13-Sen, 2020
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  • There was a fire in cali or where u r 1 month ago

    emil_i_jusemil_i_jus7 kun oldin
  • Thank Gavin Newsom. That corrupt tyrant banned fire breaks & is the reason why they cut off the roads

    KING BLiZZYKING BLiZZY8 kun oldin
  • Bet you dont like trump too much after he denied aid to cali lol

    sad reeesad reee11 kun oldin
    • Trump approved California’s emergency aid request.

      BoopBoop7 kun oldin
  • I bet you think all protestors are terroists and you probably think the right wing agitators pretending to be BLM are fake too

    sad reeesad reee11 kun oldin
  • Your help and Grace from your new neighbors are Blessings being returned to you by you having Blessed others before. Isn't that incredible! Indeed it's real. GOD Bless you and your new property.

    Rochelle AmadeoRochelle Amadeo12 kun oldin
  • In fire situation use a fat sharpie marker to put your phone number on your animals then leave all fence gates open and shut all barn doors. Make sure gates are propped open so winds don't blow them shut trapping animals

    leopardappygirlleopardappygirl13 kun oldin
  • All the more reason to keep 6 months of food and household items at the homestead

    leopardappygirlleopardappygirl13 kun oldin
  • Build your neighbor a truck

    Kenn OutdoorsKenn Outdoors15 kun oldin
  • I love the community you are surrounded by.

    Narutard19Narutard1915 kun oldin
  • "JUST MY LUCK" MERCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Official YungAnthoOfficial YungAntho15 kun oldin
  • Its cats, the fire is pushing those rats and rabbits right into the cats territory and the cats are killing them and giving you gifts.

    AcidDaBombAcidDaBomb16 kun oldin
  • Its probably awkward when your animal's see you eating there kind 😂

    JonathanPRIMEJonathanPRIME16 kun oldin
  • This guy speaking facts 🗣️

    JonathanPRIMEJonathanPRIME16 kun oldin
  • You should do an educational vlog on the wildfires! There's a lot of good research about the effect of forest fires and the evasive species that take over the burnt land. Those evasive species are largely responsible for the super fires. IDK you have a good platform but you don't seem to talk about solutions. I'm also beside myself that you didn't mention the lack of firefighter labour because of covid.

    mainmanmaindudemainmanmaindude16 kun oldin
  • "you cant beat rural America" yet we elected a man that has never had a friend or neighbor in his life. NEver worked a hard day in his life. You may be good neighbors. But you SURE ARE STUPID.

    yte tyte t17 kun oldin
  • Your pathetic for saying that millions of people who protested the last 6 months were just there to destroy cities.

    yte tyte t17 kun oldin
    • ​@DMAXRYNO You dont support peaceful protests. Your words and actions prove it. When Miniorities come to protests they come unarmed, when white boys come to protests they bring their rifles

      yte tyte t17 kun oldin
    • @DMAXRYNO and you are wrong, they didnt stand by, the day after large riots happened in LA and SF the National guard was called by the CA gov... So any more lies you wanna spread.

      yte tyte t17 kun oldin
    • By the way I am glad you had the decency to unlock your animals pens, maybe if only you treated fellow humans who didnt agree with you on every subject the same way.

      yte tyte t17 kun oldin
    • @DMAXRYNO No they stood by and allowed RIOTERS to destory, while hundreds of thousands of PEACEFUL protestors were labeled as nothing but city destoryers because cops allowed teh rioters to continue undettered, while instead they treated the peaceful ones as livestock and maliciously went after them.cops are nothing but incompetent uneducated fools, who if you look deep usually have criminal records themselves.. Dont man, you will lose a game of logic. I guarantee you. I did not put any words in your mouth, I said exactly the phrase you said.

      yte tyte t17 kun oldin
    • You’re* pathetic for trying to put words in my mouth to fuel your hate. City gov’ts stood by and allowed “protesters” to destroy cities. That’s a fact. We all support peaceful protests, but that doesn’t fit your narrative.

