your air flow? I think that helped alot with the 💥

    U down wit O.P.PU down wit O.P.P13 kun oldin
  • 2:07 "that shirt is never coming back an extra small."

    lakerdude42lakerdude4213 kun oldin
  • Is the mullet coming back in style again?

    Dale FarmerDale Farmer13 kun oldin
    • In Utah? It’s not coming back, it’s been here 😂

      wubbalo7wubbalo713 kun oldin
  • Nobody is wearing mask all American I love it 💪🏽👍🏽

    Anonymous SovereignAnonymous Sovereign13 kun oldin
  • Don’t wear a mask for the democratic’s it’s fake, be a true American the mask is fake and COVID is less then a flu if a doc says you g dad died of COVID it isn’t true look it up, or be a dummy and go w the flow they say all death is COVID but that’s a democracy demogachracy

    Yee1zillion 0Yee1zillion 013 kun oldin
  • To whoever stole the kids bow tie off his truck....u need a swift kick in the junk

    Thunder TruckThunder Truck14 kun oldin
  • The shirt is great 😂

    TheAftermathKingTheAftermathKing14 kun oldin
  • Asking coo for pick was gangster ryan!

    39supercharged39supercharged14 kun oldin
  • awesome content. seriously. great people. great personalities. this should have as many subs as demo ranch

  • Shes fit

    hard knockshard knocks14 kun oldin
  • great. no fuckin masks

    Teddy ReinerTeddy Reiner14 kun oldin
    • @Spookycrane get off FOX bigot

      Teddy ReinerTeddy Reiner13 kun oldin
    • Good 👌

      SpookycraneSpookycrane13 kun oldin
  • Cool to see what people are doing to their trucks: I am a old school burn it in the backwoods hipster . My truck is a all original 1962 Chevy K20 long bed stepside. I am the second owner.

    Richard Alan TaylorRichard Alan Taylor14 kun oldin
  • 8:50 my truck looking tiny next to the 10 inch lifted dually

    jerry Hansenjerry Hansen14 kun oldin
  • damn hes lucky his eye bros didnt get burnt off

    Cody JCody J14 kun oldin
  • Peep the red head creeper following Ryan most of the show😅😅

    cleatuscleatus14 kun oldin
  • Best part was getting to see Lacey

    Juan GaonaJuan Gaona14 kun oldin
  • I think they said for70 hp but I’m not sure what about torque you never said what you got, all right brother I love your videos man but you better get some gears and motor work done LOL you’re going to hate me for saying that and I No other people have said it to that’s why you told the huge RV but anyways have fun dude

    Steve DobbsSteve Dobbs14 kun oldin
  • The fitment on the 1500 flog bumper doesn’t flow right

    Ricky 5.3Ricky 5.314 kun oldin
  • Need a work for it flag

    Griffen McKayGriffen McKay14 kun oldin
  • Does leasing as a UZworld channel

    Joseph KramperJoseph Kramper14 kun oldin
    • @DMAXRYNO thank you so much and I am your biggest number one fan and you are the best UZworldr that I have ever watched

      Joseph KramperJoseph Kramper13 kun oldin

      DMAXRYNODMAXRYNO13 kun oldin
  • Someone needs to have flog make a bumper for a 2.8 duramax Colorado

    Antonio HickmanAntonio Hickman14 kun oldin
  • Welcome to the best state but I have a small bias and yeah they need to stop the mud flap law bullshit.

    G MG M14 kun oldin
  • It hit 3088 RWHP before he blew the block on the dyno!!! Also damn BBB hitting 481 that’s not bad for a 14” lifted truck of 35”/37” tires! Honestly I think I’d be impressed riding in that big of a truck moving that fast.

    Makin WavesMakin Waves14 kun oldin
    • @socal_6.2 aka Wes spinner thank you sir!

      Makin WavesMakin Waves14 kun oldin
    • 40s...

      socal_6.2 aka Wes spinnersocal_6.2 aka Wes spinner14 kun oldin
  • Did anyone else see Chris's farmer tan?

    Kevyn LobaughKevyn Lobaugh14 kun oldin
  • Haha love it.

    FLOG IndustriesFLOG Industries14 kun oldin
  • Looks like you guys had a great time. Much deserved!!!

  • Finally driving you BBB again lol tired of seeing the OBS. That dude with the burns I remember him from the diesel power challenge.

    ricky bologricky bolog14 kun oldin
    • Well obs are better trucks sooo 🤷🏻‍♂️

      sean procellsean procell12 kun oldin
  • Kevin was drunk as shit at the end of this video

    Brandon AndersonBrandon Anderson14 kun oldin
  • 489 hp to the wheel at 3200 rpm? Nice

    DieingDonutDieingDonut14 kun oldin
  • They are lucky to be alive on that dyno. Why were they not wearing fire suits?

    Keith FrazierKeith Frazier14 kun oldin
    • @Barry Bamb [MESSAGE DELETED BY UZworld] Ive seen it happen more then once when a diesel runs away. When they drag race these trucks, NHRA requires them to wear a fire suit and no passengers. Looks like it needs to be a policy for dynos as well. Could have saved them some skin....literally

      Keith FrazierKeith Frazier12 kun oldin
    • Is it that common?

  • Awesome!!

