12-Okt, 2020
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  • More lames moving too infect other states I see it!!!!

    Hobos CoolHobos Cool8 kun oldin
  • Rich and poor divide only larger in Cali. People with money can just leave. Not everyone else

    BrandonBrandon9 kun oldin
  • Honestly, look into Milestar Patagonia MT's. They are awesome hybrid off road tires. I've got 35x12.5-16 on my 97F250HD. They do offer 40x13.5-17 as there biggest tire currently. Seriously check them out. I love the aggressive look of them, but they handle awesome on the streets, no vibration no tire humming. And they work awesome off road.

    Ashton Marie FranklinAshton Marie Franklin10 kun oldin
  • Chris’ shirt design is straight 🔥🔥🔥

    Leonardo GuadianLeonardo Guadian10 kun oldin
  • Diesel prices in Missouri are only 1.98

    Joe BohoeJoe Bohoe10 kun oldin
  • bro, I can't understand chris have the time but he is by far the best personality lol, sorry ryan

    Marshal FosdickMarshal Fosdick11 kun oldin
  • Aww man I wish I knew you guys were in Washington Co. But I did meet your guys when they picked up a big red surprise. You guys are legit!

    Will GWill G11 kun oldin
  • Don't bring the socialist cattlefornia crap.

    Burn Till They LearnBurn Till They Learn11 kun oldin
  • Fury tires are fucking garbage

    Nick PalmerNick Palmer11 kun oldin
  • That Amish beard has to go bro. Looks like bunch of pubes glued on your face

    Lewis EdensLewis Edens12 kun oldin
  • love the vids bro, such down to earth bros, WORK FOR IT!

    slayuhslayuh12 kun oldin
  • No masks 😷🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️smh

    hector5690hector569013 kun oldin
  • Last price of diesel I paid was 2.18

    Matthew MorrisonMatthew Morrison13 kun oldin
  • Thank goodness!!

    Dalton PelhamDalton Pelham13 kun oldin
  • Look up Clayton and Faith on summit life channel in salt lake area they do great detailing work.

    Joe MJoe M13 kun oldin
  • Smart title with everybody jumping in the leaving California bandwagon

    Matthieu FauveauMatthieu Fauveau13 kun oldin
  • Just do us a favor please don’t come back to California the rest of us we’re gonna stay here and clean up this fucking state so do us a favor stay wherever you are hiding your new home while we do the dirty work don’t come back when we clean it up we don’t want you

    Robert YoungbloodRobert Youngblood13 kun oldin
    • 🤣🤣🤣 Clearly you didn't watch the video did you? If you'd dig deeper than just the headlines, you wouldn't look so moronic.

      DMAXRYNODMAXRYNO12 kun oldin
  • I thought Steve Jobs died years ago?!

    Ed BrownEd Brown13 kun oldin
  • For everyone that sees this, have a great really cool day? Question mark.

    Llama ArlingtonLlama Arlington13 kun oldin
  • Im gonna like this video because your channel rocks. Then create another account and dislike because your not actually moving from iraq 2.0

    jcruz's rightearjcruz's rightear13 kun oldin
  • Why is his video’s so entertaining

    Mad _OMad _O13 kun oldin
  • "murica where you can call a truck like that fuel efficient lmao Looks sick tho

    CouchPotatoCouchPotato13 kun oldin
  • #TRUMP2020

    Vape OnItVape OnIt13 kun oldin
  • Wow one truck is sick love it

    Arika ReneeArika Renee13 kun oldin
  • Can't say I love trucks, or even like trucks. I just settled down and slammed the subscribe button thanks to your personality and energy. Good morning, good night or whatever to ya'll in the comments. Sleep tight or have a great day at work. Adjö!

  • Drama queen

    David TaylorDavid Taylor14 kun oldin
  • 13:23

    ThisAccountIsNeverUsedThisAccountIsNeverUsed14 kun oldin
  • Please come to Minnesota beautiful lakes and forests 🌳

  • Damn Chris got a dome on him

    AlexAlex14 kun oldin
  • I love ur truck and Chris's too!!

    Cedric BroussardCedric Broussard14 kun oldin
  • Can y’all make a shirt with cartoon Chris sitting on a ladder with. A funny saying like “supervise for it”

    ChaseOn2dixChaseOn2dix14 kun oldin
  • farts are funny

    Sean hbvgffSean hbvgff14 kun oldin
  • Lordstown motors making the electric truck in Ohio stole your Work For It logo and slogan

    Rob SchaefferRob Schaeffer14 kun oldin
  • That’s a nice home, great ideas for my new house.

    FieldsinvFieldsinv14 kun oldin

    TlntdYungBulls EntertainmentTlntdYungBulls Entertainment14 kun oldin
  • You are welcome here in Texas... Just Don't bring any Weirdos and Their Politics !!

    Big Oh !Big Oh !14 kun oldin
  • Cool video and those bed sheet are crazy and you and chris are funny

    BlingBling14 kun oldin
  • California is trash.