      DMAXRYNODMAXRYNO17 kun oldin
  • So glad your home never got hit and the animals are good terrible thing to happen to a new home god bless ya brother ever want free labor hit me up

    Corey the one and onlyCorey the one and only17 kun oldin
  • I absolutely love that he knows difference between the riot and peacful protest

    FrankotheguyFrankotheguy17 kun oldin
  • Literally following you because of your love for animals, I completely agree, they should 100% be letting you in if you have animals to care for! I would be so mad, I would literally die for those things, they’re amazing

    Eileen PatemanEileen Pateman18 kun oldin
  • I think a water trailer, with a generator small pump and 2" hose would be wise investment.

    mwnciboomwnciboo18 kun oldin
  • What are the cops going to do? Pull people over? Go through them or around them. All that land I can imagine you wouldn't need to stay on a road.

    Ashlee TAshlee T19 kun oldin
  • Hey man, wish you the best of luck. Props for filming during this stressfull period.

    MaxzzzieMaxzzzie19 kun oldin
  • I'm going around liking all your videos and watching so many ads

    Dries VerhaagDries Verhaag19 kun oldin
  • Someone forgot to mention to the animals that life is nothing to lose your head over

    JohnJohn19 kun oldin
  • The paradise fires in California a few years back were started by satellites. Metal melted and that’s not done by normal fire. Laser fire starters. Evil

    TheRozzyRozzTheRozzyRozz19 kun oldin
  • Bigger badder and better! watching your videos truly have me a sense of appreciation. May god continue to bless you and your ranch

    elver gudoelver gudo20 kun oldin
  • The protest were for the most part peaceful. You are taking about a small group of people burning shit down and causing trouble.

    Dara ConnerDara Conner20 kun oldin
  • I love Barbecue.

    Isaac TedderIsaac Tedder20 kun oldin
  • I just discovered your channel and was enjoying it. Then you got political and you lost me. No big deal to you, I know, but it’s super clear why people aren’t allowed in and out.

    Rudy SaldivarRudy Saldivar21 kun oldin
  • De headed rabbit and other Shit like that seems like you got a Guardian Crypid who watched over your property and protected it from the fire

    Salt DragonSalt Dragon21 kun oldin
  • Just discovered you and subscribed. Huge animal lover and rescuers. Binge watching now and commenting for rhe algorithms. Would love to see you transform the ranch to solar, wind and green energy with lithium batteries to tun everything . Then show anti fire measures. Off grid animal rescue!

    Christian WolfChristian Wolf21 kun oldin
  • Your neighbours are exactly like Australians after a fire helpful

    Ben KerryBen Kerry21 kun oldin

    AlexusAlexus22 kun oldin
  • but why does every rat and rabbit have no heads did you cut them off?

    hi playshi plays22 kun oldin
  • Welcome to Democrat ran states...

    TylerTyler23 kun oldin
  • Add solar panels for ur house

    Dylan KernsDylan Kerns27 kun oldin
  • Your past good deeds cut up with you brother.That's why it's always good to do good and that's the real life savings. You bank on your fellow humans by investing in their comfort in form of services with your time, resources & efforts with out asking for a return and in time of needs the Universe pays you back the dividends, when you're least expert."A good honest served deed comes back ten fold" Don't worry about repaying your neighbors, they will eventually get their price, if not in this life time, in the life ever after. By giving your gratitude, you've already paid them! back as an individual but what await them from the all might Universal Master yet to be seen!

    Trust Your GutTrust Your Gut29 kun oldin
  • That firelady said, let me take a picture with the guys... and she's talking about the donkeys

    Putin KillsPutin KillsOy oldin
  • I would have to guess the next purchase is big horse trailer.

    Doug EkrenDoug EkrenOy oldin
  • its either cats or an owl that's ripping the heads off.

    Michael PiazzaMichael PiazzaOy oldin
  • Barn cats or bobcats will do that to the mice and rabbits

    RowanLoneWolfRowanLoneWolfOy oldin
  • Reason #1 to let people back to their property in the event of a wildfire: it’s their property, this is America, and blocking people from entering is so far outside the scope of the job for police and fire.