    Cedric BroussardCedric Broussard14 kun oldin
  • Hell yeah boise!

    phillbilly91phillbilly9114 kun oldin
  • Idiot cam: 3..2...1... @3:27

    Jeff GeorgeJeff George14 kun oldin
  • So how much horses was the Denali putting out

    Edgar PerezEdgar Perez14 kun oldin
    • I thought they said 481

      Kyle BeckerKyle Becker13 kun oldin
  • Would you let Whistlindiesel get a hold and buy your truck for testing purposes?🤣

    Timothy HallTimothy Hall14 kun oldin
  • I bet that wes wasn't all that happy that you got to see lacy there at flog fest and he didn't get to go

    Jacob LawrenceJacob Lawrence14 kun oldin
    • I could of went i didn't want.

      socal_6.2 aka Wes spinnersocal_6.2 aka Wes spinner14 kun oldin
  • Thats so badass! A “bobby Hill” Workforit shirt!! Hahahahaha Wes You the man. Im definitely jealous!!

    jabberman64jabberman6414 kun oldin
  • Badass Diesels

    Byron BellByron Bell14 kun oldin
  • It’s sad that someone stole that dude’s bow tie

    BlingBling14 kun oldin
  • Wes been MIA! 👀

    Gregory GGregory G14 kun oldin
    • @socal_6.2 aka Wes spinner no point bro just haven’t seen you on the channel much, typically you’re changing something on the truck or flip something lol

      Gregory GGregory G14 kun oldin
    • Whats*

      socal_6.2 aka Wes spinnersocal_6.2 aka Wes spinner14 kun oldin
    • Shats your point

      socal_6.2 aka Wes spinnersocal_6.2 aka Wes spinner14 kun oldin
  • That was great! I laughed the whole time!

    Neil FaulknerNeil Faulkner14 kun oldin
  • Welcome to Utah..surprised 6 of them didn't show up🤣😂

    Rhett EllettRhett Ellett14 kun oldin
  • Flog needs to make a line up for the obs fords

    rbong96rbong9614 kun oldin
  • Were Wes at

    sergio penasergio pena14 kun oldin
    • Not there

      socal_6.2 aka Wes spinnersocal_6.2 aka Wes spinner14 kun oldin
  • My dad used to rebuild RV trailers for a hobby, He always said he could pull one across the whole country without plates and not have any problems until he hit Hurricane Utah..... looks like you had that problem as well.

    acb777acb77714 kun oldin
  • I guess there’s no Covid in Utah lol

    Jesus De La CruzJesus De La Cruz14 kun oldin
    • @WanderlustAB deal with it

      crooklynsince1983crooklynsince198312 kun oldin
    • It’s a free state 🇺🇸

      SpookycraneSpookycrane13 kun oldin
    • Nah these people just don't give shit, fuck the rest of the people who are struggling with it and dying from it.

      WanderlustABWanderlustAB13 kun oldin
    • Only in Salt Lake shitty and park shitty. Thats where our libs reside

      G MG M14 kun oldin
    • Nope, doesn't exist there.

      DMAXRYNODMAXRYNO14 kun oldin
  • St George doesn't like lifted trucks very well

    Tyler LaytonTyler Layton14 kun oldin
    • Top to bottom the popo are poopoo

      G MG M14 kun oldin
  • That dude from Flog sounds like a 1930’s horse race announcer.

    Dieseldog 1988 GarageDieseldog 1988 Garage14 kun oldin
  • The Power Driven Diesel boys killed it at Flog Fest!

    Joe KokindaJoe Kokinda14 kun oldin
  • dayum look at those tan lines, Chris! LOL

    David HaDavid Ha14 kun oldin
  • Who is the girl with a purple hair?

    tzxsrtzxsr14 kun oldin

      DMAXRYNODMAXRYNO14 kun oldin
  • I live in Utah my whole life. I have a wide setup on my Jeep with no mudflaps. Maybe my day will come. I drive my Jeep daily.

    Mark CliMark Cli14 kun oldin
  • Just get the ones for the trailer hitch mounted and take off at the shows

    Patrick McGaunnPatrick McGaunn14 kun oldin
  • Awesome

    Jeremy McnallyJeremy Mcnally14 kun oldin
  • That was a dope cop man!

    SomeJuanFixItSomeJuanFixIt14 kun oldin
  • Nice to see that Bluetooth dpf working hard

    DuramaxbbqDuramaxbbq14 kun oldin
  • Can’t believe they stole his bow tie!! 👊🏻

    superman1251superman125114 kun oldin
    • Lol I was watching him sign it and took the bow tie oops

      big chungusbig chungus13 kun oldin
    • I’m coming back next year with another one 🤪

      wubbalo7wubbalo713 kun oldin
  • I wish they had second gen bumpers

    Poochy BoyPoochy Boy14 kun oldin
  • Why do people have to steal? That kid was so excited and happy to meet and get a autograph from someone he admires and spent money to get there just to get something stolen from him! That's bullshit and I feel bad for this kid.

    RaspingPompano2RaspingPompano214 kun oldin
    • Sorry about my terrible grammer. I type very fast and don't proofread.

      RaspingPompano2RaspingPompano211 kun oldin
    • inside job

      mrZ71mrZ7113 kun oldin
    • Yeah that was messed up

      Sf GIANT 415Sf GIANT 41514 kun oldin
    • Really fucked up!

      Alex ArevaloAlex Arevalo14 kun oldin
  • MERICA 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🦅

    Will Moto704Will Moto70414 kun oldin
  • He had a smile on his face the whole time and I'm telling you I would take a ticket any day from a Cop that has that smile. He's one of those Police Officer's you just don't mind getting a ticket from. I had one of the politest Ohio State Patrols pull me over and he was so nice that I told him that getting a ticket from him was ok because he was one of the nicest Police Officers I've ever came into contact with. And that makes me really respect Police. I know there are bad ones but there are bad people all over this country and just because 1 cop is a Dick doesn't mean they all are. That's like people who blame the gun and not the crazy person who shoots people, that gun didn't get up and shoot anyone by itself.

    RaspingPompano2RaspingPompano214 kun oldin
  • That’s my goal for next year.