    Matt HMatt H14 kun oldin
  • I need to get some stickers for my hard hat 👀😭

    Felipe LaraFelipe Lara14 kun oldin
  • You need to get a Sam's Club card, diesel was $2.49 a gallon last week in Murrieta CA. How many parts fell off the BBB for it to be the most fuel efficient vehicle you have? I must have missed some videos.

    John PJohn P14 kun oldin
  • Hahaha thanks Chris

    TONY corderoTONY cordero14 kun oldin
  • I loved taking the ride with y’all bad ass video!!!!! Love the works

    Nathan HouseNathan House14 kun oldin
  • I was watching one of your videos and think you should name one of your animals jeff

    randall tarollirandall tarolli14 kun oldin
  • Call me crazy but I love driving in Vegas.

    Chicken Scratch TravelsChicken Scratch Travels14 kun oldin

    J YJ Y14 kun oldin
  • RYNO love the videos dude favorite truck on UZworld. Come down to South Texas Diesel is at $1.85. Keep up the great work man.

    Kamren MirelesKamren Mireles14 kun oldin
  • Miss having friends like chris

    Myles LongMyles Long14 kun oldin
  • Yo wasn’t even looking at the screen but the air buds with that fart..........

    Gspadez toorealGspadez tooreal14 kun oldin
  • What happend to the mega cab limited

    Isaac AmmermanIsaac Ammerman14 kun oldin
  • Did you stop at Moapa travel plaza? I love that drive up north

    Albert HarperAlbert Harper14 kun oldin
  • Are bed covers frowned upon in the truck world and I just don’t know it ?

    Adam CostaAdam Costa14 kun oldin
  • hey can you get me a design for a off-road bumper with dual swing away for a CYBERTRUCK (yes i have ordered)

    Ray JohnsonRay Johnson14 kun oldin
  • you have 75k views on this

    Ray JohnsonRay Johnson14 kun oldin
  • “Where rona don’t exist” it does buddy

    Ryan ArpinRyan Arpin14 kun oldin
  • Maxxis trepador radial does 40,13.5, Don't they ?

    anthonoy biddlecombeanthonoy biddlecombe14 kun oldin
  • Utah isn’t too bad, I live out here in the Uintah Basin and it’s got some beautiful mountains to explore but if you don’t want to ruin your paint do not move here. Lots of dirt and rocks but the city isn’t too bad either, it’s got some decent places and it’s got some nice mountains right next to them for hiking. It’s a mormon state but there’s plenty of us that aren’t mormon.

    Noizy BearBearNoizy BearBear14 kun oldin
    • @Queasy Islander 02 Not a lot where I’m from but yeah the marijuana laws are seriously stupid.

      Noizy BearBearNoizy BearBear14 kun oldin
    • Still too many Mormons and bs laws on marijuana 🤣

      Queasy Islander 02Queasy Islander 0214 kun oldin
  • The way he smelled the blanket💀😂😂

    Young PappyYoung Pappy14 kun oldin
  • Arizona’s the BEST !

    Willis GWillis G14 kun oldin
  • In trucking it’s Canada , Mexico’s , USA and California

    Alan FlintAlan Flint14 kun oldin
  • Fury’s are really not that good of a tire.🤷‍♂️

    DillonBets 69DillonBets 6915 kun oldin
  • I love knowing that people leave Commiefornia and get a breath of real American people. Just as long as you all keep your hippie liberal american hating crap at the state line. God blessed Texas with his hands!

    Mister RobatoMister Robato15 kun oldin
  • Y'all are all welcome in Tennessee from wherever you are, just leave your blue views behind, we are part of what known as the red kingdom and i want to keep it that way

    Bryson ChambersBryson Chambers15 kun oldin
  • I pay $1.99 per gallon of diesel here in Denver Colorado

    Zhek088Zhek08815 kun oldin
  • 13:23 just kick on it😂😂

    Bryan ChartrandBryan Chartrand15 kun oldin
  • Driving down I-80 in Des Moines, Iowa the other day and seen your big WORKFORIT decal on a guys back window of his truck

    Thunder TruckThunder Truck15 kun oldin
  • 55k saw the top secret project

    Abood AradiAbood Aradi15 kun oldin
  • Chris's design is pretty cool

    jose Mayajose Maya15 kun oldin
  • Why are you leaving? I just moved to San Diego so I’m just curious

    Fla GaFla Ga15 kun oldin
    • Even worse they decriminalized pedophile and taxes go to illegal free healthcare and for slavery Wich NOBODY alive in the state had ANYTHING to do with. ALL 100% FACTS

      Allen LordAllen Lord15 kun oldin
    • @Fla Ga complete lawlessness someone could come break in your house and steal EVERYTHING and nothing they can do. Not to mention the Governor has it on lockdown and very few businesses allowed open. The taxes are crazy and about to get worse if they ha e their way. unless you have a hell of a bank account, LEAVE NOW and rejoin us in AMERICA.🇺🇲🇺🇲🦅🦅

      Allen LordAllen Lord15 kun oldin
    • @Allen Lord why?

      Fla GaFla Ga15 kun oldin
    • Turn and run out of there.