    Colby WoodColby WoodOy oldin
  • Dude I can't agree with you more 3:10

    Patrick RichardsPatrick RichardsOy oldin
  • you can leave without those roads. I saw your trucks.

    mackelby1mackelby1Oy oldin
  • Pump house gone, trees good. Anybody questioning that at all. They don't want you in because you might figure out the fire where started by high energy weapons. Seriously pump house gone, trees good. WTF!!!!!!

    mackelby1mackelby1Oy oldin
  • This looks like AV

    V1nn13 D31g4d0V1nn13 D31g4d0Oy oldin
  • Has anyone thought about all these damn fires could be people doing them on purpose? Its just so many!

    carlos566carlos566Oy oldin
  • That is so unfair

    JIMMY DJIMMY DOy oldin
  • That is so unfair If you’re a resident you should be allowed to go back-and-forth to take care of your property the community needs to come together at the Townhall meeting and let these government officials know how you guys feel because it’s your property you guys have to take care of it no matter what

    JIMMY DJIMMY DOy oldin
  • the cats trynna say cheer you up by cappin some animals for you

    Nima MansouriNima MansouriOy oldin
  • In rural places like I grew up my entire life you just repay the helpfulness by being that helping hand when they need it and before they ask if you notice they need help! You will learn that there’s not better place than out of the city to live!

    StephanieStephanieOy oldin
  • Amen. Don’t think it will happen but turn California red! Trump 2020!

    Everyday ExcavationsEveryday ExcavationsOy oldin
  • This guy isint a sheep like 90 percent of California

    MorganMorganOy oldin
  • We need more neighbors in this world like the guy with the well.

    Drillbit BeatsDrillbit BeatsOy oldin
  • Just watched what you and your animals have gone through, so glad the majority made it through unscathed, stay strong

    Stuart HallStuart HallOy oldin
  • Just your luck......that the fire didn't burn down your house. Kind of puts it into a better perspective if you think about it.

    Ben GamingBen GamingOy oldin
  • I think the majority of decisions in California are made based on climate change or some other agenda. Which all the orders are coming from the UN and they want to implement agenda 21.

    Tio DaveTio DaveOy oldin
  • Has anybody told u today how sexy u are.

    Tracey KaysTracey KaysOy oldin
  • Would barbed wire work for your fence? We replaced 6,000 feet of it and the posts at Camp Pendelton (actually on the Navy side) last year. A gas powered post driver makes quick work of the posts and we used a backhoe bucket with steel bars attached to spool two rolls of wire down a path at one time. Any vehicle would work to run out wire, then stretch it with a stretcher and tie off a few hundred feet at a time. We did all of that in 3 months or so with 4 guys, including demo of the old fence and setting end posts in concrete. We have done and are doing thousands of feet of wood rail fencing at the Mount Laguna Campground we have been remodeling all year, but the cost is likely much higher than using barbed wire. I drive out the 8 past the Alpine area twice a week commuting from the IE and saw all the smoke..........hadn't watched in a while and didn't know you have a ranch in the area.

    CGT80CGT80Oy oldin
  • just remember , what goes around , comes around ! I think by the way you talk , you will do it ! keep us up to date !

    JohnJohnOy oldin
  • Sorry this maybe covered in one of the many videos. Where exactly is this new property at (state and town?). Glad to see you have a good chance of making it out with very minimal damages in comparisons to what it could have been.

    Robert ShawRobert ShawOy oldin
  • That pig is the GOAT.

    Dapper DanDapper DanOy oldin
  • Is it maybe an owl or hawk ripping the heads off the rodents/rabbits? Read they like eyes and brains.

    ImageXImageXOy oldin
  • Crank up the PitBoss and throw a fence building party!!! You got this!

    Bryan LeachBryan LeachOy oldin
  • Next time if you don't have a trailer then tie eachanimal together and tie it to your truck and put small animals inyour truck or in Cage's hanging te side ofte donkeys I was raised ona ranch farm in CA and this is what w hadto do whenfire came up got out of control rember to allwayshave a plan keep af will

    Melody TallmageMelody TallmageOy oldin
  • The government makes the fires

    Mark JacksonMark JacksonOy oldin
  • Hope you are well praying for you and by the way fuc any haters out there 100% stop road closecers

    Mark BeveridgeMark BeveridgeOy oldin
  • 2:04-3:05 truth

    Benjamin KlineBenjamin KlineOy oldin
  • Living out in the middle of nowhere like I do, I know what it is worth to have neighbors who care and are amazing. I am thankful for them for you! So much love man. We got snowed in the first couple weeks after moving here and one of our neighbors a couple miles away drove over here with their tractor and plowed our driveway for us. It was amazing. They wouldn’t let us pay them either. We sent them a huge goodie basket full of yummies. Haha germaphobe. Well animals are way cleaner than people. And I’ll nix my thoughts of hugging you from my last comments! Hahahaha.

    Farmstead SmithFarmstead SmithOy oldin
  • That's California for you TRUMP 2020!!!!!!!!

    Noah WaltersNoah WaltersOy oldin

  • Just came across your channel. Pretty sure You go past my house on the way to yours. If you guys need to top off water totes or whatever, just message me. 👍👍

    K TK TOy oldin
  • I went through the same thing.It took them a couple days to catch on to the 4×4 roads.I was forced to stay without food or water.A hole week no food or sleep took a big toll on my body.

    Clint EastwoodClint EastwoodOy oldin
  • Dude you sound insane lol now your property is in question and it’s run past the police they can’t stop everyone 😂 spoiled white guy that gives out orders you know nothing about hard work that’s your karma 😔 hope you learned your lesson

    Army momTashaArmy momTashaOy oldin
  • Is this in California?

    Jadon MercadoJadon MercadoOy oldin
  • No wonder this channel is done for!!!

    1xxxkingsnake1xxxkingsnakeOy oldin
  • Cool place

    KM PatriotKM PatriotOy oldin
  • A big cat is giving you presents

    KM PatriotKM PatriotOy oldin
  • I agree

    KM PatriotKM PatriotOy oldin
  • Sounds insane

    KM PatriotKM PatriotOy oldin
  • You lucked out this time

    KM PatriotKM PatriotOy oldin
  • Man im so happy your animals were good brother!

    Triple 9 Fine StackerTriple 9 Fine StackerOy oldin
  • Cats do that to show there doin there part. And its a present of food from cats.

    Michael McginnisMichael McginnisOy oldin
  • As far as what government is allowing people to do or not do - just shows that it's ALL political.

    Blake JBlake JOy oldin
  • What initially started the fires brother that sucks what your going through

    Starlite AquaticsStarlite AquaticsOy oldin
  • BBQ is so funny to me lol 😂

    BrandenBrandenOy oldin
  • Love the hard work my guy! If You Want Anything In Life You Got To Be Able To Work For It! 🛠

    Austin BookerAustin BookerOy oldin
  • In Australia we get bird of pray hanging around grass fires to catch rabbits as they run

    Hairy DairyManHairy DairyManOy oldin
  • I hate that happened to you man, been a long time fan. Some of the things you said were questionable, but I’ll charge it to frustration and not character

    LifeWithCarl2LifeWithCarl2Oy oldin
  • You weren't lucky, you were blessed by God. Thank Him!

    Wide AwakeWide AwakeOy oldin
  • lmaooo when barbque can sense the stress in the air

    DeeDeeOy oldin
  • If they let everyone do whatever they want no fires would get extinguished. Sometimes it’s about the greater good rather than the individual!

    Glen ChidleyGlen ChidleyOy oldin
  • You need to grab a dirt bike for a quick, agile, and small getaway vehicle. You could also get into places such as your property without people knowing.

    yo loyo loOy oldin
  • I don't know how I found your channel but I am transfixed! So sorry for what you are going through...we get hurricanes and you get earthquakes and fires....we North Carolinians are all praying for you who are in danger...

    Sharon AndrewsSharon AndrewsOy oldin
  • Barbecue is just straight vibing

    AcidDARKDEVIL On The SticksAcidDARKDEVIL On The SticksOy oldin
  • i thought your house burnt down?

    Bcott StudiosBcott StudiosOy oldin
  • Big badder better!!!!! God bless!!!! Stay positive and have faith

    Bae BeeBae BeeOy oldin
  • 2:40 Holy 💩 bro! Thank you for saying this! Thought it was only me🤦🏻‍♂️

    Brent NelsonBrent NelsonOy oldin
  • 2:45 mark on point

    Larry ToonLarry ToonOy oldin
  • Wasmt a subscriber but somehow have seen all the vids about the fires, finally subbed after seeing you realize the ridiculousness and double standards on ppl setting fires and rioting vs ppl wanting to stop the fires and do the right thing

    Jay WadeJay WadeOy oldin