      Allen LordAllen Lord15 kun oldin
  • Chris opening up the blinds in the house at night to look into the dark 💀💀💀

    The Black DahliaThe Black Dahlia15 kun oldin
  • Where at in Utah I know it’s southern for sure

    Cameron DicksonCameron Dickson15 kun oldin
  • 13:20 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💨

    David The Computer GuyDavid The Computer Guy15 kun oldin
  • Thanks for video vlog of the road trip through the I-15 north

    Damien GarciaDamien Garcia15 kun oldin
  • Should rename the channel to "sausage fest!" lol...the channel where girls are heard and not seen haha

    Colin McDonaldColin McDonald15 kun oldin
  • Like cuanto valen las players 3×××

    Charly M t z 1316Charly M t z 131615 kun oldin
  • Diesel is cheaper than gas in upstate SC $1.72/gal

    William CoxieWilliam Coxie15 kun oldin
  • yo!! I stop at that same chevron on the way the way to Utah and back every time, gotta love the fireworks.

    Michael RoyMichael Roy15 kun oldin
  • St George UT 🔥🔥

    Adriano YazzieAdriano Yazzie15 kun oldin
  • with that trend going on... i was getting worried till you said FLOG FEAST #rynoranch2020

    Danny BuildingDanny Building15 kun oldin
  • Leave it to Chris to shit in the shower

    Christopher MulrooneyChristopher Mulrooney15 kun oldin
    • 🤣🤣🤣

      DMAXRYNODMAXRYNO15 kun oldin
  • You can never have enough pillows

    Matt PellandMatt Pelland15 kun oldin
    • @DMAXRYNO I have like 12 on my bed ... 6 for me and 6 for the wife and hey love the videos and I’m happy to see a young guy like us to be doing so well in life even with all the major issues that have been happening... keep up the awesome work

      Matt PellandMatt Pelland9 kun oldin
    • Nah, 1 and I’m good

      DMAXRYNODMAXRYNO15 kun oldin
  • Well the last 5 mins killed the entire video bro 🙄

    Will RobertsWill Roberts15 kun oldin
  • Love how some thinks Ryan is leaving California from the video name.. How can you think that, and have you ever listened too what he says.. Why the heck would a entrepreneur buy a ranch and get all his friends to help him with the ranch, just to move??? Come on😂😂

    Christian SommerChristian Sommer15 kun oldin
  • Me again lmao as a contractor myself i saw the beginning soon as it dropped but om watching the full video now bro Chris gonna have those tiles falling off the walls with that one 🤣

    OBS NationOBS Nation15 kun oldin
  • I’ve been following for like 5 years and still don’t get how this channel is not bigger, it deserves at least a million

    Augustin ChavezAugustin Chavez15 kun oldin
  • Diesel here in south texas is 1.78

    Lincoln ProjectLincoln Project15 kun oldin
  • California is a joke

    Jeff VJeff V15 kun oldin
  • Diesel here in NC is 7 cents more than regular gas $1.40 a gal Too bad I have a premium gas truck....$2.32 a gal Gas prices are real nice here

    North CarolinaNorth Carolina15 kun oldin
  • 14:01 lmfao Chris is so funny

    Elisha DearingElisha Dearing15 kun oldin
  • Love your videos Ryan. Praying for you and family and your animals Blessings Robert. Ryan if you wouldn’t mind could you please give me a shout out & please subscribe to my channel. Thank you very much.

    Revelation Flooring Group. TvRevelation Flooring Group. Tv15 kun oldin
  • Chris killed it on the WORKFORIT T's 👌

    DREWDREW15 kun oldin
  • I think you guys need to join the army and have a reality check about how your comfort is taken for granted maybe you will not complain has much for such small detail about your rental house lol..

    AA15 kun oldin
  • I’ve had my fury’s for almost a year now and have nothing bad to say they’ve worn very even and are super quiet also have done amazing in the mud. Highly recommend them!!!

    GEnARaTIoNKiLLerGEnARaTIoNKiLLer15 kun oldin
  • Some serious power poopin with the double handles

    Bill SinesBill Sines15 kun oldin
  • Awesome time lapse!! Great vlog like always. So many pillows!!

    superman1251superman125115 kun oldin
  • Will stradman be there?

    Patrick PackPatrick Pack15 kun oldin
  • Those new t-shirts are pretty sweet

    jefejefe15 kun oldin
  • The most expensive bumpers on the market...

    John MartinJohn Martin15 kun oldin
    • My neighbor has a set, the things are beautiful and super high quality.

      KitsunedarkfireKitsunedarkfire15 kun oldin
    • You get what you pay for.

      DMAXRYNODMAXRYNO15 kun oldin
  • Not staying in the fast lane the whole time just shows you're a decent dude. Thanks for the entertainment!

    KS MachinistKS Machinist15 kun oldin
  • Not staying in the fast lane the whole time just shows you're a decent dude. Thanks for the entertainment!

    KS MachinistKS Machinist15 kun oldin
  • OMG, this makes me laugh. I thought I was high maintenance. Dude, it is a rental property... vet accordingly in the future.

    I Need The KrupI Need The Krup15 kun oldin